Here’s Why You Should be Cautious When Buying an Imported JDM Car


The influx of imported cars in Pakistan got a great customer response due to the fact that buyers were sick and tired of driving outdated boxes on wheels i.e. Mehran, Cultus and etc. In comparison to local cars, their imported counterparts had a range of innovative features at very competitive prices. But in response to one of my previous article ‘Here Is How You Can Calculate The Cost Of Importing A Car In Pakistan Yourself a lot of people questioned that why does importing a car yourself costs more as compare to buying the same car from the showroom.

There can be multiple factors that make the procedure of importing a car yourself much more expensive than buying the same car from a showroom, the primary reason for this major cost difference is the undeniable fact of more than 90% accidental Japanese cars being imported in Pakistan. These imported accidental cars are handed over to expert mechanics and ultimately sold to the customer with a byword ‘Bumper to bumper geniyan gaddi’ (Total Genuine Car). In my next article, I will actually share some techniques to identify that whether an imported car was major accidental or not. But for now, here is a glimpse of cars from a dry port of Lahore and Karachi Port Trust.









Does it really Matter?

Well, now the question is that does it really make a difference if you are buying an accidental car that was repaired locally? According to some mechanics, most accidental cars have their airbags opened and in order to save the cost of repairing, new airbags are not installed in the cars. Who would ever check if a car actually does have airbags in the dashboard or not? Moreover, I personally believe that a car repaired locally from the purpose of profit earning will not give you a pleasant experience and will surface mechanical issues from time to time. What do you think of buying an accidental car? Is it worth buying? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below:


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  1. People with a lot of money can afford to do so. They will sell the import and buy another import.

  2. How to identify whether the imported car is genuine or otherwise

  3. I do not agree to the article in totality. The reason is this is always not true I.e in more than 90% cases. Merely mentioning of two to three odd pictures n that too repeated ones, one should not be taken away the idea that imported cars are ACCIDENTED ALWAYS. such articles may be avoided as they create anarchy n mistrust in the society. Though I m not an owner of showroom nor a broker but a responsible citizen n Pakistani 🇵🇰. Hence I just want to say that until n unless u don't have any example or not gone through n example by ur self or ur friend one should refrain talking in air. Else u mention showrooms n also give remedial measures to avoid such acts at all levels n give / share normal advices to buyers to their benefit.

  4. Very difficult. Fake auction sheet can be made. Inspect car with expert for body work but this is not 100% effective as you may overlook internal problems.

  5. Totally agree with Hannan. The article is somewhat overrated. Although I appreciate the warning sounded by the original poster about imported cars in Pakistan, the photos shown in the post are of major accidented cars and I think vast majority of imported cars are not damaged like this.

    My experience with imported cars since 5 years now is simply superb. The local 'teen dabba on wheels' cars are a piece of junk as compared to cars actually manufactured in Japan, one of world's most advanced nations. Their safety and quality standards are simply way, way above that of 3rd world countries.

    Secondly, there are some simple tips for buying imported cars, as highlighted by Hannan. For example, buying from credible dealers, even better if through some reference or acquaintance. I think there are auctions at Karachi port by bulk importers and if one can visit the yard, one can pick a lightly accidented car for sure. Other than that, there also must be ways to look for a genuine auction sheet, which tells it all. Some dealers also give the option of viewing a car directly on a Japanese auction site to select and bid. And of course you can view their genuine auction sheet there. Of course you can also have a reliable denter/painter with you who can tell about replaced parts of the body and one can then cross check if they are reflected in the accompanying auction sheet or not. If not, then its a fake auction sheet.

    These are just some ideas from me. If you guys have some more tips to share with others on how buying imported cars, do share for benefit of all.

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