Yamaha YBR 125: First Ride

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Yamaha has made a comeback to the Pakistan motorcycle industry a few months back. The joint venture of Dawood and Yamaha, DYL (Dawood Yamaha Limited) could not endure its smooth journey when both the companies parted their ways from the business few years back. This time it is the Yamaha Motor Company Japan itself that has built their assembly plant and is trying to re-establish its customer-base in Pakistan.

Editor’s Note: This article is an owner’s first ride review on the recently launched Yamaha YBR 125. This is author’s personal Yamaha YBR 125.


YBR125 has got killer looks. If I just remove the small ‘125’ logo, it look will like it’s a 250cc bike. A hump like fuel tank, the extended plastic fairing like material on the sides of the tank makes it look like a heavy bike. Every time I ride it, a lot of people driving/riding by ask me “Sir kitne cc hai yeh?” (Sir, what is the displacement?)


The speedometer looks great at night when the beams are switched on. It illuminates a blend of red and bright warm light.


There’s no place for the number plate below the headlight so you have to get it affixed on the right pillar supporting the front tire.


The ride is indeed very comfortable, the seat is ample and ideal flexibility of shocks does not let you feel the fatigue of riding. YBR 125 is heavier than Suzuki GS-150 and Honda 125 Deluxe but the road grip of tires does not make it hard to maintain a good balance of the bike.


It’s not perfect as it should be. It’s neither too noisy nor too silent, but as compared to GS-150 and Honda 125, it does not have that busting sound. And honestly, when it comes to bikes in Pakistan, sound becomes a very subjective matter. Some prefer silent bikes while some prefer louder bikes.


The YBR 125 has disc brakes. The brakes are pretty efficient and the braking is very swift. On just the touch of a brake, the bike immediately comes to a halt with a jerk at 30-40 km/h. One reason might be that I haven’t ridden a bike with disc brakes before and I may have to be a little careful while using the brakes. The same applies to anyone who has not driven a bike with disk brakes before.


It’s a 5-speed transmission with first gear to the front and 4 gears to the back and neutral in between the first and second gear halfway to the back. Unlike the linear shift pattern of local bikes such as Suzukis and Hondas. This shift pattern is immensely bothering me since it’s the first time I am riding with this kind of  pattern and it takes time getting used to the it.

Fuel Economy:

I was told by the dealer that it gives 50-55 km per liter on normal routes once the bike completes the break-in period. For now, I haven’t calculated the fuel average on long routes as I just purchased it and it has yet to complete its break in period, but from the fuel consumption, it appears to give me 40 kilometers to a liter, which will improve once the bike completes its breakin period.

Added Specifications:

  • It’s a self-starter
  • You get first 5 free maintenance services
  • Alloy rims
  • Very bright headlight

Overall Experience:

Overall, my experience with the bike has been good so far. It’s a new product on the road and as you know the trend in Pakistan, people stare at the newly launched bikes/cars like anything. So, I have been facing the same situation since I took it for a ride for the the first time. Few days back it was parked in the bike stand where I heard two guys commenting on the bike like “yeh 250cc ho gi aur 2.5 lakhs tak ho gi” (It seems to be 250cc and would be priced around 250,000 ). So my argument turns out to be true i.e. if you just remove the “125” logo it looks like a 250cc bike. I know some people who recently purchased GS-150 and Honda Deluxe and they literally scratch their heads in confusion after looking at my Yamaha YBR 125.

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  1. Ahsan Malik says

    nice bike in this price good acceleration but rear tire size is not making justice

  2. Geekpk says

    its much better than the crap honda and suzuki have been selling.

  3. Xeeshan Abid says

    Just rode it few days ago. Owsome machine made by yamaha. If u compare with suzuki 150 or honda delux 125 in term of price all of them almost have same price. But in term of quality, performance and looks Suzuki and honda charging to much for the local made crab. As far as ybr you can say pasa waso.

  4. Tahir Usman says

    what is “busting”sound?Angrezi!

  5. Abdul Samad says

    Really true….but i think so there is a great margin where you can put a larger sized tire which may not affect the performance….only this is making it different from a heavy bike look….

  6. Zuhair Anwar says

    is pe behum aur 4 bachay baith jayen ge?

  7. Yasir Iftikhar says

    Bro there is no doubt that Yamaha make a good come back after launching YBR and their are many add on features in it but its also true that Yamaha YBR 125 is Chinese manufacture bike Look at the engine there is CCC stamp on the right side of the engine which means “China Compulsory Certificate”. Made in china is also written on the alloy rims. Those dealers who said that this is Japanese manufacture they are committed false statements. Well overall this bike only look good.

  8. tari says

    OK review but you haven’t mentioned the price.

  9. imran says

    Yasir sb you are no more fan of it anymore

  10. danishfayaz47 says

    Tum ne bithanay hain nahi, so you’re question is invalid :p

  11. Yasir Iftikhar says

    bro i am a fan of Yamaha but didn’t expect this sort of thing from them. Now waiting for new suzuki gs 150 just heard from suzuki officials about the new upcoming model in august 2015.

  12. abobobilly says

    You talk as if all the other bikes in Pakistan aren’t made in China.

    Please stop with the illiterate thoughts that “Chinese bikes are ‘chinese’ i.e. bad quality”. If people listen to ‘dealers’ for their information, instead of searching on their own, its the people who need a smack on the back of their heads.

  13. Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq says

    I’m very disappointed when I came to know that YAMAHA replaced Electronic Fuel Injection with Carburetor for Pakistani Models ! Old Generation step taken !!!

  14. Naveed Saleem says

    begum apni to nahi kisi or ki betha skty hain 😀

  15. dante says

    This gear mechanism is a deal breaker for me 🙁

  16. Sufyan Anees says

    nice bike. but can not beat SUZUKI GS 150. in terms of riding comfort n speed., seriously….

  17. DJ says

    everything has a price TAG adding EFI could have increased price people are not even happy with 129,400 PKR price tag i just trying to imagine if it would have 150k or + .. it is doing great even in Carburetor in terms of fuel efficiency ..

  18. Basalat Khan says


  19. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    at least it would be easier to maintain, this carb is a fairly new design and would be a “faail technaalaagi” for our mechanics who have yet to understand a cd70’s mixture setting properly, i wonder how would efi turn out with our bike mechanics.

  20. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    it is a branded bike, so it doesn’t matter where it is manufactured from. comparing it to Chinese bikes is like comparing an iphone to qmobile because both are China assembled.

  21. Ali Hafeez Azmat says

    Tyres… Thicker tyres may increase fuel consumption but the look & grip is important

  22. Muhammad says

    its Rs.130,000

  23. Kashif Hussain Tiwana says

    i changed the rear tyre with 100/90/18

  24. Ali Hafeez Azmat says

    Better, can u share the view from the rear/ back side. Are heavy bike tyres available that can fit on this bike?

  25. ahsan says

    why didn’t u compare the bike with suzuki gd 110
    i found gd110 more friendly and comfortable than ybr 125

  26. Mukarram Habib says

    Shaf dear, has it got tubeless tires for YBR-125 has cast wheels? Please inform.

  27. Mukarram Habib says

    If the thick tyres are tubeless and radial, they do not increase consumption.
    People who prefer Sports Bike are more concerned about performance.

  28. afzal says

    I believe honda cg 125 killer machine for pakistani market would be yamaha (125 ybr custom). Which unfortunately no one heard or even imagine here in pak!!!!!!.
    Ybr custom model is best family person. Like 2 child can be seated at petrol tank and straight back seat for lady passenger
    But as usual cursed taxed and civilian rights killer actions imposed by govt. …..

  29. usama says

    do anyone knows until how much kms i have to ride single ?
    i mean when i can ride pillion ?
    i have recently bought it don’t know about break in period as it’s my first and new bike.

  30. Qasim57 says

    150 needs an update though, it misses other modern things like disk brakes, fuel efficient engine, etc.

  31. Faheem says

    Hi, I need to know, is it possible to install ABS breaks in front wheel instead of disk break in YBR125. I have this bike and feel that disk break is too much dangers as per Pakistan roads so i want to change this breaking system at any cost with some ABS if it is possible.

  32. Ibrahim Adnan says

    Hey there,
    What’ll you guys suggest me to buy? YBR 125 or YBR 125G?

  33. Shayan says

    Read the manual, on forums its mentioned that manuals have provided this info.

  34. Shayan says

    hey bro, it seems as if you have rode both, GS 150 and YBR 125. I want to know which is better in comfort, performance, parts, maintenance, braking system, gear, handling and other features as well.
    Also, which if these two is heavier, and which one is easy to handle?

  35. Shayan says

    is ybr 125 better in road grip, handling, gear, braking, comfort and performance wise?
    Also, is it heavier than suzuki gs 150 or lighter?

  36. Ubaid Ur Rahman Qureshi says

    Can we use Hi-octane in Yamaha Ybr?

  37. luka bulla says

    Have had my ybr 125 for a few days now .. it’s a 2006 fuel injector model.
    I am find it hard to ride .. on straight roads fiine but in traffic and at junctions and around sharp bends .. it’s hard to keep it balanced ..Seems the front end is quite heavy ..

    what do people think ?

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