Honda Civic X Features that Never Made to Pakistan

15 1,016

The new Civic has raised the bar for locally assembled cars. The new benchmarks include Turbocharger, Remote Engine Starter, Auto Unlock and few others. Although these are highlights for the Pakistani market, the internationally assembled cars have had these features for many years. In fact, there is still a long list of features that never made to Pakistan. The following list explains some of the features available in USDM civic.

Projector Beam Halogen Headlights with Auto-On/Off – Standard on all models. The car uses light sensors to detect lighting conditions and automatically turns on/off the headlights.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – Standard on all models. Sensors measure rolling radius and rotational characteristics of each wheel and use it to determine if there is an issue with tire pressure.

Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor – Standard on all models. Enhanced safety and occupant protection with side airbags in case of side collision impact or vehicle rollover.


Forward Collision Warning – Standard on EX (Oriel) and above. Special camera in front of the windshield alerts the driver if there is a possibility of a collision with the car in front.

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) – Standard on EX (Oriel) and above. It is an extension of the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system. If a collision with a vehicle in front the car is imminent, the system automatically applies braking to avoid or reduce the impact of an accident.


Lane Departure Warning (LDW) – Standard on EX (Oriel) and above. This system warns the driver if he/she accidently veers outside the lane markings and tightens the power steering control.

Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) – Standard on EX (Oriel) and above. It is an extension of the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system. If the driver goes off the road by crossing solid line markings, the system applies braking to prevent or reduce the impact of an accident.

LED Headlights with Auto-On/Off – Standard on Touring model. It uses state of the art headlight technology that has excellent illumination. Unlike HIDs, they come on instantly and have up to 10 times longer life.

Honda Civic X headlights

Some other features available in USDM model that deserve a mention include:

17-Inch Alloys – Standard on EX-T (VTEC Turbo) and above.

Fin-Type Roof-Mounted Antenna – Standard on EX-T (VTEC Turbo) and above.

Body-Colored Decklid Spoiler – Standard on EX-T (VTEC Turbo) and above.

These are just some of the features, which are available as a standard on USDM models. There is still a whole list of optional extras that have not been covered here in Pakistan. This is not just limited to Atlas Honda; it is a similar story with other local assemblers as well.

Is the Pakistani market too immature, our road conditions too poor or is it just Atlas Honda, Toyota Indus and Pak Suzuki amongst others exploiting customers?

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  1. Ammar says

    The one that hurts the most is the lack of a full LCD screen for the speed-o-meter.

  2. Asad Malik says

    Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) – Standard on EX (Oriel) and above. It is an extension of the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system. If a collision with a vehicle in front the car is imminent, the system automatically
    to avoid or reduce the impact of an accident.

    PW is a big platform for auto enthusiasts.Proof reading is of extreme importance at this level.Please ensure proper proofreading before posting an article on a automobile prodigy as big as Pakwheels….Peaceout

    Your fellow PW member

  3. MySchizoBuddy says

    How many roads in pakistan actually have lane marks? With no street lights having additional high power lights can blind the incoming traffic. People running on full beams is already a nuisance in pakistan

  4. MySchizoBuddy says

    True. Only on full lcd you can see actual speeds like 129km/hr. Without full lcd it looks more like 29km/hr.

  5. Awais Yousaf says

    So you whole point was to tell that (CMBS) is an extension of the (FCW) system? Dude even if its an extension. The whole point was that its missing on the PKDM Civic regardless of it being an add-on.

  6. Yasir Mansoor says

    shouldn’t we be proud of atleast they’ve got a new engine rather than pathetic 10 year old engine, push start and rear screen, whatever the cost is..the only useful add-ons i feel missing are electronic seats and auto headlights, otherwise none of them listed are of any use..!!!

  7. Guest says

    everyone else in the world gets them as standard… its thinking like this keeping us years behind. pathetic

  8. Abs-antilok says

    Look at Paksuzuki bhai…they are selling early 1980s junk in 2016 while all criticism is directed at new civic these days. I agree Civic has shortcomings but we should target efforts to highlight Paksuzuki’s exploitation more.

    Most important thing is to make Paksuzuki replace their models and stop selling obsolete junk in Pakistan.

  9. Impartiall says

    Hi guys, can anyone inform if these features are available in any model of honda or toyota car ?

  10. FuriousNinja says

    Absolutely right !

  11. Ubaid says

    If you are traveling on motorways and highway, such features are very useful. Drive on motorway gets boring sometimes such that the driver gets sleepy and may drive off the road, this feature will alert the driver if he/she nods off and crosses lanes.
    2nd point, these high powered beams are designed not to impact the on coming traffic when in low beam while providing excellent visibility to the driver.
    Wrong use of High beams is another matter and public should be educated about it instead of keeping them away from latest technology.

  12. Yasir Mansoor says

    Even Audi and Merc charges alot for all these equipments, just rear camera is priced more than $1000’s, so nothing come as standard in any car, unless you pay the price. (If i got your msg right)

  13. Saud Azhar says

    *(correction):The Honda sensing package comes standard on touring model, not EX(optional).
    When you compare Vti oriel and EX, there are a few things missing on Oriel(e.g.remote starter and the curtain airbags, and lanewatch) but some features are standard that are not on EX e.g Foglights(Optional for $325), rear AC ducts(not Available on any US model), LED signal integrated in Side mirrors(not available), leather seats are not available as an option even for EX.

    I say Honda Pakistan did a good job there. As far as turbo goes the model introduced here is comparable to EX-T. Don’t compare with Touring(only which gets the LED lights).

  14. Asad Malik says

    I was pointing towards the typo man…BARKING..Relax.

  15. Ali Hasan says

    and the price in Pakistan will be much much higher than those with all the options. We Pakistani`s are idiots..

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