Honda Civic 9th Gen vs Honda Civic 8th Gen – PakWheels Giveaway Contest

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Since the new Civic is around the corner globally and we have brought you numerous news and information about it. This time around, we thought why not ask our readers what they liked or disliked about the ongoing Civic (9th generation) and the Civic before that (8th generation). So guys, which one of these Civics are your favorite and why? Let us know your answer in the comments section below and get a chance to win a Pioneer USB-MP3 Head Unit from PakWheels.

Try to base your answers on logic. The answer with most number of likes/upvotes will win the gift.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Contestant must be a member from Pakistan.
  2. Contestant must have completed his/her profile at PakWheels including a profile photo/avatar.
  3. If the winner does not respond to PM/email within 3 days, PakWheels will give the gift to next in line.
  4. The competition closes at 11:55 pm, Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Winner will be announced the following day.
  5. Employees of PakWheels are not eligible to enter.

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  1. Arham Malik says

    the civic is best .but the 8th generation civic is more good looking .9th generation civic back is not so much good so vote for 8th generation civic.

  2. Nauman Chaudhary says

    civic 8th generation has a great style however it isn’t more fuel efficient than the 9th generation.I prefer the 9th generation because it got no fault as there were faults in the 8th generation.The 9th generation is more practical as it got more space in back.I like the style of the 9th generation its simple & perfect road car.

  3. Saad Haji Idris says

    HONDA Civic Current 9th Generation is best because of its advance feature as compare to previous model like.
    1= Electric Power Steering
    2= Better Fuel Efficient Engine ECON
    3= Advance Functions in Dashboard Display Shows Clock,Tracks etc like when fuel low its shows big icon :p
    4= Roomy Interior Back Seats Space
    5= Projection Head Lights
    6= Sporty Look from Backside
    Overall Best Car In PAKISTAN (HONDA Civic 9th Generation)

  4. Ameer Rahman says

    People would say everything. I am not an owner of none of them but i can tell the difference.The 8 generation was more sporty in style.It had a nice suspension.It had less chances of skidding while at high speeds.It also managed the power with in good limit.
    The 9 generation is having a big problem which is bad style at the rear and sometimes that chrome diffusers look like an XLi from honda.The plus point of the new generation is overall perfect in interior for design,the maintenance is easy,it is spacious and the comfort is fine but i have big complains from honda regarding the suspension of the current civic.It feels like the 2006 model Altis which i own already.When braking at high speeds the civic just keeps on going and the braking is way bad.I liked the previous 8 generation because the braking and safety was way better than corolla.The new civic lost in sales to corolla just because of it’s suspension and this braking problem.And yeah the new generation civic is just not upto the mark and it has crashed more on high speeds than corolla Grande because of the braking.But i personally would still recommend civic against the new corolla.And yeah i still like the new honda just because of comfort at high speeds.But civic needs the braking to be fixed.

  5. adnan syed says

    8th generation had come with a tag of Re-born, its really a re-born, beautifully designed, way ahead of competitors in style and luxury. Brand new dash board with a digital display, 1,8 lit engine, with a sporty performance. But when a 9th generation comes out most of the people still waiting for a boom like re-born, which actually doesn’t happened. The sporty look of 8th generation vanished and a normal sedan takes it place quietly and econo feature added. Its not the performance of 9th generation, its actually the style statement of 8th generation which give civic a huge success world wide. As both generations had 1.8 lit naturally aspirated engine, even though 9th generation had a added advantage of econo feature which gives a better fuel saving etc, Even internationally 9th generation is not a success due to its dull looks, even honda immediately made the minor changes in its style to avoid disaster but even though it will not gain the popularity of 8th generation.

  6. Saud Ilyas says

    Civic 8th gen is way so better than the 9th gen. Wonder why? While I have 8th gen (Impressive engine) the 9th gen with the same engine only gain 2 hp but it’s slower on acceleration. 9th generation is a bit higher in weight I think so while reborn is light in weight and fast.

  7. Anwar Hasan says

    Dear Readers. The opinions will be biased. There are 10 times more owners of the 8th generation than of the 9th generation. There will be many more comments of the former than the latter.

  8. Muhammad Hashim says

    Civic 8th Gen, because its the same chassis in with FD2 Type R came. Do i need to explain more?

  9. Muhammad Asif Abbas says

    9th Generation, bcz I like its shape

  10. Muhammad Asif Abbas says

    9th generation, simply bcz i like its shape

  11. Omar Ghous says

    9th generation

  12. Mouhid Ch says

    Honda Civic 8th Generation/Reborn Is far Better as shape,Grip.e.t.c.

  13. Khurrum Iftikhar says

    8th gen

    New gen is smaller in size and does not give the look of a 25 lac rupees car.

    Only givig more features to a car doesn’t make it better.

    If. That is the case then japanese small dinkis like mira es have more features but that doesn’t make them better than civic or even swift.

    Why ?

    Because they are smaller. Uncomfortable.

  14. Maaz ali malik says

    Civic 8th Generation is very different as compared to the 9th gen. The ride for example is very stiff in 8th gen and very soft in 9th gen. The body styling is better in 9th gen but the durability and built quality of 8th gen is superior. when it comes to features 9th gen takes a huge leap. furthermore the road grip and traction of 8th gen is better than 9th gen. 9th gen dashboard offers a more panoramic view as compared to the 8th gen. Body paint is much better in 9th gen. fuel economy is better of in 8th gen as 9th gen is a gas guzzler. the seating space is better in 9th gen with a more boot space. The sound system and Sat Navigation of 9th gen is miles ahead of 8th Gen including Skype and wifi. The inner accessories are also more in 9th gen. however this is a small comparison i believe both these have better re-sale value and ride comfort as compared to other cars. And a used 8th gen civic would still do 200km/h easily . Like this comment if you agree (y) or even disagree (y).

  15. Maaz ali malik says

    I believe this is an interesting comparison and could have been more interesting if the comparison was between Corrolla and Civic.

    Civic 8th Generation is very different as compared to the 9th gen.
    The ride for example is very stiff in 8th gen and very soft in 9th gen.
    The body styling is better in 9th gen but the durability and built
    quality of 8th gen is superior. when it comes to features 9th gen takes a
    huge leap. furthermore the road grip and traction of 8th gen is better
    than 9th gen. 9th gen dashboard offers a more panoramic view as compared
    to the 8th gen. Body paint is much better in 9th gen. fuel economy is
    better of in 8th gen as 9th gen is a gas guzzler. the seating space is
    better in 9th gen with a more boot space. The sound system and Sat
    Navigation of 9th gen is miles ahead of 8th Gen including Skype and
    wifi. The inner accessories are also more in 9th gen. however this is a
    small comparison i believe both these have better re-sale value and ride
    comfort as compared to other cars. And a used 8th gen civic would still
    do 200km/h easily . Like this comment if you agree (y) or even disagree (y).

  16. Kaisar says

    Old is not always gold.
    Will go with 9 gen anytime. better shape, better mileage.

  17. abbas says

    Civic 8th generation was more elegant and inspiring. 9th generation civic is more squeezed to the term ‘compact car’. If anyone recall the difference between Honda city 1997-2002, which was more attractive that time later model of city was entirely different and people only opted for the reason that we Pakistanis are left with limited choice, honda or corolla as a brand new car. Similar is the case with civic. If both of the civics (8th & 9th generations) were available as brand new car, I am pretty sure that 95% of civic lover will go for 8th generation civic.

  18. Omer Farooq Mahmud says

    8th gen

  19. Salman Mughal says

    8th gen. All the way because its mire successful car than 9th gen !! 🙂

  20. Jahangir Zahur says

    I believe that the new Civic is far more superior and better than the last generation civic due to many reasons.
    Comparing the two, the new 9th generation civic has features which have never been seen on any other honda before up untill now. The new Civic has an all new I mid screen which gives and shows important Information about the current status of the car such as fuel consumption , mileage etc. Apart from this it blends in perfectly with the new design of the dash. The I mid alone, without the navigation system, provides usefull digital information such as bluetooth connectivity, The current Radio staion, an analogue clock which simply just makes the interior look more unique, classic, and beautiful. The new civic also has turn signals on its side mirrors, standard on all four models , while the previous generation only had it standard on VTI models. The new civic also provides a new, never seen before, unique dashboard design with a digital speedometer along with guidance bars next to the speed meter which show how efficiently you are driving for example when the bars are green,it means that you are driving perfectly with good fuel efficieny. If the bars turn blue , it means that more fuel is being consumed and that better fuel consumption is a possibility. Overall the drive has also been significantly improved along with reducing the size of the windows which results in less engine sound from entering the cabin hence a smoother and quiter drive.
    Now lets talk about the Navigation and multi media system.
    Over the years, this system has been changed and upgraded 3 times to count and although there were minor issues in it, the latest navigation and multimedia system has all previous issues resolved and is running as smooth as would on high end German cars. Just by paying 69,900 rps extra, you get an amzing navigation system which has endless features to offer. The interior of the new civic already looks exceptionally beautiful at night with lights of different colors i.e green, blue, red, shining throughout the dashboard. This interior is now further made beautiful and more ‘ S class type’ by the new light which runs across the navigation system’s screen. This light can ,just like in an S class, be changed to either blue or red or green, which makes it an overall breath taking view to look at during the night.
    Apart from this, the multimedia system also offers three cameras, one at the front, one at the rear, and one inside the cabin. The front camera is a very useful touch to the car which makes parking in tight areas, a piece of cake, even for amateur drivers. Also the front and inner camera is something which has never before been seen on any honda perhaps in the entire world, and is a feature which is found in high end brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW ,Porsche, etc.
    The multimedia system also provides various built in apps which tell you about the car’s tyre pressure, oil change dues, maintenance information and much more.
    There is also a new option of cruise control on the new civic which has never been seen on any preivious models. The cruise control is also unique in a way that it is alos availible in VTI manual models.
    There are also new features such as the lane winker feature and BOS, break override feature
    The break override feature is an amazing safety standard feature which comes handy in cases for example if the driver had to press the breaks but he accidentaly bressed the accelerator. In this case, sensors detect the sudden change in RPM and provide more force to the breaks which results in prevention of a fatal collision,
    Overall these features started above, in my opinion , are the reasons why the 9th generation civic is far better than any other previous generation civic models.

  21. Ahmad Safeer says

    8th generation honda civic is sporty were as 9th gives a feel of luxurious car.

  22. Obaid sammy says

    I think 9 generation iz better then 8 generation shape feature mileage all aspects r better

  23. Atif Hashaam says

    If they were released at the same time, with same price and features, Eyes closed 8th Gen!

  24. Hamza Qureshi says

    look wise……….the 9th gen front is better and 8th gen rare is nice………otherwise 8th gen is the best……..:p

  25. Shani Arain says

    Sure 9th gen got some new stuff. But 8th is still rocking the road (Y) 8th is best

  26. Ahsan ALi says

    All the way i would prefer 9th generation
    one of the biggest advantage over 8th gen is fuel consumption. And the luxuries are matchless

  27. Mobeen Riaz says

    9th gen because of many improvements in technology, aerodynamics, suspension , eps, cabin noise etc. People like 8th gen just for its looks and acceleration. Which is not good enough for a good car and if added some good alloys to the 9th gen , it surely beats the 8th gen in looks as well.

  28. Imran Afzal Mughal says

    I own both 8th and 9th generation civic. It was a very different experience when i drove 8th generation. A very sporty car which grips the road like a lizard. When pressing accelerator jerk felt in spine. It felt really quick and thrilling to drive at 160 plus with peppy engine always responsive when demanded. It has nicely designed smooth shape. A single curve starts from front and goes till rear end. A strong and clean surface smoothly blends from front (bumper and lights) to bonnet to sloppy front screen and curvy roof and then into rear screen. Bumper, bonnet, screen, roof and trunk are cleanly defined showing strong character and giving car a unique identity. Lovely front eagle eye like headlamps and ferrari like rear lights. Everything in Space age interior is nicely designed with full detail even on speakers. From dashboard to thematic door handles to utility boxes, to small gear shift lever, everything has high quality material.
    9th generation surely has more gadgets with much more luxuries but these are standards by time (2012 onward). This car is 2 second slower with sluggish steering response as compare to 8th gen. It lacks the grip of 8th gen. Though car has sleek sporty look but on exterior, lines defining shape lack character. They are always flying without defining character of shape. Rear is worst with ugly wagon like boxy lamps. From side mirrors to side sills to bumpers to silencer to interior doors to door handles to gear shift lever and handbrake to engine bay they forgot detailing. Where is thematic design. Where are quality materials. I can bet speedometer is beautiful but techometer is cheapest in terms of cost. Yes this car saves fuel and offers comfortable ride perhaps more than 8th gen. Nice addition of climate control hid lamps etc. But its need of time. Honda is famous for sporty drive not for lemosine like feel. 9th gen is dull car. Summing up 8TH GEN CIVIC IS PURE HONDA WITH HONDA DNA BUT 9TH GEN CIVIC IS COROLLAISED.

  29. Muhammad Farooq says

    9th generation probably, the suspension is quite a lot softer, the ride feeling is leaned towards the family sedan concept rather than the sportiness, the characteristic Honda civic drive and the most important part is fuel economy. 8th gen civic sound of ABS could be heard like a significant “grr grr grr” but in he 9th gen, its HARDLY even noticeable as a noise. The engine revving above 4k rpms on a highway is a lot quieter than the 8th gen. When pushed above 170 kph, there was only a slight sound of vroom inside the cabin and the song that played from the stock audio was still enjoyable. The 9th gen is an improved vehicle in almost every aspect that matters over its predecessor. Fuel economy, suspension, comfort, features etc

  30. Mehar says

    The 8th generation is more sporty but the 9th generation has more interior room and more tec.In my opinion 8th is better maybe because I owned one.

  31. Zulayed Farooqi says

    having driven both models, i can certainly say that both of them are great compact sedans. however, the latest 9th gen civic takes the most points when compared with it’s predecessor. taking the exterior into account, i think both cars are equally beautiful in their own way. both have a completely different look and it just boils down to personal preference. had the rear lights been shaped like the civic in northern america, that would’ve been dope. the interior of the new civic is definitely better in all aspects. from the shape of the air vents to the design of the tachometer; the 9th gen takes the win. the leg room at the back is also slightly increased. comfort and ride quality is also improved with the engine giving much better fuel economy. one area where the previous model beats the new is performance. i experienced the older civic to be more responsive to the push of the accelerator and overall acceleration is also slightly faster. handling is also nimbler although the new civic has much lighter steering. this is probably due to lower ride height. to sum up, the new civic has improved in areas where it mattered most also having better luxuries and features.

  32. Omer Siraj says

    Honda Civic 8th Generation was a true upgrade from 7th generation. The D series engine was scrapped and replaced with new R18. Extra 10 odd horses n good 30nm + torque made it pretty lively and fun to drive. Floor an 8th gen u get the feeling of acceleration, with slight nose lift. FITTED into an all new chassis, with all new suspension, the 8th gen civic had great handling compared to its predecessor. Overall the car had lovely neat and somehwat aggressive curves which lived up to Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” image.

    While in Pakistan ppl complain about its bad fuel economy, the 8th gen civic was loved by true Honda fans. Unfortunately the ECU fitted by Atlas Honda in 8th gen was a pretty basic system which is also responsible for the cars poor fuel economy. Compare 8th gen fuel economy in other intl. markets one is surprised cuz low emissions and making most horses per liter has always been core engineering technology at Honda. Believe, Atlas Honda did a few tricks to make the car compatible with Super Fuel in Pakistan having average RON of 87, to make the car marketable in urban as well as rural areas of the country. While in international markets the 8th gen civic required RON of 91(unleaded) as mentioned in owners manual. We all know how this is done, either reduce ignition timing and or program aggressing fuel tables in ECU to avoid/reduce pinging. Feel Atlas Honda was shy in conducting market surveys. Civic is for urban market in Pakistan where Hi Octane fuel is widely available. Nevertheless Fuel economy is of least of concerns in the minds of true Honda Customers. Atlas Honda should have realised that the 8th gen civic’s low ground clearance was never suited to rural roads. The car despite all odds was quite successful in urban Pakistan.

    The 9th gen civic seems like a bad face lift of 8 gen civic with added gadgets. Shortened wheel base to further improve handling has kind of compromised the cars road manners (comfort) on our bumpy roads. Atlas Honda has now mated an econ feature in the same R18 for somewhat improved fuel economy. Having driven both 8th gen n 9th gen, the new 9th gen gives the feeling of a cramped interior. The vtec pull is less noticeable in 9th gen. it just pulls through thru the gears uninterestingly. With a unimpressive nose, somewhat similar sides (as in 8th gen) and miserable tail, the cars overall image on the road is pretty ordinary. Honda fans looking for a grt upgrade, a leap forward over the predecessor are disappointed. Some have already switched to Corolla but die hard urban honda customers have opted for 9th gen civic due to lack of choice. ok it’s a new model, drive n handling is still better than Chaudhary Style Corolla.

    So in my view there are many Honda Customers still holding on to the great 8th gen civic and find its drive satisfying and better than 9th gen civic.

  33. Mohammed Ali Khokhar says

    When talking about Honda’s it’s a best argument for all of us. Rarely talking difference and favourites about Honda Civic 8thGen & 9thGen. When Honda Launched 8thGen Civic in 2005 at Suzuka, Japan it was totally changed than it’s predecessor, from every path like Body, Design, Interior & mostly Engine. This time Honda made Engine Named i.VTEC rather than VTEC and it was R18 1.8-litre i.VTEC engine. As all you know we call it Reborn mostly in Pakistan by it’s Speed and Sporty shape. The JDM/Asian 4-door Civic Type R went on sale on March 29, 2007. The Type R powered by an uprated K20A 2.0-litre i.VTEC engine. Type R also comes in 9thGen Civic as well. The North American market Civic Si is a special trim level designed to offer a sportier experience than the standard Civic. It offers a more powerful engine, 6-speed manual transmission, sport seats, and different styling. Si also comes in 9th 9thGen as well. Honda also launched Hybrid version for both Civics 8thGen & 9thGen. The above mentioned Models Type R,Si & Hybrid are not launced officially in Pakistan yet. This model 8thGen Civic made it’s production by 2005-2011 & 2006-2012 in Pakistan. Pakistani 8thGen Civic had 5 Speed Manual Transmission and 5 Speed automatic Transmission. 8thGen Civic has very low body suspension than it’s predecessor. Honda Civic 8thGen (REBORN) is still best sedan and sporty car, it’s seekers are still in this world to grab it. Now let’s talk about 9thGen the ongoing Civic which is also known as Euro Civic, Honda launced 9thGen Civic in 2011-2015— at Suzuka, Japan. It did not differ much by it’s predecessor. In looks it has Luxurious touch than Sporty. It has elegant front Lights but the taillights were not liked much by the customers. It has same R18 1.8-litre i.VTEC Engine which 8thGen Civic also had. 9thGen Civic suspension were good rather than 8thGen Civic, because in 8thGen Civic it’s suspension were low and sometimes while driving through speed breakers and tough roads the car body falls. In suspension 9thGen is better than 8thGen Civic. Interior of 9thGen Civic is very well designed and has Sporty & Luxurious look. 9thGen Civic has Projector Lamps and it’s design is sleek and classy. 9thGen Civic has a new feature known as “ECON”. Pressing the ECON button. With one press your vehicle switches into a super efficient mode.
    In ECON mode, fuel isn’t used by shifting gears at the wrong time, overuse of the air conditioner, or sudden stops-and-starts. Your vehicle can completely focus on driving.
    Honda Civic 9thGen is a better than it’s predecessor no doubt but, it didn’t differ much by it’s predecessor

  34. Aziz Ur Rehman says

    According to me 9th generation is better because i owned 8th generation theice and 9th generation once and i m still lovin it….the problem i experienced more in 8th generation was that it’s engine was exhausted altkough the guage was in mid but still if i just went to market almost 2kms away it’s engine went really hot however in the other hand the 9th generation doesn’t gets exhausted so quickly.
    The plus point in 8th generation was its acceleration but otherthings like fuel consumption,engine sound etc…..moreover there was also one fault i am not sure but i experienced it as one of my civic was prosmatic the car didn’t responded very well sometimes it happened that car was in the 4th gear and the rpm was at 5000 i didn’t pushed the throtle more but the car’s fear didn’t changed for sometime…i experienced just a little problem in 9th generation that its acceleration was not better than older (8th gen) but still it was good…..

  35. Muhammad Qasim says

    Honda Civic Reborn. 8th generation is best.

  36. Syed Asad Bukhari says

    Honda Civic 9th generation is better

  37. Saeed Hussain Belal says

    i have had the 8.gen for 5 years. traded to a 9. gen, and on almost everything the 9. gen had bin better. Its a big difference in build quality. better handeling and even mor comfy. i had original 225x45x17 on my 8 I have 235x40x18 on my 9, and its more quiet and not som much sound from the wheels even tough they are bigger! I dont feel any big different in preformance on the R18. A bit more airfiltersound on the 9. on high revs. my new car has done only 1000km so i guess the engine will be even better with some milage. looks are not as agressive and design is more soft, but i am starting to like it. On the inside its a new car and more twords german feel! good that they got the same instruments up high, but navigation is a bit low compared to the old one.. but main driving instructions is shown on the upper display too, that was very nice.

    some negative things: no exhaustpipe!! no album/songinfo when playing trough blutooth! Premium soundsystem is like standard VW soundsystem. but much better than the sound in my 8. gen! Personally no need for that ugly rear wiper. the aerodynamics make the rear window stay clean in rain.
    In my opinion.
    9th gen is on top…

  38. Muzammil Naveed says

    Honda Civic Reborn. 8th generation is best

  39. Anas A Shah says

    Honda civic 9th generation is better overall . + Points : better fuel economy , Better suspension , better ride experience , Classic sedan look & interior .

  40. Fakharry Khalid says

    8th generation vs 9th Generation:

    When we look at past the newer models always seemed to fascinate Honda Fans particularly youngsters. When 8th gen was launched in 2006 it was totally transformed from every angle, Body was more streamlined with wider fenders and low ride height, new engine was introduced (R18), dash totally gave futuristic feeling with more controls and better instrument cluster. Seats gave feeling of semi buckets which usually hold you firmly when you make speed turns. Ride height was reduced and suspension was hardened than the previous generation which made this 8th generation sway better than any other car I have driven in Pakistan. For most of people may didn’t know 8th generation is even equipped with sway bar on rear control arms.The chassis had ability to mate up with honda flagship K series which came in Type R and SI variants of 8th gen in international market

    9th generation on other hand derived some of its details. Honda eradicated the problem of power steering by EPS. The dash has better instrument cluster, proper climate controlling system and some handy connectivity features like blue tooth, GPS navigation,Phone connectivity. Due to complaints regarding the ride height Honda raised its height which is one of the biggest problem with 9th generation. We have seen tons of road accidents in which the car flipped at high speed turns its due to unstable ride height. 9th gen has built in driving modes in ECU for different driving behaviors that’s the reason it has got better economy. From the exterior honda gave projectors in headlights which is plus point but on the rear has never been on favorites even the 9th generation owners complain about this.

    9th generation never got the attention which 8th got in local market as well as international market. Thats the reason honda’s racing development branch known as MUGEN didnt bother to work on 9th generation whereas we have seen Mugen RR and Type R from 8th generation.

    Although 8th generation is out of production and the car is unbearable to be driven outside urban areas but the stats and fan following says that 8th gen is better than 9th Gen

  41. Ale Muhammad says

    The two cars are from different worlds. One is designed to go fast,look good and be gripy but it has a stiff ride and poor refinement. The other is full of tech and all the features you could think if but it isn’t exactly what you would call fast of gripy.
    The 8th gen is the wild one. It has curvy lines and a soft front and it surely looked revolutionary when launched in 2006. It had an interior which was modern and contemporary and it was totally different from what we had experienced in the models of yesterday. But being a Honda and made to a price you could feel the cheapness of the cabin plastics,they were horrible to touch. The fake leather looking plastic used on the dash looks cheap and it doesn’t feel like a quality product. They also cut costs by fitting a torsion bar and that made the car have a harsh ride. These things didn’t matter what did was that gem of an engine upfront. It was powerful and a 1.8 and in pakistan 1.8 litre cars are considered very big and powerful. It was powerful. Powerful enough to get it from nought to 60 in under 10 seconds. It was car for the sort of chap who likes to go fast and wants to look ahead of its time.
    The 9th gen is the exact opposite. It is woefully slow but its interior is a better place to sit in. Honda always was popular with youth but with this car they had finished their streak of making sleek,stylish and fairly fast cars. They now only had buyers aged 50 to 80. The new one is popular in old people. The people the new one are people who want a new car not a good car and that says it all. You can’t make up for a bad engine and a bad car by putting every tech feature possible in it.
    The 8th gen is a good car but not the best but when you look at the opposition and its rivals it is a damn good car. It crushed the corolla and well there was nothing else to defeat. You could only choose between the corolla or the civic and the people who had a heart brought the civic. So the 8th gen is the better car and it is also a commercial sucess. More than the new one, that is what I.think. I love the civic so.called “REBORN ” in all its glory and you.know what the people saying that the 9th gen is better, they don’t know.nothing about cars. The 8th gen was like diehard1 or godfather 1 but the the new one is like a bad sequel like.godfather 2 or diehard2
    May the reborn live long.

  42. Ale Muhammad says

    So you think that you can compare a highend german brand with some thing mainstream like a Honda? You.really have lost it. To see how wrong you are go and just sit in a s class or a porche and then see the the difference. FYI BMW does not only offer a front camera but a cameras on all sides.

  43. Jahangir Zahur says

    Oh shut up you ass. You dont even understand what im talking about and its pointless explaining shit to uneducated people like yourself. And before you say something, at least learn the proper way to spell Porsche.

  44. Ale Muhammad says

    So have you ever had the privilege to sit or even drive a Porsche? No you are the scum that thinks that a bunch of LEDs can make your damn 10 grand car look like a high end car. Have you ever used a a decent navigation, let alone use one in a VW. You call me uneducated but simply because of people like you car manufacturers don’t give better cars because idiots like you are too caught up in thinking of indicators on the mirrors. So scums like you who just think of evey damn Honda as excellent lead to a poor image of us. The civic 9th gen is a flop. How can you justify 70k for a damn navigation system. Screw you and your pathetic attitude towards cars. If you have the privilege to drive something European then go and check its ride, and lights because then you will know the real benchmark for quality. You call me an idiot! You don’t even know that you are writing the damn brochure for the car not comparing them.

  45. Muhammad Rameez Rafiq says

    According to me “Honda Civic 9th generation is best.”

  46. Tanweer says

    By the way What is give away?

  47. Mirza Belal says

    Ive actually owned both cars once. Now i own a new civic too Masha’Allah.
    As compare to Reborn, the new generation is far better with more luxurious interior, drive, suspension etc and things like that.
    However its exterior is the main prob as it ressembles Honda City alot, and Reborn at this point got a far way better shape than the new generation Civic.

    However phir bhi new civic good or Pakistan mein wese bhi har koi new shape k peeche bhagta hai.

  48. frk says

    ok stop fighting you two :).

  49. Talha Hussain says

    In my point of view Reborn is far better than new Civic. If we compare the drive of both. I’ve noticed that new civic drive is not comfortable as compare to reborn. Reborn has such a strong grip. But If you compare the both interiors than I must say that new civic has such an awesome interior.

  50. Muhammad Arshad Awan says

    Well In My Opinion 8th generation is much better as compared to new civic.Whether its about Shape or drive its better in all aspects

  51. Gohar Malik says

    You think your peice of shit comment deserves these many likes?.

  52. Fawad alam says

    I totally agree with Gohar. What the hell have you written?. Nothing. There are so many more people in this contest who have written a million times better than you you idiot.

  53. Danish khan says

    8th generation is awesome Its drive is good. Smooth and Smoother but a bit less grip
    Comfort Civic is no doubt comfortable but lacks in leg space, plus seats are hard. And 9th is unique 🙂

  54. Muhammad Irfan says

    The 8th Generation is a Fun car in every aspect and it is Down to the Road Tune. The 9th gen interior is a lot nicer, luxurious and comfy thn the 8th gen.

    On the other side, 8th gen Shape/look is more Classy and Sporty thn the 9th gen. The 9th gen is exacly look like the modified version of Honda City which is very Disappointing.

    So, When I have to Choose Between the 8th or 9th generation, I Will Definitely Choose the 8th Generation Civic.

  55. Muhammad Danish Khan says

    8th generation is awesome Its drive is good. Smooth and Smoother but a bit less grip
    Comfort Civic is no doubt comfortable but lacks in leg space, plus seats are hard. And 9th is unique 🙂

  56. Ahsan Bilal says

    You guys are totally right. This comment does not deserve a single like.

  57. Fahad Ullah says

    Thank you everyone for taking part in the contest. The contest is closed now. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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