Government Owned Corolla Crashed in Karachi

Misuse of Government maintained cars is not a relatively a new thing in Pakistan. But since media platforms have seen a lot of improvements over the years, these incidents have been reported in numbers. The sad reality of the situation is, despite the imposition of big fines on these vehicle (If caught while disobeying traffic rules), the number of times this blatant misuse has been witnessed is quite honestly very disappointing and speaks highly about our society’s collective mentality of

It’s not ours, so why should we care about it


Earlier today, an over-speeding Government maintained Corolla got out of control of the driver and had a collision with a nearby wall at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Karachi. A disclosed reported that all the persons inside the vehicle were transported to a nearby hospital and are in severe condition.




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  • Usman


  • Saad Muhammad Idris

    this is not government number corolla only the plate color is green like fancy plate because this news already appeared on halaat updates facebook page by Asad Zafar. So please don’t report fake news i have a original picture of that scene taken from Halaat updates

  • Saad Muhammad Idris
  • Guest

    that isn’t a Government owned Corolla

  • Tahir Jamali

    A credible platform like Pakwheels should be very careful when reporting such things. Even a child knows that Government number plates have two-alphabet four-digit format, example GA-2466. Just because the plate is green doesn’t mean its a Government owned vehicle. BCG-778 is a private plate

  • Another Guest

    Another blunder by Pakwheels editorial staff. Letting go these sort of errors in their blogs is now a norm.

  • Mun33b

    This is not how Pakwheels was in past. Moderators should better wake up from their deep sleep.

  • Titan67

    Thumbs down PW.. silly title. Useless post

  • iffi

    hopeless blunder by pakwheels yet again 🙁 you guys should know government plates more than anybody else

  • Guest is back

    pw has gone mad

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    But in some cases people who already own a car and have a govt job do get those green plates with the same private no. My uncle has them

  • Lolopethy

    writer was high

  • Guest

    Recently they ran out of numbers in the GS-xxxx series, so they started the GSA-xxx series green plates, apparently they bought more than a thousand cars, therefore GSB-xxx is also there as is GSC-xxx.

    GP-xxxx and GA-xxxx is for federal government, GS-xxxx is for Sindh government, GL-xxxx is for local government (CDGK, KMC etc.)

  • Guest

    Uhh no. They just use a “fancy plate” with that number. And in interior Sindh, nobody dares to stop a green plate (or even without plate) car, whether the plate is “fancy plate” or genuine plate.

    In case of this story, the behaviour of driver is directly linked to the colour of plate. If the owner of the car is powerful enough to replace the genuine plate with a “fake” plate (as a “fancy” plate is just a replica of the genuine one, for safety purpose, or beautification purpose, but this is a “fake” plate, complete along with words like “Govt. of Pakistan” on it), since the owner is powerful enough that he can carry out misleading plate, the driver also thinks he/she is superior to others in everything, in machine control, and even in facing death.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    I might be mistaken then. But I did see those green plates and were original. And he didn’t put them on because of problems going on in those times in Khi when govt vehicles were being damaged or burned.
    Yet I’ll admit I might be mistaken.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    But i’ll confirm that


    BIGGEST QUESTION IS WHY AIR BAGS OF TOYOTA DID’NT OPENED??????? Was there any fault in their working??

  • Where do you see the numbers on the number plate guys? the plate is hidden by black color in the pics… come on !

  • Guest again

    The photos have been taken from another website without credit.
    Another gentleman shared the photos in the comments, along with the information that another website had broken the news first, with first hand photos, without the plates blacked out.
    That’s how they got to know.

  • We need to have some copyright laws in Pakistan… this is not fair PW !

  • Ali

    What is wrong with you people? Accidents can happen to anyone, Govt or Private. Since u were not there to see what actually happened, Stop assuming it was misuse of Govt vehicle. Stop being stereotype idiots. No difference between you and ARY, GEO, Samma; cheap journalism and nothing else

  • Guest yet again

    There are copyright laws in Pakistan. And good ones at it.

    The problem is that nearly the whole nation is illiterate, there are few readers.
    With the few readers, if there is copyright violation, the justice system is too expensive and the copyright owners find that they will lose more money in pursuing justice.

    In fact if PW added just a single line, “as reported by partner website _____” or “as reported by independent website ______ which is in no way affiliated to PW”, the problem would be solved.

  • The credit is a way of saying thanks and appreciating the original creator… it should be a moral duty as well…

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    which airbags??? its XLI. not Altis. even it dont have ABS in it :p