Honda Atlas will also launch a Hybrid car soon

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Only 80 Hybrid vehicles were imported in July this year, but then it was only a couple of since government had announced the duty cuts on Hybrid Vehicles so in August 2013, the imports of Hyrbids grew three times to 218 vehicles.

As we’ve told before, auto importers just need to send go to another country and buy the vehicle and bring it here, so therefore, they reacted quickly and local assemblers were trailing as they have to test and ready the car for local conditions.

Indus Motors had announced that they’ll be bringing a localized version of the Prius called ‘Rough Road’ for Pakistan anytime later this year.

Honda Atlas was however quiet about their plans but now, a report in The News reveals that Honda Atlas is also working on bringing a Hybrid here in Pakistan pretty soon.

Honda in the foriegn markets does have a Prius competitor called ‘Insight’, but we plead to Honda to instead, bring the CR-Z Hybrid here because although we highly dislike the Hybrids as they don’t do good for the environment and are just an icon to show the world how much you care about the planet, the CR-Z is a spectacular looking car.

But it will inevitably be the Honda Insight.

Honda CR-Z is more sporty oriented car with a 1,500cc petrol engine coupled with a hybrid terrain.

2013 Honda CR-Z

2013 Honda CR-Z 2013 Honda CR-Z 2013 Honda CR-Z

Honda Insight on the other hand is a more family, practical oriented car made to compete with Toyota Prius. They even look somehow similar. Anyways, since its a practical car made to ferry you from point a to point b, it only has a 1,300 cc petrol engine coupled with a hybrid motor.


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  1. R-if Malick says


  2. Shahzeb UL Haq Malik says

    I am driving a 2010 CRZ in Islamabad and it is an amazing driving machine, gives me 20KM / L in city and 22.5 on motorway.. Love it!

  3. Agha Mohsin says

    It will be great launch at least we will see something new on roads, what will be the price tag ?

  4. Moaz Bhutta says

    thats shit milage your getting its equal to non hybrid new corolla or nissan sentra ……u have a led foot my friend lol

  5. Anonymous says

    it would be jazz/ fit hybrid ——–that suits Pakistani setup.

  6. Raja Adnan Ali Hassan says

    sooo beautiful

  7. Nurlan Irkenivich says

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  8. Usman Ali Khan says

    Moaz Bhutta In which city corolla gives 20 km/L BTW ???

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    Moaz Bhutta konsi corolla ha bhai ye?

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  14. Faizan Hashmi says

    for how much u got it for

  15. Sultan Haider Malik says

    agar agay khota bun diyoo tay 40 wi day daiway gi khota corolla

  16. Hadis Saeed says

    Cr-z is only two door but four seater I preffer cr-z over insight it has the latest technology and features .Toyota and Honda only give 8-12 km/l

  17. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    hey sucker i want to blow ur shit head

  18. Nabeel Shk says

    Usman Ali Khan The city with no gravity and no friction, and a mouse under the hood.

  19. Babar Ilyas says

    local corolla xli gives that milage we have xli 2010 and i gives 18/20 km/L its realy depends on your driving style and experience. but i expect more from hybrid cars…

  20. Ali Farooqui says

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  22. Umar Qayyum says

    can u plz tell the approximate price range of ur car?

  23. TehSin Aly says

    honda insight exclusive is 1500cc with the same engine and tecnology in CR-Z with more comforts like padle shifter,leather wraped stering wheel and many more.i think that will be more suitable car. CR-Z will be more costly :/

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  28. Hassan Butt says

    OMG, all this time on pakwheels i have never witnessed such an abusive comments section.
    Anyways, does anyone know what will be the pricing for the Insight? Honda Atlas will be paying lesser tax for the production of this car so can we expect awami rate?

  29. Jawad Ali says

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  32. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

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