Honda HR-V Vs. Honda Vezel Hybrid: A Brief Comparison


Yesterday Honda Atlas launched Honda HRV mini SUV for the first time in Pakistan. The vehicle is same as the Japanese Honda Vezel with some minor cosmetic changes. Vezel has seen some good amount of sales in Pakistan lately. Honda Atlas was looking forward to improving its impact on Pakistani auto sector and was looking for an option that could sell well here. New 2016 Honda Civic is going to take some time before it’s made available here in Pakistan to be sold locally. And Honda Atlas will have to consider a lot of variables before its local assembling, one of them being a turbocharged car.

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Honda Altas had already skipped Honda City’s new generation. Instead of offering a new car, they decided to continue the same car just with a face refresh. The sixth generation Honda City had made its global debut in India in November of 2013. Also, there are no new cars on the table at least for now. Honda Jazz/Fit was an option, but HR-V took priority over that.

Going through the comments posted by our readers on yesterday’s blog, one question asked, again and again, was about the difference of HR-V and its Japanese counterpart, Vezel. We have made a small infographic explaining the difference. There might be a couple of corrections needed when more information is made available by Honda Atlas. But for now, we hope it will help answer most of your questions for now.

One major thing absent from the HR-V against Vezel is, of course, the hybrid system. Vezel comes with Honda’s sports hybrid system (DOHC ICE + Electric Motor) whereas HR-V is a regular 1.5L SOHC engine powered car.

At a glance, these are the options not available in the local HR-V compared to the international version.

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  • Seat Heating System
  • Heated Side Mirrors (For Fog, Anti Blur)
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Honda Lane Watch (For Lane Changing Assist)
  • Auto Dimming Mirror

And as far why Honda Atlas thinks its better than Vezel, here is a response from Honda Atlas’ GM Sales & Marketing.

How is HR-V better than Imported Vezel? from on Vimeo.

How good the car is going to be is yet to be seen. And we will be updating you guys as soon we get more information. But here are the photos with the cosmetic difference.









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  • Abdullah

    Honda GM is very right……the peace of mind the warranty and spare parts availability and after sales support gives is un imaginable………it is just like having a insured and un-insured vehicle

    The advantages of HRV include:-

    Paddle shifters
    17″ alloys instead of 16″ vezel
    Multimedia system (in english not in japanese)
    Odo meter in english instead of japenese
    spare support
    after sales service

    i would go for HRV if somebody told me to make a choice because :-

    Hybrid system (Vezel scores a point here)
    DRL (of no use to me)
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System(Vezel scores a point here)
    Seat Heating System(no use muft ka shaska hai)
    Heated Side Mirrors (not required in Pakistan)
    Honda Lane Watch (i have hardly seen anybody driving in lanes in Pakistan except on motorway)
    Auto Dimming Mirror (muft ka shaska of no use)

  • Qasim

    u forgot spare wheel ……it is not available in Vezel

    both are Honda SUVs……..its Toyota and Suzuki time now to launch SUV

  • Rehan

    Its better 2 buy a new HRV then an old Vezel with hardly a difference of 2 lakhs…..many vezel come without navigation…..HRV has warranty

  • Tayyab

    Vezel does have paddle shifters!

  • Hadis

    what i was about to say!

  • Ali

    The vezel also has driver and passenger heated seats.

  • Ammar

    fuel tank capacity 40L?? Even Corolla has a 55L tank.

  • Khalid

    Then buy corolla.

  • Mian Muavia

    What I believe that HRV has launched to improve sale & price of Vezel.

  • Nabeel

    HR-V Has CVT, but VEZEL HAS 7-speed automatic DCT (Dual clutch Transmission). Kindly correct the information.

  • Uzair

    From where we can enable tire pressure monitoring system

  • Uzair

    And how to operate heated side mirror

  • Yasir Mansoor

    Vezel rim size is 18” not 16..!!! and are you sure its 129bhp? cuz its way faster then civic!

  • Huzaifa Haroon

    There is too much wrong details about vezel.
    Vezel has iDCD (Intelligent dual clutch drive)
    Not cvt.
    Vezel has navigation system, there’s an option if you don’t want it.
    Engine produces 132HP not 129HP
    Alloy Rims in top of the line ‘Z’ is 17″
    Paddle shifters come in all trims of vezel.
    Honda Vezel uses new Honda’s earth dreams sport hybrid technology not IMA

  • Usman Khawaja

    Who said u difference is two lakhs? price of HRV is 37+ after freight etc. Vezel x GRADE costs 19 lakh yens (17lakh pkr) + duty= 28 lakh + other expenses = 30 lakhs.. 7 laakh FREE main ata ha?? 😛 😀 Hahaha 7 laakh difference nai ha???

  • Usman Khawaja

    price of HRV is 37+ after freight etc. Vezel x GRADE costs 19 lakh yens (17lakh pkr) + duty= 28 lakh + other expenses = 30 lakhs.. 7 laakh is main difference..

    plus no earth dream technology, no adaptive pedals, no radar cruise control. Shashka he to asal cheez ha mere bhai.. shashka nai chaiye to Xli le lo na jis mein manual windows haath se upar nichay karni parti hain 😀 😀 😛 Hahaha

  • Usman Khawaja

    Vezel is Far Far better then this HR-V. Today is personally visited Honda’s i-10 showroom and i was VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. You’re getting nothing in 37 lakhs.

  • Muizz

    a good step from honda atlas

  • Bil

    Writer is a looser who is misguiding people here.
    Integrated Motor assist aka IMO is old and does not comes in Vezel, it comes with the latest Honda sport Hybrid tech with Honda Earthdreams Engine.
    Paddle shifters are present in Vezel.
    Price difference of 6 lakhs almost. (vezel is cheaper)
    A lil research is good before writing a cmparisn bw two cars.

  • Gohar Ali

    how they treat us as a nation is most important than launching a SUV compare to other countries.

  • Osama Tanwir

    It was a matter of time when Vezel’s prices were going to drop. Approx 3 Million for a Vezel was a good buy but car experts wanted to wait a while before prices dropped. And this is the case, introduction of HRV will surely cut the prices. Early Vezel buyers are going to loose value for money.

  • IRON

    warranty of local car manufacturing companies is a joke. Don’t you know that? They can’t expect sales by making this useless statement. We have seen those betrayed vehshi companies looting people’s hard earned money. City’s new shape delay was a real suicide. Now they ain’t gonna recover! I guarantee and bet you Honda!
    Another slap gonna stunned them by Pakistani people

  • Hashim Abdullah

    Disappointing stuff from Pakwheels. What is wrong with the quality of information you are sharing in your blogs.
    Vezel has peddle shifter, transmission is 7 speed auto with DCT. Combine HP is not mentioned. There is no mentioning of different variants of Vezels, 2WD (X or Z), 4WD (X, XL).
    Vezel has electric seats (in Z variant). The fuel consumption of Vezel does not match the official figures as posted by Honda Japan.
    This is very poor stuff. And BTW why you guys have posted pictures of Left Hand Drive HRV? You cant even get the original pics?

  • Abu Iblees Bin-Sufyan Al-Najdi

    This author has posted false information on the Vezel! This is a biased review!
    He is playing games with the common man by lying on behalf of Atlas Honda!
    Shame on you Pakwheels you are just another filthy paindu cock sucking bunch of faggots

  • Umar

    The combined power of vezel hybrid is 159hp. 129hp from 1.5L engine plus 30hp from electic motor & combined torque is almost equal to 2.7 prado
    Vezel does 0-100km under 8 seconds
    & hr-v is not hybrid it’s 1.5L gives 120hp
    Some vezel comes with pre collision warning (radar) safety system. Vezel have 8 airbags & hr-v have 2. Vezel have paddle shifters & hr-v doesn’t
    Difference is clear

  • Janbaz

    Just one thing and the price would be justified… All wheel drive.
    That’s not here.. Another disappointment.

  • salman amin

    Apparently not convinced by HRV over Vezel !! Please show value for money

  • salman amin

    Instead of wrongly comparing with Vezel, Pak wheels should have tried comparison with Nissan Juke.

  • sss

    what a shameful launch. without a hybrid drive engine . with feature like these it should be priced at no ore than 23 lacs . dear corrupt soul and mother land sellers of pakistan . pls look at the prices and varieties of cars in India . like always pakistan is 147 out of 200 countries in human development .translation people of pakistan r stupidist bunch in the world . and and the paki elite wants them just like this so they can sell them horse manure at the price of gold. sucker pakistani`s

  • Bilal

    look at your name and look at your comment.Go kill yourself or dont reproduce

  • Bilal

    I am 100% sure that Honda will become like Toyota what happened to Prius offered by Toyota and nobody is going to buy

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Dear Aref Saahib, Please Do Some At least Minor Research before hasting to post an article
    The Vehicle type is CUV
    Even the Basic model of Vezel Does have paddle shifters So your “X” on it is totally irrelevant(Have a Look at pic)

    So how can I trust on the rest of the info you provided with your Great research?

  • Waleed Ahmed

    & Top speed of Almost all the JDMs are 180km/h(Restricted by Govt of Japan) that’s a pretty common info & Gasoline Vezel/HR-V that is available in all other regions of the world have a top speed of 220km/h(You’re very welcome to search HONDA’s website around the world.

    & About Minor Cosmetic Changes, If YOU’re JUST KIDDING, Then It’s OK! 😛 We get it! 😉

  • Sarfraz

    Who the hell approved this article? Vezel is IMA ? And fuel consumption 20 Km/l ? Do some research before posting here as expert. Where is editorial control in pakwheels ?

  • Avanza or Vezel

    i think the locally produced Toyota Avanza which costs 28 lacs is better then this 39 lacs vehicle…

  • Kaisar Bhutto

    What is the cost of grade 5A vezel in Pakistan and from where can we import…..please guide…

  • Jaun Raza

    chil bro dont over react , you can start your own blog.

  • Khuram Shahzad

    I have gone through the below comments. Mr. Arif gives a gud idea but skipped some major differences. please review as the people down there pointed out.

  • Abu Iblees Bin-Sufyan Al-Najdi

    Learn to take a joke deogandi kutte teri maa ko choda hai mene bhandchod??!
    It only makes me feel satisfied to see you takfiri dogs burn when you look at this FB profile ahahahahahha!

  • Abu Iblees Bin-Sufyan Al-Najdi

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  • Abu Iblees Bin-Sufyan Al-Najdi

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    You mother fuckers should blow yourself up filthy terrorist madarchod apne baap sufiyani ke naam mar

  • Hashim Abdullah

    You can get an S grade (Vezel Z) in in 33 lacs roughly.

  • Zaeem Khalid

    This article is no inaccurate, its unreal.

  • Salman Ahmed

    It is not locally produced .it is imported from Thailand

  • Salman Ahmed

    Much better to buy non hybrid car in Pakistan then a hybrid one ,