Honda Atlas Teases 2016 Civic’s Launch on their Website!

Honda Atlas teases 2016 Civic launch on their website

If you either saw PakWheels Blog or our Facebook page, you most probably know already that launch of the New Honda Civic is near as Honda has dispatched both VTI Oriel and VTEC Turbo variants to their dealers across the country. Yesterday we were swarmed by multiple spy photos of the 2016 Honda Civic taken by dealers and spotters which showed both the trims in all their glory; you can find leaked pictures and videos along with my analysis of Civic’s VTEC Turbo and VTI Oriel  versions by clicking here.

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Now after exactly thirty-nine days since the pre-booking for the new 2016 Civic, Honda has finally hinted its official launch. Honda Atlas has still not made an official statement on a launch date. However, dealers have updated their social media pages with a launch date of 22nd July.

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Honda Atlas teases 2016 Civic launch on their website

Honda Updates their Website to tease 2016 Honda Civic Launch in Pakistan

Honda Avenue Islamabad Confirms 22nd July Launch

Honda Avenue Confirms the Display Date of the all New Civic

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