Here Is How You Can Calculate The Cost Of Importing A Car In Pakistan Yourself


In my previous articles in ‘import car buying guide,’ I explained a step by step guide to import a car followed by merits and demerits of importing a car yourself. A large number of readers requested for an estimated cost structure for importing a car to Pakistan. So here’s a close-to-accurate cost structure to import a car to Pakistan and get it delivered to your doorstep after getting it cleared from all the required legalities.

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First, you need to understand the C&F (cost and freight) if you are buying a car through an online auction. Here’s the C&F for single unit buyers according to the winning auction price of the car.


Let’s assume that the winning auction price of a 2012 model 660cc car was 650,000 JPY. So according to the table above, the C&F, in this case, would be 110,000 JPY. After clearing this bill, your car is delivered to Karachi Port where the custom duty calculations start. So here are the custom duties calculations according to the import duty structure for the fiscal year 2015-16:


Let’s have a look at the custom duties for hybrid vehicles as well:


Please note that the customs duties mentioned here are subject to change due to variation in exchange rates. Furthermore, import duties do not include ‘Other Expenses’ like Challans, THC/DO/Shipping, Wharfage, Excise, documentation, port rent and illegal add-ons like bribery. Other expenses are usually calculated around 50,000-60,000 PKR.

For a single unit 2012 model 660cc vehicle, the customs agent would usually charge around Rs. 12,000 – 18,000 fee.

So let’s calculate an estimated cost price for importing a 660cc car yourself. (Assuming 1 JPY= 1 PKR).

650,000 (Assumed Winning Auction Price)+
110,000 (C&F)+
341,403 (Import Duty for 2012 model 660cc)+
50,000 (Other expenses like Challan, THC/DO/Shipping, Wharfage, excise, documentation)+
15,000 (Approx. custom agent fee)+
10,000 (Approx. Passport fee)+
15,000 (Optional Transportation charges if you want to transport your car from Karachi to some other city)

All of the number equal to PKR 1,191,403/-

Note: The above calculations do not include port rent charges. As mentioned in my previous articles, port rent charges are applicable when the car has not been cleared out within the given time (Generally 15 days). Moreover, the above-calculated cost does not include illegal expenses like bribery.

So it is clear from the above calculations that importing a single unit yourself won’t save you any money. The only benefit you might get would be that you will have no doubts about the condition of your car. For bulk unit buyers, the C&F, customs agent fee and other expenses are negligible when compared to that of single unit buyers.

In my next article, I will discuss few of the ways to import a cheaper car so that you can save some good amount of money.

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  • Guest

    One basic clarification.

    Writer has again and again used the word bribery.

    The word “bribery” means money paid under the table to to get a wrong/illegal thing done.

    Usually the government officers in countries with colonial past will create more and more difficulties for the client. In order to avoid to avoid these difficulties, the client will pay some money. This money is called “palm-greasing”. This money is a sort of ransom paid just to avoid undue mental torture and needless complications. The term needless complications has been used because these complications can be avoided by the person sitting at the counter if he or she wants to really serve the citizens. But generally they are hand in hand with agent mafia, or simply want more and more money, so they will create unnecessary red tape for unnecessary delay tactics. Then, to get their things going, the client would pay some money. This money is not for a wrong or illegal purpose, therefore it cannot be termed as bribery in any sense.

    If the payer gets caught, he or she can claim in the court that he or she did not pay the money to import something illegal (such as over-age car). But he/she only paid the money to get things done which were being made impossible. The court can themselves verify the case.

    Most of the Pakistanis are have a high moral standard and would avoid bribery. Bribery is a sin, because somebody is already committing a crime, and they need an accomplice. The only responsibility of this accomplice in the crime is “look away while it is being done”.

    On the other hand, palm-greasing is a social menace found in nearly every country with colonial past. Whether palm-greasing is halal or makrooh, there are various opinions on it. However, some countries have declared palm-greasing as illegal too. However, in these countries too, palm-greasing is considered a lesser crime than bribery.

    In advanced countries too, bribery exists. But palm-greasing doesn’t. If you are asking nothing wrong (even something like jumping the line is also wrong), your work will be done smoothly. But in developing countries, the biggest menace is the “service charges”. Even if your case is right, delay tactics will be used to make you cough up money or to use the existing agent network. (Usually if your case is wrong, the government officers are already hand-in-hand with you because you have already fixed everything up, already through bribery.)

  • shekh aftab

    ineed prado2011tx limited what is the cost of customin karachi port

  • Amer

    Nice way to justify corruption my friend…
    palm-greasing = bribery = corruption

  • Shaf you haven’t given any contact details of any reputed car import companies. That will be nice though.

  • usman

    its one and the same thing.. just said it all in mannerful way
    i agree to amer

  • Zain

    call if u wanna import 0333-2169930

  • shafiq

    Hi, I have Dodge caliber 2.0 in Oman. I want Import Pakistan. how it will be? how much will cost me to total chargers and is it easy to change the driving side? Please guide. thank you

  • Suleman_hussain1

    What would be Custom Charges for importing a damaged car? Like if I want to import Accidented Prius 2012. Can somebody help me with this?

  • raheem

    Is there any chance for import car from U.S.A model 2007 ?

  • Habib

    Hi everyone I am interested in importing car direct from Japan don’t want any Pakistani agent between the deals but can’t find any site if any one knows kindly let me know by or you can whatapp me the link on this no 03002434547

  • shehreyar

    Wait till 2017 gwader port will be duty free