Honda Civic 2019 – What to expect!


If rumours are to be believed, it is expected that Honda Atlas might launch the facelift of Honda Civic in 2019. Honda Thailand has launched Civic’s facelift in the country already and considering that Honda Atlas takes its cues from Thailand and Indonesia, there is a high chance the facelift is on the table, next year.

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The facelift of the current Honda Civic has already been unveiled in the US, however, in Pakistan, Honda didn’t launch the facelift this year. So it is about time the company offers a facelift of Civic in Pakistan. Note here that Honda Atlas has not disclosed any information regarding it, but, anticipating the all-new Toyota Corolla 2020, which might come to Pakistan in 2020, there is a high chance that the company might ship the facelift of 10th generation Honda Civic in 2019.

The 10th generation Honda Civic features Honda Sensing as a standard and a new sports trim for its sedan and coupe for international models. At the front, there is a restyled lower air splitter and chrome accented foglamp trim. Moreover, Honda Civic 2019 facelift features an updated version of Android Auto and CarPlay-based touchscreen infotainment systems that has a volume knob. Other than this, features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking are also added to the upcoming Honda Civic. Now what’s there to see is that whether or not Honda Pakistan launches the facelift with these features.

As for the engine and transmission options are concerned, we can say this with certainty that the 1800cc R18 naturally aspirated engine will stay at least for this generation. Honda has launched more engine options internationally but that is not possible in Pakistan, at least for now. The transmission will stay the same, i.e. CVT.

But finally, do expect the price tag to take a leap forward with the new frontend. Honda Altas has already increased the prices of its cars many times this year, citing dollar and regulatory duty as the reason. On top of that, historically speaking, even a minor change comes with a price bump. So expect at least 1.5 to 2 lac price hike, if the facelift is introduced in Pakistan.

Moreover, as per the stats of PAMA, in October 2018, the company sold 4,482 units of Civic and City as opposed to 4,083 car units in September 2018. It shows that the demand of Honda sedans is growing.

Furthermore, according to rumors, the company might also produce Honda Civic 2019 turbo again in Pakistan. Earlier, the company halted the production of the car due to engine knocking issue. At that time, the company argued that the problem occurred due to the poor petrol quality that is being sold in the country. It asserted that the petrol being sold by the oil companies was not only harmful to the cars, but for human health as well.

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