Honda Civic 2013 Launch Event

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The PakWheels team managed to get up, close and personal with new Civic at Launch event held at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore.

The event was targeted primarily towards the media and customers who were interested in booking the car.

The car is currently on display at the PC Lahore.

The 9th generation 2013 Honda Civic offers a number of new features compared to the previous model. We will be following up with a detailed review on what’s new in this version.

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  1. Hasan Afaq says

    thank you for sharing. a better camera would have been great.

  2. Arslan Sunny says

    it looks ugly and compact.

  3. Arslan Sunny says

    without seeing the name i thought it is a successor of the honda city

  4. Ghulam E Muhammad says


  5. Fahad Shafiq says

    Awesome outer apperance with modified features!

  6. Farhan Hashmi says

    not impressive at all , this model will b a flop for sure ,…….. the previous one was much more beautiful apparently.

  7. Ali Syed says

    not good older one is better.

  8. Zoya Khan says

    aik bar phir wohi purna gear style I love corrallaaaaa altisss at least wo is boht achi hy aur 24 lac no way.

  9. Syed Naveed Wasti says

    i agree with you zoya but still the looks are awesome…i think it worth it

  10. Rameez Khan says

    i completely agree with zoya … its not worth of money .. u could rather buy some imported car with that amount of money !

  11. Faraz Hasan says

    Its just not worth the price. Thank God I got the 2012 8th generation in time. Besides the initial cost, Honda is asking for 200,000 as ON. Pathetic. Buying the Prosmatic VTI version now means almost 27 lacs including registration. Way too much. I would rather get a 4-5 year old Mercedes in that kind of money or even a Mini. Way too much for a locally assembled car.

  12. Sarmad Sufian says


  13. Muhammad Ahmer Naeem says

    bilkul sahi kaha hai!

  14. Aamir Amin says

    Its one of the best cars I ve seen…..

  15. Zumail Makky says

    old 2012 is better then 2013..

  16. Burhanuddin Halai says

    Iss price mai aisa kachra
    Is se laakh dar j behtar mark x jo 6 cyl aur buhat comfortable aur buhat kuch

  17. Muhammad Anns Prma says

    it likes honda city.

  18. Mian Furqan Ur Rehman says

    Well…no doubt its a nice and outstanding car but the problem with them is that where they keep the prices so high there the spare part of Honda cars r too high to afford for the most, from where Toyota gets the plus point of highest sales in Pakistan.

  19. Saf Riz says

    can it be converted to gas? that's the most important question.

  20. Jehan Zaib says

    Corolla Altis is better, Honda's maintenance cost is very high and this models shape Average not good

  21. Zohaib Jamal says

    features nayay achay hain but price is a question mark, moreover shape aur transmission is almost the same.

  22. Sabahat Sher Khan says

    not impressive at all , this model will b a flop for sure. The previous one was much more classy in looks and aero dynamicaly apparently.

  23. Nouman Tahir says

    Not worthy of 2.4m honestly i would consider it at @ City's price..!

  24. Nouman Tahir says

    It may need another rebirth!

  25. Fateen Ata says


  26. Awais Iqbal says

    well I think the old sun roof model of civic's interior was even better. However, the car manufacturing companies in Pakistan reduces interior and some metal parts to cut cost which is a shame.

  27. Awais Iqbal says

    they cut their own manufacturing cost and give no credit to customers.

  28. Muhammad Saad Shaukat says

    ride height increased.

  29. Sheikh Arshan says

    Honda Civic ka Last Two Models was Best but this is not a good Model I Dis Like it Completely.

  30. Obaid Ur Rehman says

    honda much much much better than corolla, its drive, road grip, comfort.

  31. Naeem Bhatti says

    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much nice car ALHMDULLIAH I have ittt new modle HONDA CIVIC M/T ORIEL in REDDD colour.

  32. Syed Nehal Abbas Rizvi says


  33. Hamza Waheed says

    If Honda could just work on the exterior this car could be extra ordinary, no doubt the interior is outclass but the exterior really sucks!

  34. Dan X Sohail says

    not at all… it still better then Corrolla.. 😛

  35. Dan X Sohail says

    maybe cuz i like old one steering wheel… :3

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