Honda Atlas Makes an Online Portal to Address Delivery Time Woes

Launch underway of Pakistan's Honda Civic

Tenth Generation Civic has seen phenomenal success in Pakistan when we put into account, the sales Honda Atlas has been able to bag since its launch. To put into perspective, back in August 2015 according to numbers from PAMA, Honda was able to sell a total of 2,002 Citys and Civics combined. This figure saw a 50% bump in August this year, surging the combined sales by over thousand units to a total of 3,174.

BMW delivery status tool

Delivery Status Tool used by BMW

While 3000 units a month may sound decent, it is still far from being adequate to cater the response 2016 Civic has been able to gather in Pakistan. The overwhelming response meant that Honda Atlas overlooked the build quality, which has been taken care of, in the later deliveries of the car. Another issue that came into play due to the swarm of orders, was the anxiety caused by delayed shipments and confusions regarding the delivery timings. Thanks to the mix claims made by dealerships.

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Honda Atlas Car delivery website

Honda Atlas Car Delivery Portal’s Homepage

Now in a bid to address these uncertainties, Honda Atlas has launched an online portal on their official website, which can be used to check the tentative delivery time of your Honda car. The portal can be accessed by clicking here. The tool in itself is quite minimal and if you have seen the delivery trackers used by German Automakers, bear in mind this one has nothing in common with them. All you need to enter is your relationship number, which in other words, is your booking number along with your CNIC/NTN. Just key in these details and the portal will display the provisional delivery date of your car.

Delivery Honda Atlas Cars

Honda Atlas Tool Displaying the Tentative Delivery Date

Despite the simplicity, knowing the tentative date of your vehicle’s delivery would help save countless calls you would otherwise make to your dealer asking the same question and getting a different word on each and every attempt. Only time will tell, whether or not, other automakers of the country would follow suit.

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  • HondaLover

    While I don’t like the way Atlas and its dealer network and showrooms are dealing with this and earlier 10th Gen Civic related fiascos and spurning customers and their rights, I must appreciate this step. My only hope is that this information reported by the website is genuine and accurate and not just there to placate their customers and reduce pressure.

    Two thumbs up to Atlas.

  • Kesar Rafiq

    28th of Feb 2017…… Seems like an awful long queue…

  • XsGranted

    While this is a good initiative, the problem with it is the status doesn’t change even after delivery. So Honda could’ve sent your car to the dealership, and they could very well sell it off on a premium. The system definitely needs an upgrade if the delays due to Premium/On money are to be addressed.