NHA launches e-billing system to ensure transparency: Murad

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National Highway Authority (NHA) has launched the E-billing system to facilitate its contractors and ensure transparency.

On Monday, Murad Saeed, the Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Service, said that the launch of e-billing system would ensure transparency, eradicate corruption, save costs and time, increase efficiency and effectiveness and improve managerial control.

Murad Saeed gave a detailed briefing about the new system, in a ceremony following the formal inauguration the e-billing system at the NHA headquarters. He said that the system was part of the vision that the Prime Minister held for ending corruption, improving transparency, and providing good governance. NHA has opened all its record for the public and media through the launch of the NHA mobile app, and now the e-billing system. The app would provide the necessary information, particularly the projects implementation, execution, and progress in their desired region. 

Addressing the ceremony, he said that NHA had generated Rs 43.32 billion in revenue during eleven months of the fiscal year 2018 to 2019, while in 2017 to 2018 they had generated Rs. 28.64 billion. This shows an increase of 51.25 percent during this period. 

He asserted that in 2018 -19 the NHA launched an anti-encroachment. As a result, encroachments were removed and resultantly recaptured 448.25 kanals of land from landgrabbers. 

The Minister said Communications Ministry is also contributing to Clean and Green Pakistan drive. Under the drive, the NHA has planted 757,926 trees along the motorway and national highways during 2018 – 19. They will plant millions of saplings from 1st to 14 August this year under a new plantation drive.

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