Haiti decorates its buses with football players in Pakistan truck art fashion

Photo by AP

How excited people from around the world are for FIFA world cup 2014 regardless of whether their country’s team has made into the tournament or not. This just shows the amount of passion, love and enthusiasm people have for the game. The whole world wants to get a place in the event, for example; Pakistanis felt over-the-top happy by just being able to supply footballs, so everyone wants to be a part of this mega event. If not through being in the stadium in Brazil, but through any means possible.

The same has been happening in Haiti, when multiple artists showed their love and affection for FIFA World Cup 2014 by spending several hours in a Port-au-Prince bus garage. They decorated vehicles with their favorite football players’ portraits. Kind of like the same way Pakistani truck artists decorate and paint their trucks and buses. Haiti bus art for football world cup 2014 has been done similarly and it is getting attention from all around the world.

Here’s the bus art work by Haiti artist.  (Photos By AP)

H8 H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6

Fazal Gilani

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