Nissan BlueBird Catches Fire due to Faulty Audio System Wiring

A couple of days ago, a member of the PakWheels Facebook community shared the pictures of a burnt car (NISSAN BLUEBIRD SYLPHY II), which held merit of further exploration. Apparently, when the photographs were shared, it was mentioned that the car caught fire while it was parked in a garage, which points to a potential short circuit being the root cause of this fire.


Furthermore, this hasn’t happened for the first time in the world, but it could be the first documented case of its type of situation in Pakistan.

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A simple chat with a car Audio System Installation specialist pointed towards the lack of a fuse in power cable. Since the wire could have been un-fused, the wire might have rubbed on the engine at some point and set the electronics on fire, which eventually led to the burning of the whole front end of the car.

It is also advised, that if you are planning to install an audio system by branching the starter cable to the alternator, then use a fusible link on the wire, which goes to the alternator.


So, now the question is, ‘How do you know, what size of fuse to use?’ Just look for the fuse sizes on your amplifier, if you have two 30 amp fuses, then you should prefer using a 60 amp inline fuse. This fuse in the main line is very important, because the main function of a fuse is to protect the main power line.

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Nonetheless, the car owner has my sympathies on his loss due to carelessness on the audio installer’s part. Please be careful with whom you take your car for repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Because we live in a country where fake doctors and surgeons operate on regular basis, so an amateur mechanic is nothing new.


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Abdul Hanan

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  • Guest

    The function of the fuse is to protect the power line?

    (Mind you the device is many times more expensive than the power line itself.)

    New knowledge is being created on PW blog all the time.

  • hassan

    that happened with my vitz 2008 a couple months back

  • Tilal

    It not about expensive or cheap. Its about protecting power line against the possible risks associated with electrical malfunctions. If the power line is protected it ll protect the device too

  • Guest again

    And yet it will be renewed and sold as “jayyyyyniannnn gaddddi ay ji”.

  • hassan

    it was sold in this same condition :p

  • Guest yet again

    Not blaming you for dishonesty.

    But it is most likely to happen … The car will convert into total “jaaayyyyyyniannnn” soon.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    What happened here?

  • Sultan Kiani

    Once a Suzuki Cultus caught fire in parking area, some good guys came for help and saved the car from complete loss. The owner told that his Audio System fuse was blown few days ago which was fixed by USTAAD JI just 3-4 hours before the fire started!

  • Kev

    That happend to me also 2 years back in my cultus but Alhamdulillah I always keep small fire extinguisher with me in car. So my advise is to keep fire extinguisher in car, may Allah protect us all