Honda Pakistan increases prices of its cars again

Honda Atlas has also increased the prices of its cars second time in the year. Previously, Honda Pakistan increased the prices of its cars in the start of January 2018.

City 1339cc Basic 1339cc Navigation 1500cc Basic
1500cc Aspire
i-VTEC MT 1,699,000 1,749,500 1,759,000 1,889,000
i-VTEC PT 1,839,000 1,889,500 1,899,000 2,029,000
Civic Basic Navigation Leather Seats Leather Navigation
i-VTEC 1.8 (CVT 6-Speed) 2,499,000 2,573,500 2,558,500 2,633,000
i-VTEC 1.8 L (CVT 6-Speed) 2,649,000 2,723,500 2,708,500 2,783,000
BR-V Basic Navigation i-VTEC/i-VTEC S
i-VTEC CVT 6-Speed 2,249,000 2,309,000
i-VTEC S CVT 6-Speed 2,349,000 2,361,000
i-VTEC (EDT) CVT 7-Speed 4,199,000

These prices are ex-factory and will be applicable from 1st April 2018.

Update: According to the details available to us, if you have made a full payment of your car by 5th of March 2018, you will not be asked to pay the difference. However, we would advise you to ask your dealership for details if you need to pay the extra amount of not.

Toyota Pakistan increased the prices of its cars only a week or so ago after Indus Motors CEO hinted that the devaluation of Pakistani Rupee along with the increasing taxes on raw materials is making it impossible for the auto assembler to keep offering the vehicles on the current rate. Toyota Indus therefore increased the prices of all its Corolla variants, Hilux models, and the Toyota Fortuner.

It seems Honda Pakistan has the similar view point.

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It is only the matter of time when other car manufacturing companies like Suzuki Pakistan and Al-haj FAW start thinking on the same lines and increase the prices of their products.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • dr yasir

    Will this be applicable to cars booked last year? Coz my car was to be delivered on 24th March but they have delayed it till next month?

  • farok sayer

    all these companies are giving junk to the poor pakistani consumers and fleecing them by charging high prices.At the time of Musharraf we could import 5 year old used cars but the awami governmnets of mr 10% and mr panama stopped this and left us at the mercy of these looters who are charging own with collaboration of the dealers.But who cares for the poor consumer , where is supreme court , where is chief justice , where is NAB ??? ALL SLEEPING SOUNDLY

  • Samad Deewan

    i paid 50,000 2 weeks ago to them for the recent price hike and now again they asking for 100,000. i paid 100% in December and till now they are asking me to pay only.
    I am thinking of cancelling my booking but now another catch from 1st April they will charge 2% penalty on cancellation. this is getting worst.
    i am thinking of cancelling anyway and go for some Japanese car instead! too hell with honda or toyota ! they are ripping us off!!

  • Osama

    Call honda atlas directly and inquire about the issue, afaik if one has made full payment, increment cannot be applied on said buyer. Maybe the dealer is trying to con you.

  • Aneel Hussain

    No way u dont need to pay any difference because $ price increased on the 20th of March and ur car
    which supposed to be delivered on 24th was delayed by the manufacturer and more likely u might paid the balance amount in the month of feb when the $ was stable.There is no justification by Honda to charge u more. I booked my car last oct and i paid 50000 more with balance payment on 14th of March because of last depreciation of Rs against $ my delivery date is 31march till today i didnt receive any msg from honda to pay any difference so be relax.Anyways how can it possible to pay difference two time for one booking.

  • Jibran Beg

    My civic is due on 30 april 2018 booked in nov 2017 i have paid in full on 28 feb 2018. Will this apply to my booking? Have paid 50k in the final payment due to the increase

  • Hassan

    Yes you must pay 112000 more???

  • Sanaullah Shah

    Dear Jibran…. It is confirmed from Honda, who have paid full amount on or before 5 march they will not pay this increased amount difference.

  • ITT

    I booked 1.5 prosmatec in Dec on 50%. Expected delivery in June 2018. In Jan they increased 60,000 and now 100,000. Why they are increasing price on already booked cars is not logical because they must have booked raw material when we booked the car. If dollar is increasing that should affect price of new bookings only.

    I have no option but to cancel booking because the price is now out of my budget.

  • Jibran Beg

    Love you sir. I hope it comes out to be true. Inshaa Allah

  • Jawad

    How much they charge on cancellation of booking .

  • Mumraiz Ahmed

    I should also Cancel the booking of Honda City 1.3 L PT. This is not a good practice by Honda… an Increase of 150,000 Rupees is huge.
    Bloody Cheaters.

  • Mumraiz Ahmed


  • Muzammil

    sir what is the procedure of cancellation, I contact my Honda Fort dealer at Abid market, lahore, they said there is no practice of cancellation, I also want to cancel my booking of honda city 1.3 PT, kindly share your contact number we can discuss this issue