2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid Owner’s Review

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Before beginning hunt for my next vehicle, I finalized the maximum amount I could spend and the range bracket came out to be PKR 3.0-3.4 million. I started out by setting certain pre-requisites; it had to be JDM, it had to be 2013 or higher model with no more than 25k on odometer and it had to be 5A grade or higher. After a detailed survey, I shortlisted the following options;

  1. Toyota Prius 3rd Gen S Touring Package 2013-14
  2. Toyota Prius Alpha S Touring Package 2013-14
  3. Nissan Juke 2014
  4. Lexus Ct 200 2013-14
  5. Toyota Allion/Premio 1.5 L 2014
  6. Mitsubishi RVR 2012-13
  7. Mitsubishi Galant fortis 2013
  8. Nissan Sylphy 2012
  9. Mazda Axela 2014
  10. Honda Vezel Hybrid (2014)

Making the right call wasn’t easy. Apart from Toyota Prius, Lexus CT and Juke, I had not experienced any other car out of these options. So in reality, it was going to be judgment call and to many, a risk. But after careful workup, my mind and heart was set upon Honda Vezel 2014 Hybrid.


When Honda’s previous hybrid technology of Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) failed to live up to their expectations and couldn’t really compete with arch rival Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive in sales, Honda Japan launched its new series of hybrid engines in 2013. Honda Fit Hybrid, Honda Grace Hybrid and Honda Vezel Hybrid, all utilize this latest sports hybrid technology and design offered by Honda in japan with Earth Dreams Engine Series.

Now after having owned and driven Vezel in various conditions for almost a week, here are my detailed personal impressions about this car for all who are or might be interested in getting a similar car.


Come 2014, come the era of modern automotive design category; Compact Crossovers. Terminology based on the fact that these cars take designing clues from other vehicles above and below their category and try to fill in the gap which had always been there from a design perspective. Honda Vezel Hybrid is based upon Honda Fit Hybrid and Honda CR-V. And boy have they done a remarkable job here. Are these SUV’s? Technically no. Are these Sedans or compact hatchback? Nope. They are just compact crossovers. That’s the end of it. And their recent global acceptance is a testimony to the fact that they are here to stay.


Honda Vezel Hybrid 2104 has perfection written all over it when a car enthusiast analyzes its exterior. The front is beautiful. Grill, bonnet, bumper, headlights, fenders, every inch of designing detail is a beauty to behold. The back is equally good if not better with LED lights. Most of all, as a package, the road presence is spectacular and surely a head turner. In its class, maybe only Mazda CX-3 is able to compete with Honda Vezel in designing.


16 inch alloys with 60 profile tires maybe practical but also the weak link in its exterior as well. They simply don’t do justice. Although the top Z trim does offer 17 inch alloys and seem more appropriate.

2014 Honda Vezel (10)  2014 Honda Vezel (7)

2014 Honda Vezel (9)  2014 Honda Vezel (16)




The moment you open Vezel’s door and step in, you can’t help but feel that you’re sitting in a car worth way more. There is no doubt as to why it is categorized as a premier luxury vehicle in Japan. The front panel, steering wheel, door panels and arm rest all have high class leather stitched finish. There’s an all touch climate control panel. The meter, I-MID and gear lever all beautifully designed. Nice chrome finish around speakers and AC vents. LED cabin roof lights come standard. When you look at the seat fabric and floor mats, you realize how much detail went in selection of materials and overall aesthetics of Vezel’s interior. Leg space and overall cabin space is great and it’s a proper 5 seater. Honda’s magic seat system comes in real handy when one wants even more space for cargo and stuff. All in all, Vezel’s interior design fuses together the personal feel of a coupe and the comfort of a minivan at a high level.


The only thing I’ve noticed is that the piano finish around the gear console is a bit prone to micro scratches and swirls.

2014 Honda Vezel (12)  2014 Honda Vezel (3)

2014 Honda Vezel (5)


Honda Vezel Hybrid is equipped with a 1.5 L direct-injection engine from Honda’s Earth Dreams Series. It has Intelligent Dual Clutch Transmission with paddle shifters. This combines with a powerful Li ion battery (placed beneath the rear seats) which powers the single motor. Combine these 2 and you’ll get 152 Hp with 0-100 time of just under 8 seconds. It’s extremely fuel efficient at the same time and one can achieve city mileage of 20kmpl with ease in Econ Mode. Many people are wary of the fact that Vezel might be under-powered, but what people don’t realize is that it only weighs 1180 kg (almost 100kg lighter than Civic) and therefore you get great weight to power ratio and exhilarating torque.

2014 Honda Vezel (6)


This is arguably, the most important aspect in a driving machine. It could be beautiful and have all the perks, but if it doesn’t drive well, then that’s a serious drawback. Fortunately, for Honda, Vezel passes the drive test with flying colors. From first gear, it is smooth as silk in acceleration, steering control and handling. The shift between electric and hybrid modes is seamless once in motion. Road grip and handling around corners is a joy to experience and traction control can be used as an option to make one feel even more secure. One thing which is hallmark of truly great luxury machines is their sound proofing and Vezel doesn’t disappoint here either. At 140kmph, I couldn’t hear any road or outside noise. The sleek beams on driver’s sides are very well placed and limit the issue of blind spots very efficiently. Civic PKDM 9th gen owners can verify how risky and annoying this issue can be. Anti-Lock Brakes with EBD do their job as they should and make you feel completely in control of the machine. Auto Brake Hold function is a great innovation and blessing in local traffic as you don’t have to keep pressing the brake or shift to neutral while short stops in city. City collision assist is handy.


If I really have to point out something I’d say the first gear switch between EV and Hybrid could be even smoother. Having said that it’s more like an idealistic demand which I’m sure in time would soon become realistic with future hybrid technologies on the horizon.

Standout Handy Modern Features

  • Electronic Park
  • Auto Brake Hold
  • City Collision Assist
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (Traction Control )
  • Height adjustable cup holders
  • Adjustable Head Lamps
  • 6 way Quality Surround Sound System with 360 degree HD rear cam
  • 6 airbags, Climate, Steering and Cruise Controls
  • Reactive Force Pedal
  • Magic Seats
  • Honda Smart Key Entry System


The all new Honda Vezel Hybrid is a winner all the way. Its practicality makes it evenly attractive to younger generation as well as family people looking for a comfortable daily ride. With the options at our disposal in this price range, Vezel is surely a complete standout and value for money. Overall 9/10

(Available in 3 trims; Hybrid, Hybrid X and Hybrid Z and option of AWD as well)

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  1. hasan says

    MashaAllah very nice car but where are the rear door handles?

  2. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thanks a lot sir, Look at the chrome handles over the top of rear doors 🙂

  3. Sobi says

    sir ap ne kitny ki li ha exactly?????

  4. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    I imported myself so cost was reasonable, also it depends on current yen and dollar rate on the dates of funds transfer, so price fluctuations do occur, my total cost came out to be around 3.2 million PKR ..

  5. Abid says

    Sir how about its part/spares….maintenance…

  6. Nabeel says

    Why is the Navigation Unit not OEM?

  7. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Maintenance parts available, spares have started arriving, should be no issue in comin months as vezels have started pouring in … 🙂

  8. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    It was OEM but sdhc card went ” Missing ” after it left karachi customs .. i wonder why :p anyhow, until its software becomes available, i’ve installed pioneer, will revert back to OEM as soon as it gets working 🙂

  9. Baber says

    3.2-3.5 is an impressive price for this crossover. Given the choice of cars available in Pakistan, both imported and local, which does this best alternate to? What was your final shortlist?

  10. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    i would only rate mazda cx-3 at par with vezel which is to be launched soon in japan. other than that around 3.2 million, no better option in our market according to me. kindly see the background of review to see the options that i considered .. thanks

  11. Ali Hamdani says

    great reviews unless i try the car out there myself. I just came back to Pakistan and have been hearing alot about the Vezel.
    are there any other drawbacks in this hybrid. I suppose it comes with a cvt, but is the Hybrid tech used closer to the 3rd Gen hybrid as is being used in Prius models.


  12. Abdul Rafey says

    Zeeshan, since i know you personally but you have missed out one point. Honda itself has recalled all vezels due to some technical fault and has decided to discontinue future production. Rest, yes the car is good

  13. Saad R. says

    The cars called back were 2013 manufactured, No reported Vezel problems for 2014 so far

  14. faraz says

    do u live in askari 10 ?

  15. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    yup Saad R has gotten in right.. the issue was software glitch in earlier productions mostly with fiT hybrid rather than vezel hybrid .. very few vezels were recalled not ALL .. i can personally verify thats taken care of by Honda Japan my friend 🙂 and recalls is nothing new or strange, prius and even porsches have recalls 🙂 and discontinue the production ??? where did you hear this from coz its incorrect information .. as of now , vezel is in top 8 sold cars in japan since past 12 months ..

  16. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Not CVT, its got IDCT ( intelligent dual clutch transmission) …

  17. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    yup ..

  18. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Really informative article. I’ve been following your thread on PW and it helped me come to a decision regarding getting one for myself. I’ll be importing the Z In Shaa Allah.

  19. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thanks, and congrats, you won’t be disappointed inshAllah, all the best 🙂

  20. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    had a test drive. and damn the interior is a beauty and handling is too good for its shape and size. sticks to the road. high speed turns in city(max speed 80-100) were as easy as on a sedan.

  21. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Experienced traction control on margalla hills yesterday and yes i couldnt agree more, amazing grip and handling MashAllah …

  22. Guest says

    Can you tell us kindly which channel do you used to import the ride, new car impoeter or what

  23. Ghazen says

    Can you kindly tell us which channel do you used to import the ride, new car importer or something else ???

  24. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    I did it independently through a cousin of mine ..

  25. Melz ß Akalanka Ranasinghe says
  26. Anwar says

    Dr. Ashraf, thank you for writing such a detailed in informative review. I’m looking to buy the Hybrid-Z and wanted to confirm if it comes with AWD.

  27. Dr Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you for the kind words, yes it comes with AWD option as well ..

  28. ABID NAEEM says


  29. Dr Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Yes. All we need to do is turn on sports mode ..

  30. Irtaza Dawood says

    Nice review I’m a 4*4 enthusiast myself need a daily ride as I have a landcruiser and can’t make use of it daily was thinking of buying a corolla grande as in our area road condition is not that good and I have to go to rural areas almost every day as I’m an agriculturist and here Corolla is being as a second car
    So the point of mentioning the detail is do you think it would do well on bumpy roads or no roads in villages will be glad to here from you
    Could email [email protected] or inbox on Facebook
    Would appreciate

  31. Ahsan says

    Nice review. And thumbs up for taking the risk.

    Would you consider taking this car to northern areas, for it being a crossover between SUV and Sedan?

    And would AWD consume more fuel?

  32. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Thank you. Yes, it can easily be taken to the northern areas due to it being a Crossover. Its got ample power, ground clearance and suspension to handle those terrains in my opinion.

    And yes AWD’s stated mileage figures are considerably lower than FWD.

  33. Ahsan says

    Zeeshan sb,
    I am curious to knw, is it worth buying instead of honda civic 9th gen. As i am already driving it but have to upgrade. What would you recomend.

  34. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Sir, I switched myself from 9th gen civic, so there’s your answer 🙂

  35. Ahsan says

    Sir, one more thing plz, how the accleration goes as compare to civic and is both engine and hybrid system in action once u put hard on paddle.

  36. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Smokes civic any time by considerable margin and yes if accelerator is pressed hard you get power from both engine and motor powered by battery.

  37. Ahsan says

    Thank you so much sir for your guidance

  38. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    You’re most welcome, glad to help in any manner. If you ever need further consultation or assistance, you may contact through my Facebook page ” Jp Rides Access” . Regards and all the best. 🙂

  39. Ahmad Rashid says

    Hello Dr. Zeeshan. Its a very neat review, loved it! I am currently an owner of Prius, one of the very first lot which got it imported back in 2011. Can you please elaborate more on the “City collision assist”? Also, by looking at the pictures, it seems you own the hybrid X. Is there a significant difference between the X and Z variants? I am more interested in getting Z because of the orange side panel options.

  40. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Salam, and thank you for the nice words. Well yes prius was the right choice back then and that status of hybrid king in affordable range has now surely be taken by Vezel 🙂 city collision assist applies automatic brakes in lower speeds emergency situations to prevent head on collisions. Z TRIM is top of the line and extras include bigger rims, heated seats, dual climate control and matching body skirts. For further queries you may check out my thread on Pakwheels or my FB page Jp Rides Access. Regards, Dr Zeeshan

  41. Salman says

    Pls provide some good links to buy 2015 Honda Vezel directly from Japan.

  42. Dr Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Kindly see my FB page “Jp Rides Access”.

  43. Omer Khalid Bilwani says

    Salam can you tell me about the three options given on the side of the driving door one is traction control and other are? And how does the electronic parking work?

  44. Raja says

    Dr.Ashraf.AA.I he got one Z cat.Still trying to test it and make up my mind.Since there is no manual with the Vezel.Could I some time come to your place in Askari 10 and exchange information and get to know more abut the car

  45. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Sure, you’re most welcome 🙂

  46. Niaz Ahmed says

    Dr Sahib Very nice and informative review. Really Thanks.

  47. Ninth Street Dreamer says

    Are Parts Easily available for the Vezel in Lahore?

  48. Amir says

    Dear doctor, can I have ur number and address as I want to see the car

  49. Asif Duraiz says

    Dr Sb.AA.Will appreciate tel number so that I could coordinate before coming over to get little briefing on Vezel.My number is 03335133354.I live in DHA.Regards.Asif Raja

  50. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Sure, you may take it from my fb page ; jpridesaccess. Regards, Dr Zeeshan Ashraf

  51. Faran says

    Which video format does honda vezel supports??
    Its not supporting mp4

  52. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    If you’re using original navi, then video will only work in parking mode and not in drive. It’s due to their safety laws 🙂

  53. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Lights, steering assembly, front bumper with grill now available last time I checked.

  54. Aamir says

    Thank you for the review. I would like to know about the availability of spare parts in Pakistan. what is the situation of the availability of parts in Karachi.

  55. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Salam, as with all import cars that tend to make a market, spare parts starts arriving. I don’t know about Karachi, but in Lahore, lights, bumpers, windshield and steering assembly have become available.

  56. Sajjad Naqvi says

    Dear sir is vezel body kits and lower led lamps available in Lahore or in pakistan??

  57. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Body Kit is available in Sri Lanka for import. I think there’s even an ad listed on PWs, you may check. Lower LED DRL’s available here.

  58. Sajjad Naqvi says

    Sir can I have your number I am get one problem in my vezel !

  59. Abdul Basit Khwaja says

    HI. I am bit late here but i ll still ask this question. 2016 civic (Pakistan) vs 2015 vezel. what would be your choice ?

  60. zeeshan ashraf says

    Salam, well cant really compare two different design categories, one is a crossover the other is a sedan. But even ignoring that, PKDM civic doesn’t come even close to manufacturing quality, safety, features, designing, fuel average and durability when compared to Vezel. Hands down Vezel is the winner, and with Honda atlas launching HRV now even the spare parts issue is minimized.

  61. Abdul Basit Khwaja says

    thank you very much for clearing that. I am really into vezel but 2nd thoughts came into my mind the moment civic was launched in USA.

    I also have this feeling that civic wont exactly be the same as US.

  62. AZHAR KHAN says

    Salam Dr sb i am using honda vezel 2015 model and it’s millage is 15Km/L on eco mode is there any other setting required ? and second want to confirm it when ever push accelerator lil bit it shift on engine is it ok ?

  63. zeeshan ashraf says

    Waslam, Mileage will depend on a lot of factors like quality of oil and fuel, appropriate tyre pressure,clean filters and above all the way you drive. Try to maximize the use of EV mode in city wherever possible.
    And yes, once you press the pedal a bit more, it will always convert to gasoline.

  64. ehsan nafees says

    asalam o alaikum
    thanks for such a great review
    dr sb i am using honda vezel 2015 since last 4 months and ive faced an issue 4 to 5 times that randomly the tyre seems to have some blockage and the car kind of stops and when i check the screen a picture appears which shows arrow pointing towards the tyres and some matter written in Japanese,,do u have any idea what could be the issue because every time till now it has happened the car was slow im afraid if such thing happens if the car is fast could be dangerous
    will be grateful for ur help

  65. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Wasalam, first of all thanks for the kind words. What you are experiencing is “city collision assist” . you have to turn it off through instrument cluster settings. There’s a video on youtube with translation, it can help you out. 🙂

  66. Shahman says

    Hello, I just bought a vezel Z grade, however, there are no interior lightings under the foot rests and my lights under the headlights look different than yours. can you explain why its different? thank you

  67. Arshad Siraj says

    I bought a 2015 Vezel about 6 weeks back

  68. Arshad Siraj says

    I bought a 2015 Vezel about 6 weeks back. I am extremely satisfied with its performance, fuel economy and ride comfort. I have driven it from Karachi to Hunza valley in the northern areas of Pakistan and back to Karachi through a route in which the atmospheric temperature ranged from +42 to -6 degrees centigrade and elevation of sea level to nearly 14000 feet above sea level.

    With 4 adults, a baby and about 60 kg luggage on board, I got fuel economy of 19.6 km/l from Karachi to Lahore; 21 km/l from Lahore to Islamabad via GT road, 14.7 km/l on Islamabad-Murree-Muzaffarabad-Naran-Babusar Pass-Chilas-Gilgit-Hunza Valley and back to Islamabad by the same route; 17.8 km/l from Islamabad to Lahore via M2 Motorway; and 20.5 km from Lahore to Karachi. Fuel economy improved on the last leg because two passengers had dropped out at Lahore and the traffic was lighter. The average for the 5300 km trip which included city driving in Lahore and Islamabad came to 17.6 km/l, which by any measure is impressive. But dividing the total distance covered by the total fuel consumed, the average was about 15.5 km/l. The reason could be error in the vehicle computer, or more likely, lesser fuel replenished by petrol pumps – after all, regrettably, honesty is not one of our greatest virtues. Much of the driving was in Economy mode except briefly on steep mountain slopes where it was either in normal or manual gear shift.

    Engine power response was fantastic except at elevations of higher than about 8000 feet above mean sea level in the economy mode. But at higher altitudes there was a delay in power response and gear shift on steep climbs above that altitude. In many instances that was dangerous as well as frustrating. Switching off Economy mode resolved the problem entirely.

    While most of the roads were very good, there were a few hundred kilometers of truly horrendous roads. The vehicle behaved more like a car than a 4×4 jeep and I didn’t have the heart to drive my new vehicle over such roads like I would a jeep. Nonetheless it drove well over potholed, muddy, wet and snowy roads.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the vehicle both as a driver and a passenger.

  69. Kimura says

    Hi Dr Zeeshan,

    Heard that sound insulation is better in hybrid Z model. May I check which model are you driving now?


  70. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    I’m driving base model. Sound insulation is same across all trims

  71. Arshad Siraj says

    I am driving hybrid Z model. I don’t know the quality of sound insulation in other models but I am quite satisfied with the “quietness” of Z model.

  72. Chaudhry Qaiser Iqbal says

    how do the heated seats work?

  73. Umar Latif says

    I wonder if the driver seats adjust up and down. Vezel Is a low sitter, which is fine for a sports car but bad for a crossover/off roader

  74. Usman Wamiq says

    hmm , i think you are asking about the buttons. right? There is a central AC control panel between gear box and the screen. There you will find an icon, showing a person sitting on the seat.
    you press it once to turn on low heater for seat , push it twice for high seat heating.
    The icon is both on the left side and the right side of the panel for the seats on the relative sides.

    I dont know about the mechanism if your question was related to that..

  75. Rashid Ch says


  76. Nabil says

    Arshad Sahib, would you recommend Veezel solely for the purpose of navigating through mountainous terrain? Steep, non carpeted, rocky roads?

  77. Syed Tabish says

    Hello everyone. I got vezel 15 few days back and honestly i am loving it. There is only one issue which i am facing since last 2 days that while dring, accelerator stops working for a second and there is some picture showing car. After a second accelerator starts working. Do any one knows about it or experienced it? Regards

  78. Arshad Siraj says

    As far as I can guess, this happens when another vehicle is approaching from sides in a manner such that if you were to keep driving, there would be risk of collision, this feature of Vezel prevents the car from moving forward by disabling the accelerator. It is, therefore, a safety feature.

  79. Arshad Siraj says

    No. It’s more of an urban vehicle – to be driven on good roads. Definitely not an off-reader.

  80. Arshad Siraj says

    Yes, the seat can be raised by pumping upwards, and lowered by pumping downwards, a lever located below the seat recliner lever on the driver’s seat.

  81. Asaf Humayun says

    AOA. DR Sahib has written an excellent review. I have 3 questions. I will be thankful for answers.

    a. Why the new Vezels in market have their radio or media station removed.

    b. I test drove a 2015 brand new Vezel. As the vehicle started moving, I could hear loud noise and feel vibrations. Is it normal? In Toyota Prius, the start on electric power is whisper quiet.

    c. The interior trim in nearly all new Vezels is Orange (leather?) on arm rests, doors,consoles, etc. Is there a choice available?

  82. Dr zeeshan says

    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    Navi is removed as their maps don’t work here and language can’t be changed.
    No vibrations or noise are there, start on ev is super quiet.
    Apart from jazz brown, gray is avAilable

  83. Syed Tabish says

    Many thanks sir. I feel relaxed now. regards

  84. Arshad Siraj says

    I have had a similar experience. As soon as I drove off from the dealer’s showroom, I heard grinding noise and vibrations, which I hadn’t experienced when I had test-driven another Vezel. So I brought it back to the dealer who sent it to Honda motors, where, I am told, the problem was a loose nut. Since then, I have driven nearly 7000 km all over the country including the northern areas but the problem hasn’t recurred.

  85. Arshad Siraj says

    You are welcome.

  86. Syed Tabish says

    Please also tell me if this is happened with you as well?

  87. Arshad Siraj says

    Yes, it has happened twice. It was almost always when mine was the front car at a traffic light and as I was about to move forward on the light turning green, a car busted the red light and approached mine from the left. There is another feature of the car in which the accelerator jerks, and you see on the information panel a white line just behind the rear wheels. I don’t know what that represents but the few times it happened was again at a traffic light with a car too close behind my car. Does anyone know the real cause?

  88. Syed Tabish says

    Yesterday, it has happened to me once again. Accelerator jerked for 1sec with some red car picture and then it came back to normal. Yes, one car passed by closely when this happened. I tried my best to take picture of this particular error or safety picture but every time i failed as it always blink for a second. If any one have this pic, do share it.

  89. Arshad Siraj says

    Did the car passing-by approach from the left or the right? I guess it should be from left as that is the blind side for a right hand drive car. I am not so sure if this safety feature works for a vehicle from right but it should because that vehicle generally should have the right of way.

  90. Syed Tabish says

    Actually from both sides:)

  91. Arshad Siraj says

    Good. Thanks.

  92. Raza says

    Greetings Dr. Sb. On writing such an articulated review, I imported my 2015 Vezel 2 months ago, I use HOBC and my fuel average remains between 11-12 km/l in Islamabad my car goes off EV at the speed of 10 km I wonder if this is normal for a zero meter Vezel or its some calibration challenge, Contacted Honda in I-10 and they are clueless saying we do not have any system available for this vehicle, may I know if it is normal to go mechanical at speeds => 10 & is this 11-12 km/l fuel consumption ok in Islamabad

  93. Zeeshan Ashraf says

    Salam, Thank you for the kind words and congrats on your purchase. Allah Naseeb Farmaye, Ameen. No calibration required. Everything comes programmed.
    You are getting less mileage. EV mode can be kept on till 60-70kmph but for that one has to keep a light foot on the pedal. Many factors determine mileage but the way we drive is the most important. Google “hypermiling” and “how to get good mileage” and you’ll find plenty of useful tips in detail.

  94. Thotagamuwage Kamini Munasingh says

    My brother bought a Honda Hybrid Vezel – 2014, and upto date its working ok. Also it is very comfortable. But, from about two days back it indicated on the right hand side, a tap like thing pouring something to a battery like thing. This we can’t solve. Please let me know what is the fault. Thanks.

  95. Farrukh Aziz says

    Having made up my mind on buying one, I have been given feedback that the car is underpowered for northern areas and even going to Monal in Islamabad is a challenge for Vezel. Can some user please advise there is any truth to it

  96. [email protected] says

    Dear Dr . Sahab,
    read your review of Vezel it was excellent like you describe .
    Actually I am going to purchase Vezel which is pearl white registered but almost like new only 3200KM driven but the model is 2014 Z series 4.5 grade.
    My question is did you hear about any brake issue in vezel 2014 as most of people told me there is issue with brake only in 2014 model but in 2015 that issue has been resolved.
    I also read this kind of brake issue on google and also written there that Honda recalls Vezels for system Brake Errors.
    Kindly advise me if possible.
    Waiting anxiously for your answer .
    M. Ahmad Motiwala

  97. zeeshan Ashraf says

    No offence brother but honestly I’ve had a good laugh after a while. Hope you don’t mind it was in good intentions.
    Coming to your query on a serious note, whoever has given you such feedback regarding this beast, I can easily assure you hadn’t driven a vezel himself yet.
    People have taken vezel to China border with ease. Don’t listen to rumours and negative propaganda, drive one yourself and you’ll take her home if you were already planning.

  98. Ansub Cheema says

    AoA, i was wondering if spare parts of Honda Vezel will be available from Local market?

  99. Farrukh Aziz says

    Thanks janaab. Bought it and I must say an excellent advice from you. It is an excellent vehicle.

  100. Ali Zahid says

    White interior is also available now. Thats a good one among orage/gray.

  101. AshvinDX says

    Take it to a mechanic or to Honda who can connect to the onboard computer (e.g. via OBD cable), it will then report the exact problem.

  102. AshvinDX says

    According to Wikipedia, recalls were for models build in Feb 2014 and earlier.

  103. Hashim says

    For these type of trips, make sure you use best quality and recommend oil for vezel like liqui moly.

  104. Mohsin says

    Sir I need to know wt is the function of the three buttons on the right side below eco mode. And second question is tht who much average should it give me in the city and long route. Waiting for ur reply thanks

  105. Aamir Bukhari says

    Salam Farruk…
    Hope you will be fine. Can you please share your experience with Vezel Bcz it’s been 3 months…Average…comfort…and as you mentioned that you got feedback for under powered…..so how’s your personal experience.

  106. Farrukh Aziz says

    The experience has been great, far better than I expected. I have driven around 9000 kms, in all terrains, mostly in mountainous areas. The car is nowhere near under powered as Zeeshan had already clarified. OVerall the comfort of the car is amazing, with so many cool features that its a pleasure to drive it everytime.
    As far as fuel average is concerned, normally I get around 17-18 kms per litre in Islamabad. This still requires a lot of careful driving focussed on maintaining the average. If one drives even more carefully, I think the average can be maintained at 19. I would say that it might not the best buy solely on the fuel average as there are other hybrids better than it. However, the overall package of the car makes it the best buy of the lot.

  107. Hasan Choudhry says


    i just bought a vezel and i am not sure about a little noise i hear when i press the accelerator. its like a small knock when accelerator is pressed in first gear ..

    does anybody else notice this or is this a problem in my car


  108. Ghulam Murtaza Qazi says

    Great info bro. What about the show parts and other maintenance expenses and resale?

  109. omar says

    Sir ! I recently sold my old corolla altis 1.8 which was a beast and i shifted to the new corolla GLI 1.3,the car is very underpowered thus i am selling it. Among my hunt for a new car i came across Honda Vezel and since it is 1.5 ,i am really worried that it is not underpowered, i know you wrote in the comments that it is not underpowered but are you sure is won’t be underpowered compared to corolla altis 1.8 ?

  110. Ben says

    I just bought a vezel hybrid Z last month and it brakes automatically while a lorry was approaching from the right. The braking was like ABS and made a brrrrrr sound.

  111. Arshad Siraj says

    This is auto braking. If the computer onboard the car deems you to be on collision course with another vehicle, the car brakes automatically. The sound is definitely disconcerting. Considering the unruly traffic in Pakistan, especially, motorcycles, auto braking as well as disabling of accelerator is quite frequent and annoying. But in future, almost all cars will have such features, so we might as well get used to them.

  112. Ben says

    Hi Thanks for the info.
    Can someone translate the japan language for the honda vezel hybrid Z or explain the meaning . When i play with the menu at time it is not meaningful to me.


  113. Arsal Kh says

    to translate and understand the japanese language you can use google translator from your mobile application ,open google translator and there is picture option just take picture and choose translate option from japanese to english,by doing so you can translate your appearing message on your car speedo meter

  114. Zahid Rasul says

    hi i have hybrid Z 2015 model which went through a minor accident now i am having 2 problems ac compressor does not turns on an vehicle does not shifts on EV mode can any 1 guide me what am i supposed to do as i had gone through all the good available electricians in rawalpindi and Islamabad

  115. Zahid says

    Farrukh sb … i recently bought a honda vezel but its average is not more than 12 … can you guide me what are the tips to get this average o 17-18 kms per litre….

  116. Sajid Ahmed says

    I have Vezel 2016 model. Looking to buy front grill, can anybody advice.

  117. Yasir Butt says

    Excellent Car..Cannot compare with Other Cars in this range…Even cant compare Interior with Latest Fortuner…

  118. awlad de leo says

    i bought a honda vezel hybrid 2014 z last week.the problem is in the dashboard it shows only 6 km/l .
    i don’t know what the main problem is .any advice ???

  119. Muhammad Asjid says

    Did your vezel get any mechanical issues like gear box warming up during the trip? And did it get get any long run mechanical problems due to the offroading and steep terrain?
    I am planning on taking my vezel to hunza but I am afraid it will get damaged and hence want to rather rent a car.
    Would appreciate a prompt response.

  120. Ali Raza says

    Sir could you plz tell me the A/C Performance in hot summer when temperature touch 43?

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