“Honda Civic Reborn Was A Revolutionary Car” – Walkaround Review

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Today we’re back with a walkaround review of the Honda Civic Reborn. Launched back in 2006, the civic 8th generation was a revolutionary model; hence it got the reborn name. Honda took a completely different approach to this car and redesigned every aspect of its interior, exterior, and engine. It came with a new 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine, which produces 140hp and 174Nm of torque. The Civic 8th generation is highly regarded due to its acceleration, drive quality, looks, and futuristic interior, and it was undoubtedly a head-turner in that era.


The Civic Reborn was a breakthrough in design and engineering from Honda. The front look was low and wide with a swooping bonnet and windscreen, which helped the car cut through the air and stay stable at high speeds. It had a broad stance with a low riding front end which was completely different from previous generations.

The side of the car also complemented the front end with a low roof and extended side skirts, and the door-mounted side mirrors gave the vehicle a modern look. The rear end of the car was where it got a hint of sportiness, it got sort of a Sportback design with large crystal tail lights, and the dual exhaust tips were the main highlight. Overall the exterior design was way ahead of its time and eye-catching.


The modern styling continued in the interior, with the main highlight being the 2 tier instrument cluster. The digital speedometer was a major upgrade, and the dashboard was angled towards the driver giving it a cockpit feel. It featured a dual-tone gray and beige interior, and the quality was top-notch.

Navigation with 6 CD changer, sliding armrest, sunroof, climate control, height adjustable seats, and other features really made this car a complete package. Everything in the interior was well put together, and it still does not look outdated.

Drive Performance

The Reborn got a new 1.8-liter engine which produced 140 hp and was very powerful. Acceleration was impressive, especially in the manual variants. The drive was enjoyable with the revs redlining at 7000 RPM.

The major part was the road grip and handling; the car stuck to the ground at high speeds and was very good at high-speed cornering due to its rear double-wishbone suspension. The hydraulic steering was very responsive and kept the driver engaged.

Build Quality

The Civic Reborn is known to be the last Civic that had great build quality, and the materials used felt solid. This might be because it was designed before the global recession, after which the build quality of cars went south due to cost-cutting from companies.

The plastic panels felt sturdy and were far from being flimsy compared to other cars at that time. Even the sun visors felt premium while pulling down, indicating that Honda really put an effort in the Reborn and achieved a new high in quality standards.

Known Issues

The Reborn had 2 major known issues in Pakistan. It had hydraulic steering, which often had problems, the steering rack used to break down after some time, and it cost a lot of money to repair. Another issue was with the engine mounts, which broke down, causing misalignment.

Owner’s Thoughts

This particular car has been with the owner since 2012 and is driven only 18000 kilometers. As per the owner, he drives it occasionally; hence it has such low mileage. His favorite thing about the car is the road grip and handling at high speeds and the comfortable drive. In his opinion, the interior feels a bit dated but still has its own charm.

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