Honda Civic Sales Drop Whereas Toyota Corolla’s Double In July-August Period

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Sales of locally assembled cars have increased to staggering 77%, according to the numbers provided by PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association), for the months July and August, compared to last fiscal year. This is a great news for Pakistani auto industry, especially for the Toyota Indus Motors and Pak Suzuki within the industry.

Honda unfortunately got the sharp end of the stick as far as Civic is concerned. Honda Civic sales dropped to 1146 units from already abysmal 1218 units last year in the same period of time. Honda City is still fighting its way in the already competitive auto market of Pakistan. Honda Atlas sold 3037 units of City compared to last year’s 1921 units. That’s 58% increase in sales.

Toyota on the other hand has seen more than the double, jump in sales of its Corolla. Last fiscal year, during the months of July and August, Toyota sold 4188 units. This time around however, during the same months, Toyota sold 8840 units of Corolla. These are some astounding figures. On our visit to Toyota Indus Motors last month, officials there revealed that Toyota assembly plant is firing on all cylinders, 24 hours a days. Three shifts of 8 hours daily to meet the demand of Corolla, and still, the waiting time is 4 months, if you go and book one now.

Pak Suzuki is also enjoying the season of better sales. Suzuki was able to sold 674 units of their Swift, compared to last year’s 617 units, in the months of July and August. Although number isn’t huge, at least it is not in deficit. Sales of Cultus increased to a bit more than 9% compared to last year, but Wagon R outshone all other Suzuki vehicles, and its sales jumped to 67% (709 units last year, 2064 units this year).

Better auto sales are being attributed towards the overall better economic conditions of Pakistan. Also there is the factor of international decline in the fuel prices as well. In Pakistan, schemes like Punjab taxi schemes are also helping to boost the auto sales. On the other hand, banks are now allowed to finance cars older than 9 nine years. All this is helping new and existing auto consumers to take interest in the industry and open their wallets. And besides, the charm of a new Toyota Corolla is quite effective.

Story: Dawn

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  1. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Everything is right except Honda need to change the shape of the Civic. Pronto

  2. MySchizoBuddy says

    8840 units of Corolla in an entire year isn’t astounding. It’s abysmal. Lets see what the totally new Honda Civic for 2016 will do for Honda fortunes.

  3. Asad Ahmed says

    They didn’t post the entire year results, they just compared the sales of particular months i.e July and August of 2014 and 2015.

  4. Tanweer says

    Uncle ankhein khol k parhein, chawalein na marein.

  5. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Corolla is the most sold car around the World anyway.. Unless Honda does sth to revive the looks of the Civic im afraid the sales might drop even further down because ppl here do not appreciate their money’s worth, let alone the quality of a car

  6. Muizz says

    Toyota xli,gli and Altis’ comparison with Civic alone? Kia ye khulla tazaad nahi?

  7. Ghayyour says

    civic vs xli/gli? what nonsense… it just like comparing mehran sales with A4 ! obviously mehran will outclass A4 Audi in numbers in Pakistan … what are the figures of corolla altis grande vs civic. rest variants of corolla can be compared with city, aspire or liana…

  8. Fahad Ghouri says

    People are more focused on economy, rather than drive pleasure. lots of them are
    the ones who likes shaskay and so much of chrome and unnecessary curves.
    We all know civic is fun to drive, hard on mileage and maintenance.

  9. Nadeem Rahmatullah says

    Toyota will soon loose its credibility as its production capacity has dropped to an extent that they had to email their customers regarding their handicap. But that we don’t find ion Honda.

  10. twister286 says

    The comparison is a bit flawed, because in Pakistan the Corolla overlaps City and Civic both (1.3/1.6/1.8L in the same body).

  11. LKOOX says

    does 8840 includes the cars sold to Govt?

  12. Usman Khawaja says

    It also accounts grande. And civic sales declined due to upcoming model most probably

  13. abdullah umer says

    . you need to get better at basic maths….. If the WagonR sales increased from approx 700 units to 2100 the increase is 300% not 67%….

  14. Khurram says

    Civic / City good for well developed Punjab’s roads’. But, if you live in Sindh / Balochistan and drive it around even Karachi / Quetta, your Honda cars will be tinkling from around every corner of their body. Moreover, the paint job of Honda is not fit for Karachi’s humid weather, consequently it’s body is more prone to rust quickly, as compared to Corolla.
    On the other hand, Corolla is tough, requiring little maintenance where its suspension, in particular, is concerned and may be taken even in areas, where a road is almost non-existent. Perhaps, that is why people call it mans’ car having manly qualities and I must agree that it is true. Seeing that we have had the opportunity of owning both City and Corolla.

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