Guard Filters presents Lahore’s first night rally cross hosted by SA Gardens powered by PMRC

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Rally races are becoming more of a common phenomenon in the country, and people are eagerly participating in them. Recently on 22nd June 2019, the first-ever night cross rally was held in Lahore where participants from across the country joined with full zeal.

It was a two-day rally, on the first-day rally drivers registered their cars and also got their vehicle inspected. And on the second day, the rally races took place. It is imperative to mention here that the rally was jointly organized by Guard Filters, SA Gardens, and Pakistan Motor Racing Club (PMRC). The rally took place at SA Gardens near Kala Shah Kaku.

Being the first-ever night-time rally to happen in Pakistan, a lot of spectators throng the venue. Legends like Nadir and Amir Magri, Sahibzada Sultan along with Team Sultan, Ronnie Patel, Zafar Khan Baloch, Sheraz Qureshi, Asif Imam, Ghazanfar Agha, Gohar Sangi, Farooq Ahmed, Ahsan Ijaz, Nosherwan Tiwana, Babar Khan, Taimoor Khawaja, Raja Muhammad Saeed as well as Apex team took part in the event.

Sardar Hassan Sadiq, the President of PMRC and organizer of the event while talking on the occasion said that they had made all the efforts to make this event appealing and more exciting. Safety and security of the drivers were enured, he further said. This is the first of its kind rally in Pakistan and the main aim of organizing such an event was to promote motorsports in the country and also to promote female rally drivers.

While talking with, Sahibzada Sultan said that the event was terrific. I especially thank Sardar Hassan Sadiq who put every effort to make the event successful and enjoyable, he added. Mr. Sultan further asserted that the track was amazing. These kinds of rally races will project a positive image of Pakistan in the entire world.

Babr Khan, another veteran racer and two times Sarfaranga rally winner, said that he was impressed by the way the track has been made. He lauded Sardar Hassan Sadiq and PMRC for making all the efforts to make the track as thrilling as they could. Moreover, Farooq Ahmed– a member of Asia team Bahawalpur 4X4, while expressing his view with said that he was thrilled to be a part of this fantastic event. He also lauded for promoting such activities. took an active part in organizing and managing the whole event. A highly professional team of inspected all the cars. Safety features such as roll cage in the vehicle were made mandatory to ensure the safety of the drivers. 

To make the event more amazing and thrilling, the organizers didn’t put an entry fee; it was free for all. The track, which was 7km long was one of a kind with numerous challenging turns instead of the usual high-speed straights and jumps. It was the ultimate driving test for the rally drivers.

The event had categories A, B, C, D, and a Women’s category, which was limited to 3000cc vehicles.

Aside from all the big guns that participated in the event, two underdogs performed exceptionally well, even surprising the veteran drivers. The first driver which surprised the participants was CEO Raza Saeed who not only took the first position in C Category but was also crowned as the fastest driver in all the categories with the shortest time of 7:00:57. 

Other than Raza, Taimoor Khawaja beat all the veteran drivers and won the first place in Category A. This was his second rally race in this entire career, this shows how big this news is. See the complete results below: will soon bring its third consecutive episode of the desert rally to the rooftop of the world. Better known as Sarfaranga Desert Rally, 3rd Sarfaranga Desert Rally 2019 will be even bigger and better than its previous offering. So, buckle up and wait for the thrill and excitement.

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