Honda leads 2014 PakWheels Survey but trails in market share

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Those who frequent PakWheels’ forums, may know about the cold war between the fans of Honda Civic and Corolla. Even though, Corolla’s sales figures would suggest its victory over it, but Civic has its own pedigree which casts a shadow so strong, that the world calls the Corolla, ‘The world’s most boring car’, despite the fact that the Civic we get is not the European Civic R or the American Civic S, it is also as boring as the Corolla.

But we’re a democracy and we’d like to know the perception of the people of this country regarding the ‘the Big Three’ automakers by putting everything to a vote and thus, the 2014 PakWheels’ Survey was held to understand what the people like.

A total of 10,436 people responded to PakWheels survey and gave in their answers about which is their favorite brand and its model? 49.37 percent of the total responses were recorded from Punjab, Sindh’s total input in the survey was 22.94 percent, Islamabad with 16.62 percent, Balochistan with just 1.11 percent and KPK with 8.37 percent.

Toyota, Honda, Suzuki


The most popular brand amongst our survey respondents was Toyota which sometimes gets mistaken as a bi-word for resale alongside Suzuki but Honda was the second the most popular while Suzuki came in third. But, the most unique brand in Pakistan was Honda, then Toyota and then Suzuki (who by the way couldn’t score a single first in the survey).

The number one high quality brand was Honda, second Toyota and third came in Mitsubishi however, Honda is also the most overpriced brand according to our voters while Toyota the second most and Suzuki, came in third.

That’s the brand perception but in terms of figures, Suzuki leads the market share with 33 percent of Pakistan’s total car’s market, Toyota follows with 28 percent, Honda with 25 percent and 14 percent are other vehicles.

Further distributing that market share into models; Corolla (1.3 liter, XLi and GLi) is the lead celebrity with 13 percent, Civic with 12, City’s share is 10 percent, Mehran with 10 percent, Cultus with 8 percent and others account for 47 percent.

So while Honda is the likely winner for everyone by leading three out of four polls, it is third in terms of market share to trail behind Toyota and Suzuki.

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  1. Muhammad Osama Arshad says

    Your articles are boring and nonsense & though your language is out of cast…improve and then be here to publish your mindset baseless articles!

  2. Bella Laura says

    Is this a joke or something this article just shows that if someone who doesn’t has any writing skills tries too hard and end up making a fool out of themselves this article is inept for pakwheels and you are unable to eloquent yourself .A friendly suggestion please

  3. Grammar Police says

    seems Osama and Bella are mad over something else… and both probably need English language classes more desperately than anyone else here 🙂

    (sympathies with the author who hasn’t made any major “bhaandaaz” in the article; an extra ‘the’ and some sentense structures that could have been better)

  4. Hioctane says

    leaving the grammar aside, which by the way isn’t that bad, this article did provide some useful info.

  5. Muhammad Osama Arshad says

    Why don’t you simply deliver some of the lectures to your host???? Could smell stinking of you….may be you are one of puppet he got over PW.
    Ahhhh! read carefully the start of article if you could pick the error apart from extra perpositions “the” which do not count in.
    Be councelled or do not be a boggie picker!

  6. Grammar Police says

    were you born like this or is it the result of your “counselling” sessions? :]

  7. Muhammad Osama Arshad says

    Definitely! there’s a reason for giving him a response on his most of the blogs. I hope he understands and so i’m not bothered at all for him to write back but indeed he writes wrong.
    Breif Summary: You remained unfortunate and adjust to understand the reasoning but
    SHAME and so his tail will be stamped!!!!

  8. Junaid Abbas says

    Foolishness is quite getting common, This is only pakwheel’s survey as the author had written(A total of 10,436 people responded to PakWheels survey), Why dont you get the whole world report/survey OR views and than get the proper results…..! People who cannot afford expensive cars, they call their Suzuki Mehran the best car OR Even the richest people in Pakistan have Mehran as an economical car

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