Honda Pakistan Cars Unaffected By The Faulty Airbag Issue

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4 fatalities in the USA and 1 in Thailand have led to a recent worldwide recall of the vehicles fitted with standard SRS Airbag system made by Takata Japan, which is also believed to be a reason why the CEO of Honda stepped down. Takata is the major supplier for SRS Airbags of Honda worldwide. According to the news and PR from Honda, the airbags disrupt and send flying metal shrapnel’s towards the passenger, causing instantaneous death of the occupant. A total of more than 14 million vehicles made by 11 automakers have been recalled for the airbag fault correction throughout the world. This disastrous event happens because of a technical fault in the airbag assembly. According to Takata, the airbag inflator releases more pressure than required and this caused the surrounding metal objects to break go out with the airbag itself, hence the life saving airbag becomes a fatal equipment.

The vehicles affected include a majority of Honda’s lineup, including the Civic and Accord. I don’t know whether to call it a good news or bad news but the Civic affected was manufactured from 2001 to 2005 and the Pakistani bound model did not have airbags. The first Honda Civic that came equipped with an airbag was the 8th Generation Honda Civic aka the Reborn and it was introduced in late 2006. The Honda City also does not offer airbags.

Since there is no concept of vehicle recall policy in Pakistan in case of a manufacturing fault, so I would say it is a good news that the cars available in Pakistan are unaffected. Let’s take this moment and be thankful to Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan for saving its customers lives by devoiding them of the basic safety feature called Airbags.

However, the people who have imported Honda cars manufactured between 2000-2006 should practice caution and have their airbags inspected just in case.

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  1. Ahmed Hembel says

    it was 8th gen civic that was introduced in 06 aka reborn, not 9th gen.

  2. Fahad Mehmood says

    Thank you for pointing that out, Sir. It will be rectified.

  3. Moin Iqbal says

    How can we be sure that Atlas aren’t/weren’t using old affected airbags on new unaffected Civics?

  4. turbo says

    so Pakistani cars have airbags in them now? woowwwww

  5. salar says

    I bought the top of the line civic last year and had a collision with an 18 wheeler in Khi … lost the front half of my car … yet the airbags didn’t open. According to HondaI … I didn’t hit it head on enough … while it was lying at Honda Shahrahe Faisal … parts were stolen and replaced with old ones … reported by the insurance company later in a report … this is just a normal day for our automakers

  6. Zaeem says

    You must be not wearing seat belts at the time of collision.

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