Government increases oil prices by up to PKR 9 per liter

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The Government of Pakistan has increased the oil prices by up to PKR 9 per liter w.e.f August 1, 2019.

On the recommendation of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the government has hiked the rate of petrol by PKR 5.15 per liter and now the new price of petrol is PKR 117.83. Moreover, the price of High-speed diesel and light-speed diesel has been jacked up by PKR 5.65 and  PKR 8.90, respectively. The new rates of high-speed and light-speed diesel are PKR 132.47 and PKR 97.52.

Lastly, the rate of Kerosene oil has been increased by PKR 5.38, and now the new rate is PKR 103.84.

The previous prices are as follows:

Petrol:  Rs.112.68 per liter

High-speed diesel: Rs. 126.82 per liter

Kerosene oil: Rs.98.46 per liter

Light-speed diesel: Rs.88.62 per liter

OGRA recommends increasing oil prices for August 2019

On Tuesday 30-7-2019, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has recommended the Federal Government to increase the rates of petroleum products by up to PKR 9 per liter.

As per the details, the authority has asserted that the government should increase the price of petrol by PKR 5.15 per liter and that of diesel by PKR 5.65 per liter. Moreover, it is also recommended by OGRA to increase the price of kerosene oil and light-speed diesel by PKR 5.38 and PKR 8.90 per liter. 

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  1. Zain Salam says

    current prices are wrongly stated in the article. Please kindly revise.

  2. Bilal says

    Just to highlight for Pakwheels management:

    Pakwheels being an undisclosed partner of Suzuki Motors (Suzuki certified cars available on Pakwheels, is a proof) is trying its best not to criticize Suzuki. Have they ever carried out an analysis in the increase in Suzuki cars prices (like in case of Wagon R, nearly 3Lacs hike) with respect of RsVs$ depreciation. Every graduate can prove it easily that even if we account all the factors like FED etc even then this increase can’t be justified.

    I hope soon govt would allow again the imports of foreign cars as very smartly Suzuki is playing its game to loot money from people of Pakistan. These all are foreign companies and they are in Pakistan to make money & give back to Japan. They are present in Pakistan for more than 30 years but still they are not willing to localize all the parts 100%.

    Pakwheel is losing its credibility in the eyes of people slowly but steadily. I miss those days, when their policy was more focus on the concerns of the public of Pakistan during its initial many years; not about the concerns of auto companies.

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