Toyota Crown is the best bang for buck luxury saloon in Pakistan


Toyota Crown is a well-respected luxury car in Japan and is the only ultimate luxury product available in the catalog of Toyota other than Century which is the only Toyota with a V12 and rather looks bland even though it is Toyota’s flagship car however, Crown is the Japanese S class if the Century is the Maybach or worse. Crown has set its name in Pakistan as well. The homework done by Toyota for Crown is such that they already planned the 30th generation design. Currently we have the fourteenth generation on roads which actually turn heads when passes by.

Toyota Crown was and is still being used by Japanese government officials showing the great status symbol. Even here in Pakistan, there are many government officials who have Toyota Crown in use. Crown from the start has been setting standards for others. A slight image drop was seen when the car was used as a Taxi in Singapore but the newer model was such that it raised the image by 10 times more.

One of the most popular model and commonly seen on roads of Pakistan is the S140 which was produced from 1991-1995. The Crown Majesta models were also launched in this ninth generation.

It is true to say that the features available in crown back then were way better than many other luxury sedans. I often have arguments with my colleagues on buying a Crown over Mercedes C and/or E class. The amount of comfort and luxury is just unexplainable. If you talk about speed, Toyota crown has the lead, we’ve even tested it.

The twelfth edition of Toyota was the most popular one all around. The model had its production started from 2003 till 2008. From memory seats to other advanced features, it had it all. The twelfth edition truly had an upper hand when compared to its competitors, Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5-series. This model was increased in width and wheelbase when compared to its previous models.

An average of 4.8 meter of length gives a commanding look to its competitors. Toyota has always been able to give the desired curves and touch of elegance to this vehicle as to maintain the standard and the amount of attention it needs and deserves.

If you’re sitting in crown for the first time and keeping in mind the model you are in, you just have two options; either you’ll be surprised or you’ll be in a shock. With memory seats which also gives you a massage as you travel, you wouldn’t want to get out. Since 1998 the rear passengers of crown have the right and convenience to take charge on vehicle’s air conditioning, audio, sunshade and seat ventilation from the rear armrest control panel.

And its a big bang for the buck as well compared to the German Saloons.

Toyota crown 4

Toyota crown 3

Toyota crown 2

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  • Ahmed

    Is Crown a global model or it is only for Jap markets? I mean we don’t see Toyota Crown in Gulf and US…where Avalon is regarded as Toyota’s large sedan.