Honda Civic 2016 Catches Fire

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Another day dawns and another car destroyed due to the ineptness of local and under-qualified mechanics. Initial reports spanned over faulty wiring, battery blast and a road accident, which led to this fire.

However, In the latest development sources report that the car in question caught fire due to faulty wiring and a use of cheap HID’s, which sparked a fire in the electrical wiring of the car (under the hood) and then it led to a battery blast, which then destroyed the car’s engine and ended up damaging the chassis with its acidic remains.

The fact, however remains that this mishap led to the destruction of someone’s property. And sad as it might be, this isn’t the first case. A couple of weeks ago, PakWheels reported a Nissan Bluebird catching fire due to a fault in car’s after-market-installed stereo system, which led to major destruction of the car. And now this recent case of Honda Civic 2016 has surfaced up. It is imperative to know what you are getting into before you hire somebody’s services.

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  1. HondaLover says

    Well done PakWheels hiring shoddy content writers. Cause of fire was disputed and it is not certain that claimed HID wiring/circuit was the cause of this.

  2. twister286 says

    Or perhaps have a second thought before installing things like HIDs…they use high voltage ballast, and poor quality wiring etc is dangerous.

    But no, because we are collectively blind, we need to drive with high beams, using HIDs in reflector housings even in twilight.

  3. abcd says

    hope it was insured.

  4. ElectricGearHead says

    Nominee for Darwin Award: People who install HIDs.

    On a separate note, there should be a law against having HIDs of more than certain lumens and those who install should be made to sit infront of headlights for 10 minutes.

  5. twister286 says

    Installing HIDs in normal halogen reflector housings particularly.

    HIDs have a different filament size, and they need a projection lens with a cutoff plate to make sure the light doesn’t go upwards towards oncoming drivers’ eyes.

    My car has halogen lights with projector lenses, and I was refused permission to install HID bulbs by the registration authorities here in Australia.

    We in Pakistan are too dumb to realise there is something called high-powered halogen lights (e.g. Osram Nightbreaker bulbs). My friend got a normal H11 bulb replaced with one of the Nightbreaker lights, and it makes exceptional range without compromising on the safety of other drivers.

  6. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Should only be installed in projector lamps

  7. Guest is back says

    clearly the fender is deformed & front frame is damaged. 100% hit something. not at all a wiring issue

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