Honda wants to teach you how to drive manual cars

Manual transmissions are slowly fading away, and auto transmissions are taking over. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not available in the market. A lot of people still prefer buying such models, but in the recent times whoever has to learn how to drive, they most certainly do it on a car with automatic transmission. Learning schools have cars which don’t operate on the manual transmission. Also, they are going out of practicality, and newer models usually offer automatic transmissions. This leaves a gap within this generation in particular who don’t know how to drive cars with manual transmissions.

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Honda was quite keen to notice this missing link in the current times, and they recently hosted an experience in the Los Angeles area near Angeles Crest Highway called “Shifting Gears.” The event consisted of a number of manual Honda cars where people were taught how to use manual transmissions.


Honda has been the first one to realize that manual transmissions still seem to be in use and not only old cars seem to be working on it. They had pretty amazing new cars available and some being quite new such as the AccordCivic, and Fit. In addition to this, there were some other models too which were slightly older such as the Civic CVCC, a Prelude Type SH, and the hardcore S2000 CR.

Even those who had little or even no experience with manual transmissions were being taught in low-speed areas. The ones who had more experience were able to drive on the Angeles Crest Highway.

Honda might have been the one to initiate this new concept recently, but it is not the only one. Hagerty has been in the line for quite some time now. For years now there have been the “Hagerty Driving Experience” programs around the country. At all similar events, local classic car owners taught young drivers how to drive stick on those very classics.

The purpose of the event from Honda wasn’t solely to keep the manual transmission alive even today, but it is beyond that. This provides an opportunity for the young people as well as their parents who would be planning to buy a car in the near future to get familiar with Honda cars and have a sense of affiliation with them.

honda shifting gears


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  1. manual transmission gives you better pick and fuel efficiency...but yes it is going out of fashion in the world....except in pakistan...

  2. Manual cars are fun to drive.

  3. More and more people in Pakistan are now preferring automatic cars in Pakistan .

  4. I wonder why they did not offer the new Civic in manual? They should have kept the option available.

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