How to Calculate the Cost of Imported Cars in Pakistan

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In my previous articles in ‘import car buying guide,’ I explained a step by step guide to import a car followed by merits and demerits of importing a car yourself. A large number of readers requested for an estimated cost structure for importing a car to Pakistan. So here’s a close-to-accurate cost structure to import a car to Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep after getting it cleared from all the required legalities.

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Cost and Freight of Imported Cars

First, you need to understand the C&F (cost and freight) if you are buying a car through an online auction. Here’s the C&F for single unit buyers according to the winning auction price of the car.


Let’s assume that the winning auction price of a 2012 model 660cc car was 650,000 JPY. So according to the table above, the C&F, in this case, would be 110,000 JPY. After clearing this bill, your car is delivered to Karachi Port where the custom duty calculations start.

Custom Duty on Cars in Pakistan

So here are the custom duties calculations according to the import duty structure for the fiscal year 2015-16:


Let’s have a look at the custom duties for hybrid vehicles as well:


Please note that the customs duties mentioned here are subject to change due to variation in exchange rates. Furthermore, import duties do not include ‘Other Expenses’ like Challans, THC/DO/Shipping, Wharfage, Excise, documentation, port rent and illegal add-ons like bribery. Other expenses are usually calculated around 50,000-60,000 PKR.

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How You Can Calculate The Cost Of Imported 660cc Vehicle In Pakistan Yourself

For a single unit 2012 model 660cc vehicle, the customs agent would usually charge around Rs. 12,000 – 18,000 fee.

So let’s calculate an estimated cost price for importing a 660cc car yourself. (Assuming 1 JPY= 1 PKR).

  • 650,000 (Assumed Winning Auction Price)+
  • 110,000 (C&F)+
  • 341,403 (Import Duty for 2012 model 660cc)+
  • 50,000 (Other expenses like Challan, THC/DO/Shipping, Wharfage, excise, documentation)+
  • 15,000 (Approx. custom agent fee)+
  • 10,000 (Approx. Passport fee)+
  • 15,000 (Optional Transportation charges if you want to transport your car from Karachi to some other city)

All of the number equal to PKR 1,191,403/-

Note: The above calculations do not include port rent charges. As mentioned in my previous articles, port rent charges are applicable when the car has not been cleared out within the given time (Generally 15 days). Moreover, the above-calculated cost does not include illegal expenses like bribery.

So it is clear from the above calculations that importing a single unit yourself won’t save you any money. The only benefit you might get would be that you will have no doubts about the condition of your car. For bulk unit buyers, the C&F, customs agent fee and other expenses are negligible when compared to that of single unit buyers.

In my next article, I will discuss few of the ways to import a cheaper car so that you can save some good amount of money.

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  1. Guest says

    One basic clarification.

    Writer has again and again used the word bribery.

    The word “bribery” means money paid under the table to to get a wrong/illegal thing done.

    Usually the government officers in countries with colonial past will create more and more difficulties for the client. In order to avoid to avoid these difficulties, the client will pay some money. This money is called “palm-greasing”. This money is a sort of ransom paid just to avoid undue mental torture and needless complications. The term needless complications has been used because these complications can be avoided by the person sitting at the counter if he or she wants to really serve the citizens. But generally they are hand in hand with agent mafia, or simply want more and more money, so they will create unnecessary red tape for unnecessary delay tactics. Then, to get their things going, the client would pay some money. This money is not for a wrong or illegal purpose, therefore it cannot be termed as bribery in any sense.

    If the payer gets caught, he or she can claim in the court that he or she did not pay the money to import something illegal (such as over-age car). But he/she only paid the money to get things done which were being made impossible. The court can themselves verify the case.

    Most of the Pakistanis are have a high moral standard and would avoid bribery. Bribery is a sin, because somebody is already committing a crime, and they need an accomplice. The only responsibility of this accomplice in the crime is “look away while it is being done”.

    On the other hand, palm-greasing is a social menace found in nearly every country with colonial past. Whether palm-greasing is halal or makrooh, there are various opinions on it. However, some countries have declared palm-greasing as illegal too. However, in these countries too, palm-greasing is considered a lesser crime than bribery.

    In advanced countries too, bribery exists. But palm-greasing doesn’t. If you are asking nothing wrong (even something like jumping the line is also wrong), your work will be done smoothly. But in developing countries, the biggest menace is the “service charges”. Even if your case is right, delay tactics will be used to make you cough up money or to use the existing agent network. (Usually if your case is wrong, the government officers are already hand-in-hand with you because you have already fixed everything up, already through bribery.)

  2. shekh aftab says

    ineed prado2011tx limited what is the cost of customin karachi port

  3. Amer says

    Nice way to justify corruption my friend…
    palm-greasing = bribery = corruption

  4. srmklive says

    Shaf you haven’t given any contact details of any reputed car import companies. That will be nice though.

  5. usman says

    its one and the same thing.. just said it all in mannerful way
    i agree to amer

  6. Zain says

    call if u wanna import 0333-2169930

  7. shafiq says

    Hi, I have Dodge caliber 2.0 in Oman. I want Import Pakistan. how it will be? how much will cost me to total chargers and is it easy to change the driving side? Please guide. thank you

  8. Suleman_hussain1 says

    What would be Custom Charges for importing a damaged car? Like if I want to import Accidented Prius 2012. Can somebody help me with this?

  9. raheem says

    Is there any chance for import car from U.S.A model 2007 ?

  10. Habib says

    Hi everyone I am interested in importing car direct from Japan don’t want any Pakistani agent between the deals but can’t find any site if any one knows kindly let me know by email:[email protected] or you can whatapp me the link on this no 03002434547

  11. shehreyar says

    Wait till 2017 gwader port will be duty free

  12. SHEHRAYAR Khan says

    If I will import 2007 model how much it will cost its c&p and custom duty

  13. Mian Imtiaz Azeem says

    I intend to import one or two cars model 05…06 from kuwait where my relatives reside….What will be the procedure and custom duty ?

  14. Arsalan says

    Send me your email address please i will let you know the prices

  15. Arsalan says

    Send me your email address

  16. Faisal Shahzad says

    i have Honda civic 2016 model but non custom paid.. any one can provide me services for custom clearance

  17. Imtiaz says

    It seems u are serving in some corrupt department and have found justifications for bribery by calling it palm greasing. It’s a very stupid clarification. It’s simply a robbery and bribery which is called RISHWAT and it cannot be HILAL on any account. U can cheat humans but u cannot teach ALLAH Almighty on the day of judgement by these clumsy arguments.

  18. Shahzaib Sultan says

    I would like to know as well, please.

  19. Rehman Mir says

    You can only import 3 years old car or 5 years old SUV 4×4, i doubt it if you can import 2006 or 2007 as you mentioned above.

  20. Rehman Mir says

    Hello, Habib i deals in cars, if you want to import cars from UK let me know i am happy to help you.

  21. Rehman Mir says

    If you’re looking to import a car, SUV, 4×4 from Uk please text me on 00447429518068.
    Mercedes: C class, E class, CLS, CLA, S class, GLC, GLE,
    BMW: 3 series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X3, X4, X5, X6.
    Audi : A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5,Q7.
    Porsche: Panamera, Macan, Cayenne
    Land Rover: Range rover Vouge, Range rover sports, Range Rover Evoque, Range rover Velar.
    Jaguar: XF, XJ, XK, F-Pace.
    Benteley, Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne, Bentayga
    Toyota: Hilux, Prius, Avensis, Yaris, Auris.

  22. Haroon says
  23. usama says

    what about cars having more then 1800cc? can anyone help???

  24. Faizan Iqbal says

    hello Rehman, i want to import a car from uk BMW 3 series, which is already purchased there and it’s 2008 model.

  25. Rehman Mir says

    Hi Faizan I have mentioned in some of my posts that you can not import car more than 3 years old so that 3 series has to be at least manufactured in 2014.

  26. Rehman Mir says

    No you can not, you can not import a car older than 3 years. In 2017 you can import a car which were manufactured in 2014 at least.

  27. Rehman Mir says

    Duty will be extremely high, please note hybrid cars are cheaper to import whereas non-hybrid cars are costing too much as import duty is sky high!

  28. Rehman Mir says

    You can not import a car older than 3 years…

  29. ASAD says

    hello, i have to export my own card HONDA CR-V 2012.

  30. Adom En Altas says

    What About Chevrolet Tahoe?

  31. Usman Chaudhray says

    plz tell me custom duty if i want to import vitz car model 2014??…Plz send me the complete information about it…

  32. Usman says

    Can you plz provide me your phone number??Rehman Mir??

  33. Rehman Mir says


  34. Waseem says

    Hi Bro
    I want to export damaged cars Australia to pakistan what would be the procedure

  35. Navid Nasir says

    i want to import car from japan to pakistan 1350cc(TOYOTA AXIO) with out import duty plz tell me what price of this car (import duty free )

  36. shafqat says

    i m a disable,permitted by the Govt. to import a duty free car.what will be the price of vitz 1300 cc or 13500 toyota axio

  37. Parvez Iftikhar says

    @Shaf great article! But I do not find any information in your article about customs duties on cars above 1800 cc (eg BMW X3/X5, or Prado 2700, etc). Could you expand the table please? Also what other charges are applicable. I am told that some Regulatory Duty is also applied? Thanks. Parvez.

  38. Parvez Iftikhar says

    Another question please: What will be the duty on a 2.0L Hybrid SUV?

  39. محمد بن آصف says

    If i want to import 1997 dodge challenger what it cost

  40. Faseh says

    Can you import a 2011 suv

  41. Maher Ahmad Prince says

    [email protected]
    brother contect me i import cars from u.k damaged cars i need agent who buy thease cars

  42. umer sohail says

    i want to import mitsubishi pejaro 3000cc 1998 model from kuwait. can you tell me charges plz..!

  43. Raheel says

    Hello can you please explain if you have included Income Tax, sales tax, additional sales tax in your duty figures above, also there is a thing called PCT (Pakistan customs Tariff) which assigned the specific code to each item imported in Pakistan, In this case what is the PCT code for importing used vehicles in Pakistan? Furthermore, what is the basic and additional duty percentages. Another important thing is that if you make an advance payment to foreign supplier you can only use INCO TERMs FOB, C&F or CFR you cannot use CIF (Cost insurance & Freight) if you are making an advance payment, that means you will have to get a Marine Cover Notes from Insurance companies in Pakistan as well. …..I think you need to cover these costs as well in your article. I have been supervising imports of my company for the last two years and I deal with shipment delays and clearance issues on a daily basis. MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL IS THAT you need to have your own NTN and Sales Tax Registration number to file the EIF(electronic import form) without this no bank will process your payment to foreign supplier, nor the customs would let the shipment pass through.

  44. Ali Naveed says

    how much would the approx. duty be on a 2012 ranger rover sport 5.0litre v8?

  45. Ali Naveed says

    rehman, how much would the approx. duty be on a 2012 ranger rover sport 5.0litre v8? i was thinking to import from uk.

  46. Danish Rehman says

    We are thinking about to import Tesla’s car so is there any difference in taxes for electric cars?

  47. anonymous says

    Dear Rehman,
    Are kit cars considered to be cars in the Pakistani legal system? I wanted to import a factory 5 GTM but can’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated:)
    To contact me via gmail:

    [email protected]

    With regards.

  48. Khubaib says

    i want to import Toyota Rush 1500cc 2015 model from .Japane can you tell me charges plz..!

  49. manoj says

    I am living in
    uae since 2014 and wan to send car 1500-1600cc model 2015 as gift to my sister .
    What will be custom duty applied and how much i can waive off for custom duty due to residence permit of uae?


    Dear Sir 7 Ma’am.

    I hope you fine and all set. if you need any information regarding used cars import and customs clearance so feel free to contact,

    Please note : only serious and interested people contact me. dont waist my and your time.

    Please note My contact number : 03002796735

    Thanks & Best regard

    Fahad Ahmed Khan


    Dear Sir 7 Ma’am.

    I hope you fine and all set. if you need any information regarding used cars import and customs clearance so feel free to contact,

    Please note : only serious and interested people contact me. dont waist my and your time.

    Please note My contact number : 03002796735

    Thanks & Best regard

    Fahad Ahmed Khan

  52. raza says

    What would be Custom Charges for importing a damaged car? Like if I want to import Accidented 2015 car. Can somebody help me with this? [email protected]

  53. sohailaslam says

    no custom for gift

  54. Engr Saif Khalil says

    How much time it takes a used car purchased at Japan to reach at Karachi and to Peshawar.

  55. ovais tanvir says

    A.o.A i need a customs agent if there is one feel free to contact me for business purposes
    [email protected]

  56. Mir Khan says

    If any one anyone interested in any type of Car or Bike shipped from U.S.A ( License dealer ) Buyer responsible for all custom clearance etc ..Feel free to contact me

  57. Khaliq D Dehpal says

    I want to buy landcruiser 2002 100 series black how much will it cost to Pakistan

  58. Balaj Qureshi says

    i want to buy a accidental car model 2014 to 2016 can some body help me with this?
    please help me
    [email protected]

  59. Mir Khan says

    Customs don’t allow no more then 3 years old car ! 2015 and up only !

  60. Adnan says

    i want to buy Honda N-One Premium.. can you please tell me how much it cast.. please give me a favor don’t tell me a dealer rate

  61. Malik Ahmad says

    Dear sir,

    I want to import a heavy truck tractor from UK to Pakistan, the truck would be 2011 or 2012,
    I will bring it to Quetta, Pakistan.
    the truck is a Renault Premium DX1, Engine is Volvo Hp is 460 , axile 4×2 Twin bed, i would like to know the an estimate of the customs sales tax, wealth tax, any other taxes, registration fee, and how much the total pay would be.
    sir, offter i am sendig truck inspection euro &Emission report.and truck invoice value usa$12,300/-.
    what paper works i need from the Pakistani embassy and also the things i need to do here, and if you can send me all the forms I need to fill out such as the import form authorization on my email ([email protected]).

    Thank You and appreciated.
    Malik Ahmad

  62. wah wah says

    i want to import Mitsubishi mini pejaro 1995 model, through Ebay what would custom charges in pakistan, can any have idea?

  63. Rao ShahRukh says

    dear sir,
    i want to import the Audi A3 ,2017. 1.4 litre fully loaded German made, from UK
    kindly can you tell me the total custom duties on it ?

  64. rahatakhan says

    The writer has not added the 40,000-50,000 JPY for auction fees and taxes which are charged separetely on top of the 650,000 yen of the auction bid price. And also he did not add the commission the company/person will charge for the privilege of using his auction membership and for taking care of the paperwork involved for exporting the car. These auctions are exclusively for members only and the members have obtained these after going through a lot of hoops and at an exorbitant cost qhich they need to recover somehow.
    This very important ommission is a very careless mistake because the buyer in Pakistan is not expecting these costs so, he approaches the seller confidently with the information provided online like on this website. Most of the time the negotiations results in the seller selling an accident repaired car for the price what the buyer thinks is the fair market price as he has calculated with information he gathered online. I can only pray for them.

  65. Rehman Mir says

    You can not import more than 3 years old Saloon/Sedan/Hatchback or 5 years for SUV

  66. Rehman Mir says

    Only advantage you would have that you will get an accidental car cheaper other than that you’re still not entitle to get further depreciation discount, you’re still liable to pay full customs duty on a accidental car too.

  67. Rehman Mir says

    People assume under a gift scheme you pay 0% import tax on a vehicle i am afraid there is a misunderstanding, you still have to pay all other taxes too. It’s not a tax free scheme.

  68. Rehman Mir says

    For 2014 model you’ll pay around 9 millions customs duty.

  69. Rehman Mir says

    For range rover sports 2013 (New shape) will cost you around 14-15 millions pak rupees depends on car specs (extras/options) whatever you call it.

  70. Rehman Mir says

    You can not import more than 5 years old car.

  71. Rehman Mir says

    Not possible! you can not import more than 3 years old car and 5 years old SUV. Current import year cap is set by Government of Pakistan

  72. Rehman Mir says

    It varies, depends on make (Japanese or German) and model as well as the manufactured year.

  73. Rehman Mir says

    New shape came in 2013 so it will cost you around 14 to 15 millions pak rupees.

  74. Rehman Mir says

    After market or manufactured kitted cars makes no difference to customs duty, you still pay same amount of money. However they only thing i heard that you can not have tinted windows, rest is fine.

  75. Rehman Mir says

    you still pay same amount of money, no further depreciation discount due to a accidental unit.

  76. Rehman Mir says

    2017 would not worth it, you better buy it from Pakistan Audi dealership. If you consider buying a used car up to 3 years old will save you some money.

  77. Rehman Mir says

    no further depreciation discount on an accidental car, you still par same amount of import duty and taxes

  78. Zeeshan Ahmed says

    Asslam O walikum ,

    if any one want to Import used Cars Or Spare Parts (Bulk) From Japan.
    Please feel free to contact. +92316-1119787

  79. Usman says

    AOA, I want to import Audi A3 1.4 TFSI SE Sportback 5dr 2015, HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST ME TO IMPORT IN PAKISTAN FROM UK (Inc All Charges).

  80. Usman says

    AOA, I want to import Audi A3 1.4 TFSI SE Sportback 5dr 2015, HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST ME TO IMPORT IN PAKISTAN FROM UK (Inc All Charges).

    please email me to let me know

  81. moazzam khan says

    Can i send the car from Canada to my family in Pakistan as a gift?
    Does our auto policy allow cars from USA, Canada?

  82. Zairi Khan says

    Hi, i am residing in russia and i own a 2004 BMW e60 3000cc of engine capacity. Can this car be imported in Pakistan and what will be the total amout of taxes and customs?

  83. Burhan Sheikh says

    Please share your contact number. My number is 0322-4077286.
    Burhan Sheikh


  84. Qazi Irfan Rasheed says

    Dear I want to import toyta Corolla 2017 from Dubai how much custom tax I have to pay ???? And may I ask other charges if any please rply????

  85. Abdullah Ishfaq says

    I have 1 Land Cruiser is 2016 Model V8 Full Options & 2nd is Nissan Petrol Sports Edition 2016 Model. I want to import it for my family what will be the total custom.


  86. Abdul Sattar says

    i m a disable,permitted by the Govt. to import a duty free normal car.what will be the price of vitz 1300 cc or 1350 toyota axio

  87. Abdul Sattar says

    i m a disable,permitted by the Govt. to import a duty free car.what will be the price of vitz 1300 cc or 13500 toyota axio

  88. Amal Artani says

    What a surprise we have to pay duty in foreign currency the labor who sells his passport how can he pay duty you want us to pay through Dubai it’s extra?
    Use senses

  89. Tim says

    how much is 14-15 million in pounds?

  90. Tim says

    Hi mate, can i have your email address

  91. sohail says

    i need the my hyundai accent car model 2015 wants to send pakistan from saudi arabia what is the procedure.

  92. rizwan says

    I want to go Pakistan from Saudi Arabia on final exit and I want to take also GMC 2013 with me, may I know what is the procedure and custom duty in Pakistan, it’s around more than 5000 CC 4X4

  93. rizwan says

    Hello All,
    I am a Canadian Citizen and looking to bring my car from Canada to Pakistan.Can you please guide me thorough the process and how to make it happen. Waht are the related costs and how should i cacultae that other than the shipping costs, how much i have to pay additional.

    Much appreciated in advance for help.

    Thank you folks.

  94. Sani Khan says

    hi mr Burhan
    i want to send my rang rover evaque 2.0 2017 model from sweden to pakistan as a gift to my father can you guide me about exact amount of charges and paper work??? while i have bought it on private lease. its YEARLY TAX IS 7000 sEK AND INSURANCE IS 1000 sek permonth

  95. rahim zada says

    Hi sir,
    i am in dubai i have vitz car 1300 cc model 2012. i want to send from dubai to pakistan. Can you guide me what is the process and how much i have to custom duty with complete process. plz

  96. rahim zada says

    Hi sir,
    i am in dubai i have vitz car 1300 cc model 2012. i want to send from dubai to pakistan. Can you guide me what is the process and how much i have to pay custom duty with complete process. plz

  97. rahim zada says

    sir i want import my vitz car 2012 from uae dubai to pakistan. How much will come custom duty with complete clearance and plz how we can calculate custom duty.

  98. salmnan says

    asalam u ailikum dosto mera naam salman hai me karachi sa ho me ek cars custom clearing agent ho

  99. salmnan says

    sir pakistan me 2012 cars band hai

  100. salmnan says

    asalam u ailikum dosto mera naam salman hai me karachi sa ho me ek cars custom clearing agent ho

  101. Muhammad Mairaj says

    HI, I am in iraq and want to bring nissan altima 2.5 2016 model to pakistan through iran border by road, iraq to iran then pakistan, is it possible and how much custom i have to pay for it. please let me know by road its possible?

  102. Sajjad Hafeez says

    Dear whats policy for vintage cars. I am interested in a Toyota century 1998 from Japan.

  103. Abdullah Zahid says

    So if i want to import a hybrid car of model 2015 and engine between 1400 and 1800 and if it costs 16lakh. I can expect to pay about 40 lakh for every thing ???

  104. J C says

    Hiya, What will be a Duty on a car if bought for $ 86,000 in Auction in Japan, 5700 Litre Engine and Petrol, Model 2016 for example please. Best Regards. JC

  105. Abad Ali says

    what if we import a damage car of model like 2003 or later in dollar

  106. Muhammad Nouman says

    sir how much tax applied if I import Dodge challenger from philippine to karachi PORT?

  107. Bashir Tahir says

    Hi, Everybody,
    If I want to import E 300 Mercedes Hybrid Model 2015 what will be the custom duty etc.

  108. Muhammad Jamal says

    Direct Japan Auction BID facility available !!!
    Advance only 20000 Rs
    Rest of full payment when Car arrived in Pakistan !!

    Assalam Alikom

    Sir this is Jamal from Karachi
    WE have account in Japan Auction house !
    we can import you cars from there
    just infrom us lot number and auction house details we will BID for you ,
    if BID is success we will import the car to Pakistan and take full payment when its arrived !

    Advance payment only 20000 Rs

    PLease only serious buyers
    no foolish guys !!!



  109. ahmad says

    i want to import a nissan skyline r34 from japan can you do it

  110. ahmad says

    i want to import a nissan skyline r34 from japan its engine capacity is 2600 cc .

  111. ahmad says

    i want to import nissan skyline r34 from japan to pakistan peshawer.what are the custom duties for it.its manu facture year is 1999 and its engine capacity is 2600 cc

  112. Ahmed Baseer says

    This is ahmed we are providing custom clearence services anyone can contact and meet pers in islamabad

  113. Mian Zaheer says

    Dear bro, man disable person hun and i wants bought imported car please Guide me?????

  114. Mian Zaheer says

    Bhai ap ka number Mil sakta hy please????????at My No.03336976299

  115. Mudassar Nazar says

    Hi, I want to import Nissan e-power 1200cc, could you please provide me with the details about import duty?
    how much will it cost in clearance of this car?

  116. Ahmed Baseer says

    Import country

  117. Ahmed Baseer says

    U may visit our office in blue area

  118. Mudassar Nazar says

    Want to import to Pakistan
    Model 2016
    Nissan epower 1200 cc
    It’s hybrid

  119. Kristine says

    How about 2019?

  120. Usman Ghumman says


  121. Tahir Junaid Butt says

    hi what is the procedure if i want to take my own car to pakistan from uae. model is 2019 Nissan kicks(1.6)

  122. Erfaan khan says

    can we import coupe or convertible from Dubai to Pakistan?
    and kindly tell me the limits too as u mentioned about sedans and suvs. Thanks!

  123. arbaz fayyaz says

    A/salam bro mujy Dubai sy car mangwani hai toyota corolla 2012 Rate plz

  124. jamal ahmed says

    want to import suzuki xbee 2019 model??????????????????

  125. Naseer says

    what models we can import in 2020. Could you pls share estimated cost (custom, passport etc) including your service charges for 1500-1800 cc hybrid.

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