All New Honda Civic 2016 1.5 Turbo Review

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In July 2016, Honda introduced the 10th generation of Civic in three variants; 1.8 I-VTEC CVT, Oriel 1.8 I-VTEC CVT, and Turbo 1.5 VTEC CVT.


Honda Civic 2016 1.5L Turbo has an interior full of gadgets such as push start, rear entertainment, and traction control. Moreover, for the first time in Pakistan, electronic handbrake has also been introduced. Although Civic Turbo comes with an advanced and sophisticated captive touch screen audio/video system, but it still has some technical glitches. Bad news for the smokers as the car doesn’t have cigarette lighter or ashtray. The car has one cup holder on the front seat and two cup-holders on the backseat. The gorgeous and sporty steering wheel is adjustable according to the driver’s ease. The multifunction steering wheel allows the driver to control volume and cruise control from the steering. Paddle shifters, located just beside the steering wheel, can be used if the driver wants to go for a manual drive. Another salient feature of Civic 2016 1.5L Turbo is meter cluster with multi-information LCD. The rear floor bed isn’t flat, which could cause inconvenience for the passenger sitting in the middle of the backseat. Trunk capacity of 425 liters provides enough room for luggage.


Honda Civic Turbo’s curvy exterior looks elegant and sporty. This sophisticated car comes with keyless entry. Moreover, it also has an immobilizer (an electronic security device) that reduces the theft risk. FULL-LED headlights with LED Daytime Running Light make the car more attractive and eye-catching. This gorgeous car also has dual exhaust. Moreover, the power retractable door mirrors with LED turning signals make this car more sophisticated. Civic Turbo has BG Luxo Plus tires, which are a brand of General Tyres. These are high-speed tires and can support the car up to the speed of 210 Km/hour. ‘General Tyres’ has produced this tire brand in collaboration with Continental Germany and Honda Japan.



Honda Civic 1.5 turbo interior is quite spacious, as there is enough overall space. Because of the turbo engine, Honda Civic 1.5 turbo has an excellent throttle response and magnificent acceleration. As compared to the previous models, Civic 1.5 turbo has much better road grip and handling. Moreover, it also has an excellent ground clearance. The car gives a smooth ride on  paved roads and has the ability to absorb shocks on bumpy roads. Civic 1.5 turbo also has digital climate control that intelligently cools the car. Furthermore, for the comfort of backseat passengers, the car has rear AC vents.


Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo has cruise control, seat belts, and dual airbags that make the driving safer.

Premium Fuel

If you are interested in buying Honda Civic 1.5 but are hesitant because of the unavailability of quality fuel, don’t worry because the government has deregulated premium fuel sector. In simple words, after November it will be easy to get premium fuel. The Honda Civic Turbo has a mileage average of 8 Km/Liter in city and 10 Km/Liter on a highway. The Turbo engine usually gives low mileage, which is quite understandable.

Although the overall car has superb quality but it still needs improvement, because the customer expects everything to be perfect for such an expensive car. There’s still a margin of improvement in the car’s interior quality. The welding between doors is better, but it can be improved. The audio system also needs up-gradation.

Regardless of these small flaws, the overall quality of the car is terrific and worth buying.

Below is the video review of Honda Civic Turbo 1.5 VTEC CVT by


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  1. danish says

    As far as fuel average goes, the logic that the writer has given, has totally missed the point why auto manufacturers have introduced turbo. Turbos have been introduced with a lower displacement engine to improve mileage .

  2. invadertopak says

    Absolutely. I was amazed when i read about the low fuel economy and turbo being at fault. Totally opposite to what the automotive industry is using turbo for and what the author said.

  3. Kamran says

    Khuda ka khauf karo yr. I read somewhere that american turbo civic gives 18 plus average.

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Such mileage off Turbo is understandable? I dont think so. Is se acha avg to mujhe Thailand Vigo ne diya which is Turbo anndd 3000cc. Either the reading was wrong or the car isnt giving supposed results. Confusing really

  5. zunair ameer says

    amazed who writes these articles. Please understand physics behind forced induction and review your writing to ensure an educated audience.

    @Pakwheels why won’t you people at least check the articles before them being publicly posted.


  6. Abs says

    Keeping all other considerations in mind, I feel people here on Pakwheels have been too critical of the New Civic. There is a whole thread of bashing the car. Let’s be realistic, it is the most technologically advanced car ever assembled in Pakistan. This the first time features such as traction control and turbo engine are being offered in a local made vehicle. We don’t have much options to choose from in Pakistan..and among all available it is the best option.

    Perhaps those who always complain about the new civic should direct their energies towards bashing Paksuzuki and make a difference. A company that truly deserves criticism as they offer vehicles based on decades old design dating as back to late 1970s…bolan/ravi/cultus/mehran are all globally retired cars. Swift is also obsolete the world over since they also remove safety features from car having no respect for consumer welfare.

  7. ABCD says

    “because the customer expects everything to be perfect for such an expensive car”

    Are you drunk or something, man?! It’s a small, cheap, entry-level car in the rest of the world!

  8. RE says

    Bro your review also needs a review. You need some necessary car education.

  9. Guest says

    But it is not a small, cheap, entry-level car in Pakistan.

    It is over-sized for our congested roads (has major road presence), expensive, high-end car only older successful businessmen are able to afford.

    It is Pakwheels dot com, it discusses Pakistani trends, Pakistani society and Pakistani market.
    It is not rest-of-the-world-wheels dot com, it does not discuss rest-of-the-world trends, rest-of-the-world society and rest-of-the-world market.

    The fact that a car which is bottom-of-line in the rest-of-the-world, should be top-of-the-line in Pakistan, is questionable, but it didn’t happen overnight.

  10. Guest says

    True, gone are the days when Knight Rider would press the turbo button on his dash to make the car jump!

    Enough with the misunderstandings. A sports car uses a turbo for going fast, it is the type of turbo meant to make it go faster.
    A diesel engine uses a turbo to perform better at altitude. It is the type of turbo which wouldn’t make it go fast.
    A generator uses a turbo … for what?
    An economy car uses a turbo for – saving fuel of course.

  11. bilal says

    are you mad . wrong mileage written in article

  12. Usman says

    By reading all these comments I think this article needs Revision. 02

  13. Usman says

    Totally Agreed.

  14. wasim ikram says

    Seriously people this is the most childish or I would rather say “stupid” review about the civic I’ve ever read, the author seems to have a clear lack of technical as well as some basic knowledge about cars. What amazes me the most is the level of Pakwheels tolerance towards such reviews, I mean people at pakwheels don’t even bother to check the quality of contents before getting such reviews published. I always thought pakwheels to be a well established platform for consumer guidance, but after reading such reviews I think I am totally lost.
    Few words for the author ” go attend your school first “

  15. SA says

    Turbo charged engines are supposed to be fuel efficient as more air is available for complete combustion of fuel, which also results in lower emission levels.
    Power to weight ratio of engine can also be reduced this way which make an overall impact on fuel consumption.
    But in Civic 1.5 turbo case we don’t this happening
    Honda Japan to throw some light on this discrepancy to clear doubts in our minds about the turbo charging related issues.
    May be they have fitted a turbo charger of smaller size or of incompatible design.

  16. Bilawal Memon says

    I don’t know about rest of the world but here in Australia, turbo civic as per on Honda website, consumes 6litres of fuel for 100kms and 1.8na consumes 6.4litres. I won’t comment on fuel consumption but 1.5turbo is designed for efficiency and it is efficient than 1.8na. If Pkdm civic is inefficient, then, dear author, please don’t blame it’s turbo for its inefficiency. If you really like to read about cars, it’s time to read brother, this time with a dictionary in hand.

  17. AbuTurab Sahibzada says

    Amazing that no one among criticizers of the review has actually tested Civics mileage performance on road. I hope the author has mentioned what he tested. So first do some and tests and then u r free to criticize him.

  18. Waqas Ali says

    Watch your tongue before commenting on others.

  19. Shakil Sadiq says

    Amazing…. instead of attending the quality of the vehicle, we seem to be more bothered by the quality of the author… a nation of self possessed critiques….
    And for all those who portray a better understanding (sic) of auto technicalities, who’s stopping you from authoring a few lines… but then be ready to be bullied, for your semantics.

  20. sohaib says

    nice overview specially video is awesome

  21. Bilawal Memon says

    It’s not about civic, it’s not about mileage, it’s about science behind bad fuel consumption of a car due to turbo, which is quite understandable.

  22. Bilawal Memon says

    All the commenters love Pakwheels and they visit this for quality material. Visitors liked the video though but if you are aware of what quality of REVIEWS have been posted here in past, what kind of info has been shared with reviews, you will know why readers are criticising. If an expert will tell me that by removing front number plate of a vehicle we can reduce its drag coefficient, I will get mad at him, badly. Author is our brother. We appreciate his skills but if he has some misconceptions, this comment section is for correcting him

  23. Syed Basil Muqtadir says

    “Civic Turbo has BG Luxo Plus tires, which are a brand of General Motors. These are high-speed tires and can support the car up to the speed of 210 Km/hour. ‘General Motors’ has produced this tire brand in collaboration with Continental Germany and Honda Japan.”

    Its General Tyres, not General Motors.

  24. Masroor Gilani says

    Pakistani Civic does not have LED headlights

  25. Suhail Ajmal says

    Mate, the review is not well written. Work harder on it please! The people are right here commenting about your review. However, I give a suggestion to Pakwheels, please hire a good content editor/ Content Manager who has good understanding of the automotive world. Make sure you know your audience and write for them.

  26. Shahbaz says

    This is a COPY and PASTE from some other source. Author did not bother to compare it with specifications from HONDA PAKISTAN website. You will find many shameful acts of plagiarism on pakwheels.

  27. khanji says

    I can’t stop laughing when words like “sophisticated” and “premium” are used for a darn Civic. Come on guys, it’s not a luxury brand.

  28. khanji says

    Bravo. Great comment.

  29. Atif says

    Sub standard review and on top of that this stupid slide show interior would continue to make it difficult for you to read this article with comfort. Fire both, the one who has wasted time on writing this review and the guy who has put in this stupid slideshow which disturbs whole page every two seconds.

  30. Danish Ghauri says

    very bad review sorry to say totally mixed up, i will expect that in performance u talk about the car driving and engine but no.
    please re do it!

  31. AbuTurab Sahibzada says

    I haven’t actually used this civic but one feature I experienced in 660cc turbo mini pajero was that it gave good mileage at normal speed etc but used to become a fuel monster when racing under full throttle giving good performance at cost of heavy fuel consumption.

  32. H__3 says

    Agreed. Most “Articles” I have read on Pak Wheels are basically copy paste of either car specs or hearsay news. They need to hire professional writers if they want to have a ‘real’ blog

  33. Bilawal Memon says

    Your mini pajero is designed to give optimum fuel economy with exceptional performance when driven in economy zone. Redlining a Prius will result in 10km/litre as well, so should I blame hybrid system for that?

  34. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    turbo is designed to have better fuel consumption than both 1.8 and 2.0 when driven economy zone, Official EPA mileage figures confirm this as well.

  35. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    if you are driving it like a 140hp car then it’d give comparatively better fuel economy but if you decide to unleash all 173 horses because you bought the “turbo” model than it would consume the fuel of a 173 hp car.

  36. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    he didn’t test the car himself but posted the figures quoted by owners of forums. the civic 1.5 has better mileage than 1.8 agar insano ki tarah chalai jaye tw, but every owner has got turbo fever and showing off all 173 horses and quoting figures as per, so proper figures won’t be available till some months from now on.

  37. HondaLover says

    Calling it locally made is a wild stretch. Calling it locally assembled would be more accurate. Atlas Honda doesn’t has the knowledge, skills or resources to ‘local-make’ Civic. They only know about minimizing features while excessively padding their profits.

  38. HondaLover says

    Agreed. These type of childish misinformed car reviews destroy the hard work and efforts of people like Fazal Wahab and others who accurately informed the community about issues in this PKDM Civic.

  39. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    He should have tested it then, thats what a review is. Seems like its become a trend on PW to just copy and paste stuff from the internet

  40. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    And yes, you’re right it would obviously have a better mileage as it has to. Smaller engine+turbo otherwise beats the purpose

  41. Khurram says

    Excuse me mister if you have not used the Prius than do not make stupid in-enlightened comments. The car has better fuel economy even if it is driven at a high RPM.

  42. Adan Ali says

    Relating Horse-powers with fuel efficiency brilliant!

  43. Guest's guest says

    just the way Datsun On-Do is related to Mehran.. even more brilliant.. mor0n

  44. Guest's guest says

    bhai pakwheels ko “dhai saw” rupay mai aisay he likhnay walay milangay 😀

  45. Bilawal Memon says

    I usually don’t argue with ill-mannered fanboys but just for the sake of healthy discussion, please watch on YouTube Prius vs BMW M3 top gear. I admit I don’t drive a Prius but I own EK9 civic and it’s mileage may give heart attack to cultus owners. Hybrids are meant to be economical no doubt and thanks for correcting me. Cheers

  46. Adan Ali says

    Far more relateable seeing the price-match in my opinion than relating horsepowers with fuel efficiency… that’s the sad part about people like you… Follow the flock and don’t come up with your own analogy that article was done to show how good a car on-DO is…. It was not necessarily meant to be a Mehran VS on-DO comparison even the title doesn’t say it is a comparison…. but well aisa hee hota hai yahan so what can I say…

  47. Wadood Ahmed says


  48. hussain says

    Wow. Is there any quality control on articles here. I own 1.5 turbo and city mileage is 12 and highway mileage is 15.5. rubbish article

  49. hussain says

    Turbo recycles energy you dummy, so turbo leads to better fuel economy not the other way around. I own the car and city mileage is 11.9 and highway 15.8. See the attached images.

  50. Hashim Zuberi says

    If it’s not a luxury brand you can’t use words like sophisticated or premium? Wow!

    I was wondering when I’d come across the most idiotic person on the face of the planet … and finally, after almost 35 years of searching, here you are!

    Can I have your autograph, Your Royal Stupidness?

  51. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Test to usne bhi nai kiya city and highway drive le kr :p

  52. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Bhai accelerator kisi bhi car ka dabaoge to fuel zyada consume to karegi? And if you want all 173 horses It would obviously demand more fuel but at lower rpms it will be economical

  53. Bilawal Memon says

    I am amazed if this is how your parents have taught to conversate. I never mentioned anywhere that it’s turbo which is the reason,if the author claims bad fuel economy of any vehicle

  54. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Fool never heard of Atkinson cycle, Toyota using same engine in prius and grande but one delivering more hp while other less but better fuel economy. Trend of engine downsizing with addition of turbo fulfills similar purpose, use the horses wisely and it’d deliver better fuel economy than 1.8 civic but unleashing them worsens it. Go study ecoboost, G Activ and other engine, an auto enthusiast you pretend to be.

  55. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Atleast I used my own words, you would have copied straight from CnD while representing the same point “Smaller turbo engines fare better than naturally aspirated ones with similar performance on the EPA’s granny-like driving schedule. However, it’s not always clear if the fuel-economy advantage holds up on public roads with quicker acceleration and higher speeds.”

  56. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I thought you were a writer but I’ve observed you can’t even read properly. I feel sorry for you.

  57. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    You are trying to defend a writer who reviewed a car without even trying it for half an hour. But wait, all pakwheel writers are like that, they do 40% google search, 40% forums search, 15% copy+paste, 4% rephrasing, 1% praising pakwheels and writing their name and article is ready. Pathetic

  58. kamran says

    Paddle shifters, located just beside the steering wheel (Where else are they located)??
    Meter cluster…its called instrument cluster.
    Cruise control is not a safety feature.
    The Turbo engine usually gives low mileage, which is quite understandable. (Why?? its 1.5Ltre mated to a CVT and the turbo engages at 6000rpm. It should be more economical.
    The General tires are absolutely crap.

    You should to stick to computers.

  59. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    This guy is an idiot dont worry about him.

  60. Mark Shiffle says

    Mark Shiffle

  61. Mark Shiffle says

    At least or at last Pak Wheel Got a Civic Turbo from Honda Atlas after Long Criticized.
    Well ur Claims of In Turbo Mileage becomes low so Dear Go to Check Honda US officials Page they tell u 28 City & 34 Highways.
    2nd they Changed Tyress its auto decrease or may they used for safety base for low speed of 210 speed but actual speed is above 280.
    In Short Paki and US Civic are totally change.
    $18740 (1967500PKR) and above 3Million PKR is the much costly for Low Quality Lahori made Civic for Pakistani Peoples.

  62. Armaghan Ur Rehman says

    Can anyone tell me what is the mileage of Honda Civic V-Tech Turbo on premium fuel in city & on Highway ?

  63. Uzair says

    Dont know about city but on highway with ECON mode, its 16km/l. and it is VTEC not V-Tech.

  64. Armaghan Ur Rehman says

    Thnx for telling me.

  65. FatherMan says

    Rightly said brother, Amen to that !

  66. Sergio Aguero says

    can any one tell me what is the maximum millage of honda 2017 1.8 ivtec oriel/?

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