Here’s Why It Is Important To Follow The Traffic Rules In A Baraat Convoy

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Weddings in South East Asia, especially in Pakistan are the most planned events no matter what social status one has. Pakistani weddings goes for weeks and are full of enjoyable functions. Being here in North America, this is one of the thing I always miss. Our weddings are full of beautiful customs and traditions as well as food.  Sometimes these events are ruined by some stupid acts. Readers will agree that you hear about aerial firing or death within wedding party due to the release of gun shots.

Our weddings customs and traditions involve moving in large convoys of cars and vans to and from bride’s home. Since it’s the wedding season in Pakistan, I would like to point your attention to a major issue. For some reason, some people are unable to control their adrenaline rush and start driving rash in the convoy. I am sure we all have seen such people, members of our family and friends, who are involved in such acts.

Speeding, no lane disciple, driving in wrong lanes and overtaking from wrong side are few things we all see in our weddings.  Sometimes this can result in accidents and we read about such unfortunate news very frequently. A careless act can result in a sorrowful event and can ruin someone’s big day within seconds, for which he/she planned for years. I think it’s time for all of us to think about it.  If we are part of such events or if someone  else is joining our big day, we should be very categorical about this. Let’s not ruin someone’s big day. Let’s keep it safe and enjoyable.

Below are two videos of such behavior which should be more than enough to make you understand the lesson. Always follow the traffic rules and always obey the law. Drive safe everyone.

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  1. Dany says

    lol.. in response to your videos..You do realize that a wedding crasher is someone who goes to wedding uninvited… mufta tornay walay… if you will… which has nothing to do with crashing a car.. ROFL

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