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Ever since the success of Fast and the Furious movies, many producers and directors have tried to capitalize on cars, especially the flashy F&F sort. And when F&F came out, the movie just dripped Need For Speed game style so EA Sports had to come out with a movie albeit six F&F movies later.

The trailer begins in a the NFS Most Wanted fashion, where the lead actor is talking about how the bad guys took everything away for him but somehow left him a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, to race with a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

Anyways, this story will be inspired by NFS Most Wanted as it looks like, but there are some heavy police chases and great cars being crashes and tossed around here and there like Civics.

Here’s the trailer;

Need for Speed Official Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul by trailerly

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  1. Samad Khan says

    Wow! This looks so bad that just the trailer made me weep. First off the lead actor……just isnt impressive. They are selling the Fast and Furious franchise solely on the Vin Diesel (and now Rock) factor, this is the first bad news for NFS to cast a new face. Secondly, the starting lines with the " I will triumph" BS are more fitted to a Gladiator type movie rather than NFS. Add a very pretty girl who I presume will show her assets and you know that the movie is set for a disaster scenario. Too bad, Hollywood cant capitalize on such great themes.

  2. Sunny Moon says

    love to watch this movie

  3. Hassan Raza says


  4. Malik Umad Arif says

    yo bitch Daniyal Zahid Haider Khattak

  5. Waseel Ahmad Mufti says


  6. Umar Baig says

    Well you can't predict the whole movie by just watching the Trailer!

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