Honda Atlas reduces prices of CR-Z by 1 million rupees

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In an unprecedented and unadvertised price slash, Honda Atlas (the Pakistani arm of Honda Japan) just cut down the prices of Honda CR-Z from their books by a million Pakistani rupees. A million Pakistani rupees! That is a lot of dough and though we can’t come to terms as to why and how this has happened, it has happened and probably, PakWheels’ classifieds of cheaper and better equipped imported Honda CR-Z is just one of the many reasons.

The other reason is also intertwined, it is quite a possibility that no one would’ve been buying CR-Z from Honda because of the obvious price difference and were rather buying the imported one with full after-sales support available at the Honda Dealers. Thus, the stocks must’ve been piling up and they’ve taken the desperate decision and slashed off the prices to bring them on the same terms as the imported CR-Zs, before their own rotted away.

CR-Z when introduced, was available from 3269000 to 3499000 Pakistani rupees while you could have a top of the line imported one with carbon fiber trim and moon roof for as much 2.4 to 2.5 million rupees.

You can get a Honda CR-Z from PakWheels Classifieds in the range of 1.8-to-2.4 millions rupees depending on how well equipped the car is but given the price and our fantastic experience in the car when we reviewed it, it is quite a bargain.

Here’s a screenshot of the the brochure at Honda Atlas’ website, where the model versions have also been slashed and only automatic is available in either solid or pearl colors.



UPDATE: It was a limited time promotional offer. The prices have once again been restored to the previous level.  


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  1. Skt_Z4 says

    Well now One thing is for DAMN Sure that all the rumors were true, that how much these thieves & thugs have SKY HIGHHHHHH Margin on their Local Junks. I Feel Really Really Terrible that what these Greedy Companies are doing to our Nation’s People & Looting Every Last Paisa from their Pockets.

    & then they Beg the Govt. Officials to Stop the Imports & Subsidies on Foreign Vehicles. If you Give Relief to the People that you’ve Gave now but not in People’s Care but their own Co.’s Benefit then why People would even think to Buy Imported USED Ones.

  2. Nabeel Shk says

    Worth it at this price of 2.4 Million… you are getting a brand new car which will run trouble free for at least 5 years…

  3. Mustansir Shaherwala says

    I don’t think this is about them charging 1 million extra on a car that is worth less a million… if you go and see price of new crz it starts from 29,000$ so either they have started manufacturing in Pakistan or they are bearing the loss and selling it.

  4. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i know someone who bought one in red for 3.5 million, he’d be facing a huge loss. :/

  5. Farrukh Sayyar says

    pakistani cars are just pieces of junk.In fact we dont need local manufacture.Anyone who can afford it should import a car and thats it.

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