Honda starts exporting 2nd gen Brio from Indonesia

As planned, Honda has kicked off the export of the all-new 2nd generation Honda Brio hatchback from the regency of West Java, Indonesia.

Honda Prospect Motor (PHP), Honda’s automobile manufacturing and sales joint venture has started the production of export-bound models of the hatchback, Brio. Last year in November, PHP had announced its export plans for the all-new 2nd generation of Brio during the early part of 2019. So, the production is under-way as planned by the manufacturer. These export-oriented models will be produced at their factory in the regency of West Java, Indonesia. Initially, the 2019 Brio will be exported to the Philippines and Vietnam under an accumulative export value of US $70.54 million.

The automobile manufacturing company in Indonesia has a good track record of producing and exporting other models of Honda in the past as well. According to the stats, it has exported 11 completely knocked down (CKD) models of several Honda cars to as many as 12 countries in Asia and America since 2013. Nearly 1.3 million vehicles have been produced for these 11 different kinds of models of Honda during this tenure. Honda Prospect Motor holds the capacity of producing 200,000 cars every year in two of its manufacturing factories in Indonesia consisting of 6900 employees.

Debut of 2nd-gen Honda Brio:

Let’s briefly talk about the all-new Honda Brio 2019. The unveiling ceremony of the hatchback was held at the spectacular Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), back in August 2018. Its 2nd gen model is equipped with a 1.2-litre i-VTEC 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 88 hp and 110 N m of torque. Considering a high-rise in the demand for small hatchbacks especially in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Honda R&D designed the all-new Brio to compete in the auto market of these countries including Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Perhaps there is a handsome proportion of customers in this part of the world for small cars.

Will Pakistan see Honda Brio soon?

On the other hand, Honda had its plans of introducing the 1st generation of Brio hatchback in Pakistan, which couldn’t materialize due to certain factors including high economic uncertainty in Pakistan.  Moreover, the continuous depreciation of Pakistani Rupee against the US dollar also forced the automaker to delay its plans to roll out Brio.

Check out expected price and specs of Honda Brio in Pakistan

But, that’s not the end of the story for the customers in Pakistan. Honda is now reported to be considering the launch of the all-new 2nd generation of Brio instead of the previously planned 1st generation.  It’s speculated to be introduced somewhere during the second half of 2019 now. Honda Brio would certainly be welcomed in the auto sector of Pakistan. Furthermore, it would bring more competition in the small cars segment and fulfill the desires of the general public to see more small cars in the country rather than out of budget units.

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