Here’s How I Judge You Based On The Car You Drive

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“100 rupees say that’s a taxi” – your friend utters whenever he sees a white 9th gen Corolla. Add a black piece of cloth hanging from the rear bumper and he’ll raise his bet to 500. Couple that with dark orange marks of paan infected spit on the doors and foot board, and you’re betting 1000 already.

Each car comes with a perception. It is the image – the vague generalization that has been gradually created in our minds about the people who buy that car.

A 5th – 6th gen Civic, for instance, gives the impression of a racer-boy (usually wanna be) driver, someone in or just after his university years whose parents wanted to buy him a Cultus but he convinced them otherwise about the bigger boot space and power steering and power windows in the older Civic. You’ll see them driving rash once in a while. They don’t like being overtaken and will go out of their way to follow you, and return the favor by overtaking you from the wrong side in case you’ve casually overtaken them. Once they grow out of this phase, they buy the 7th gen. The ones who want to make a social class statement while still being able to enjoy the VTAAAKK-kick-in-yo every now’n’then upgrade to the 8th gen.

A Honda City, especially the iDsi on the other hand speaks of a family guy to me. Someone who doesn’t want fuss and drama, wants excellent fuel average and ample seating space. You won’t see them driving rash often enough. It’s not because the car isn’t speedy, it is pretty throttle happy mind you. But because it doesn’t brake, and you don’t want to be at higher speeds without brakes with your kids on the backseat or waiting for you at home.

Jacked up Indus Corolla – The car is driven in a village, probably deeper in the central Punjab or if it is a diesel, in the Northern Areas. In the former case, it works as a daily workhorse, from transporting animals to transporting their food from the vegetable market. Once in a while when someone, anyone, from the village arrives from Dubai or Saudi, it goes to the nearest city with airport to receive him/her. The drivers of these cares are not totally at home with city traffic – they’re not comfortable with queues and find it OK to park anywhere on the road as if it is part of their “250 murabbay”.  In latter case, i.e. the Northern Areas counterpart of this car has immaculate interior, clean and taken care of like a baby, often with a few bright decorative hangings and florescent interior light. The car is washed very regularly – often from the mountain streams. The drivers usually feel relaxed in Pindi, not so much in Islamabad, and it is apparent from their trying to hit apexes on each turn from the farthest lane.

First and second gen Toyota Vitz is usually the second car for local driving for someone who has a bigger car at home, or someone who wanted to buy a brand new Alto or a Cultus but was wise enough not to throw 9+ lakh rupees down the drain on something which doesn’t have ABS, Airbags, Power Steering, Power Windows and has substandard build quality. Similar are the people who buy other mainstream JDM Kei cars. You don’t see them speeding because well, they barely move with those 3 cylinders a little over half liter engines let alone speed and race. The buyers of those 660cc cars are promised 30kmpl by the ‘dealer’, and their whole lives are spent trying to keep the RPM below 1500 and achieve that mythical figure.

A less than 3 years old Toyota Land Cruiser shouts of a Member of the Upper or Lower house, or someone from the Land Mafia. Usually accompanied by one or more Hilux double cabins, these people own the road. If you’re in their way, they may not hesitate shooting you point blank in the face (ref : Ghazi road incident). Steer clear, save yourself the misery.

Suzuki Mehran – This is probably the toughest car to generalize. Anyone can buy it – some buy it for the practicality, some for the size, some for the cheap maintenance and some due to budget restraints. Some even buy it for the disguise. As the old saying goes, never judge a person by his Mehran.

Well here was my personal perception of some of the mainstream cars locally available, there is a lot of satirical generalization involved – trust me, this is not serious, and without any offensive intention to anyone in mind:

What is your take on this matter? What do different cars tell you about their drivers/owners? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. Billy says

    Great Read- Wonder what you make of Hybrids

  2. M Taimur Idrees says


  3. Asghar says

    i laughed hard while reading this “The buyers of those 660cc cars are promised 30kmpl by the ‘dealer’, and
    their whole lives are spent trying to keep the RPM below 1500 and
    achieve that mythical figure.” hahahahaha

  4. Asghar says

    I own a suzuki baleno.. so how do you judge me ?? 😛

  5. asim alvi says

    people who can afford a 2.5 mil car they are not after fuel economy, instead it is a fashion statement “moo ka zaika badalnay k liya”. they usually already have 2 or 3 other cars as well.

  6. asim alvi says

    family saloon within budget = Baleno. you dont want to buy cultus and you can`t buy corolla so you stuck with Baleno.

  7. Shah says

    What about mark x ? :p

  8. Umar Azam says

    Epic article. I found all the perceptions quite close to reality.

  9. A Q Khan says

    Spot on! Excellent read.

  10. Umar Sajjad says

    Nice, I have to agree to pretty much all of it. So in essence, City and Mehran are the most classless cars on the road, right?

  11. Umar Sajjad says

    I’d like to suggest another category: general out of market cars like Optra, Sunny, Liana, etc?

  12. Khurram Altaf says


    In my opinion no one goes to buy a Liana or an Optra. Its when he is in the market getting a Cultus/Santro when he finds a Liana for the same price and at that moment someone suggests a Liana and with better options and boot Liana seems like a wiser choice.

  13. Khurram Altaf says

    True. City is the best camouflage car. You want to confuse someone, arrive in a city. He’ll be clueless of your preferences, your enthusiasm or your socio-economic stature.

  14. Khurram Altaf says

    I have met very few people who bought Mark X for what it is – the blend of all the best from the Mark line-up to leave the factory over years.

    Most people reply with “Rebaarn nu chittar phairdi ae..” Which makes me believe going faster than an 8th Gen Civic is the sole reason for Mark X sales in Pakistan.

  15. Billy says

    Some people here are driving a 1.4 Mil Hybrids too- Where 1.4 M don’t buy you a decent zero meter saloon car. even the XLI cost more than this.
    People that prefer to buy a 2.) Mil plus hybrid as compared to I believe they prefer a hybrid for fuel economy plus build quality, safety and value for money.

  16. Saad Tariq says

    I like this Article !!!! Very well written. Good observation skills.

  17. Guest says

    plz enlighten us with SWIFT owners!

  18. Dany says

    These Land Cruisers are also bought by nouveau riche. For example, some wannabe got an excellent produce this year and bought a Prado to make a statement ‘aur mohlay may dhak bhait jai’

  19. Fady says

    Liana’s are only imposed on you as a Sarkari Car otherwise those who have no knowledge about cars buy it wondering a 2006 Liana is better to buy compared to 1996 Civic at the same price.

  20. Umar Sajjad says

    So then they go on about how their car- be it Optra, Liana, Sunny, Proton- is better than your car in build, comfort, fuel efficiency, acceleration, etc.

    And when it’s time to sell it they go endlessly nagging about Pakistani mentality.

  21. Fahad Ullah says

    Umar Sajjad, you should also take out some time and write a blog or two. Perhaps you can write a part 2 of this series? 🙂

  22. ABM says

    what about cultus owners? And more importantly what about Subaru(J10 GL 1988) owners?

  23. Billy says

    Who has seen Land Cruisers in CNG ques?I have:-) Now what to make of them?

  24. Khurram Altaf says

    A blog? Umar can write a book if he wants to with his knowledge. But he wouldn’t. He’s one of those people who’d rather ‘watch the world burn’.

  25. Khurram Altaf says

    I totally get you, I’m even picturing a few amongst my friends and that is spot on how they behave.

  26. Khurram Altaf says

    I am pretty biased towards the Swift if you may. With the 1.3L engine and reasonable grip, it is the closest we have come to hot-hatches in Pakistan.

    I can classify them in 3 categories.

    1. People who would only buy a new car and want an upgrade from Cultus
    2. People who believe(probably mistakenly) that ever suzuki is easy to maintain and want an upgrade from Cultus
    3. Hot Hatch fans who want an upgrade from Cultus.

  27. Guest says

    or in my case, ppl who wanted 2nd car but their car porch space is not big enough to keep 2nd car with boot, so hatch was the only option!

  28. Fahad Ullah says

    Indeed. I have heard many good things about him from Jawad. I think he can watch the world burn on the P1 blog. That caused some serious damage to the text blind readers.

  29. Haris Khan says


  30. Osama says

    Haha totally agree, we just shifted from civic to prius to city
    And thats how it works!

  31. Umar Sajjad says

    Khurram Altaf, a book? Ah, yes, quite- but Umroo Aayar and Samri jadugar wouldn’t be much hot amongst iphone generation.

  32. Umar Sajjad says

    Fahad Ullah, well thank you, isn’t Jawad nice. Don’t know why my friends are rather generous in pulling me leg 😀
    I don’t know if I could write something fancy, but I wouldn’t decline a generous offer. So how does it work? Is there something I should know before the battle?

  33. Fahad Ullah says

    They are indeed.

    Well you don’t have to write something fancy, you can just bestow your automotive wisdom to the unacquainted lot that we are.

    You already know everything. I am shooting you an email with the nitty-gritties. I reckon the email you use with this comment system is updated.

  34. shariq says

    what about suzuki aulto owners ? 🙂

  35. Sheheryar Khan says

    You didn’t write about cultus.. 😉 Anyways nice piece of writing.

  36. Taimur says

    Wow, I must say your perception is spot on.

  37. Taimur says

    Please tell me more about these 1.4 Million hybrids by the way.

  38. Billy says

    You can get a locally driven/ registered Prius 2004 and earlier under 1.4M-
    And if you import through an importer you can get one of these
    R/RA grade (Boot or a door replaced)
    1- Toyota Aqua/ Prius C hybrid
    2- Honda insight
    3- 1.5 L Prius too( yes there are still a few gen 2 or 1.5 2012 models up for auction)
    Thank me later> always happy to help

  39. OJ says

    I think u missed out on Cultus, mostly are company cars given to Junior to Mid Level executives or are used as pool cars in offices. This usually holds true for newer models, I am not very clear on the demographics of the owners of pre 2008 models.

  40. Wilson Toyota says

    The Land Mafia? Well, I guess if you get the top secret one with standard oozie sized squirt guns waiting to be used by every water enthusiast everywhere. But that could be pushing it. :/

  41. Lewis Motor Sales says

    Funny article! Time to think about how we are viewed with our cars…kind of like dog owners looking like their dogs. That could be interesting.

  42. Cobblestone Auto Spa says

    Very interesting article, the car a person drives usually does say something about their personality.

  43. Ryan Hemphill says

    Interesting blog, the kind of can one drives will tell a little bit about the person. Depending on the car, it might actually tell a lot about a person.

  44. 509 Cars says

    This is a funny article. I’ve owned some pretty bad cars in my past, just trying to save money, I’m sure I was judged pretty harsh too…oh well.

  45. Charlie Johnson says

    Great article…pretty interesting reading…makes one think about the car they drive and how others see you. Then again, who cares…it’s sometimes just a way to get around!

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