How to Detect Odometer Fraud When Buying a Used Car

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When buying a used car, one of the crucial factors to consider is the mileage it has been driven. However, in Pakistan, odometer fraud is a common issue that can mislead buyers into purchasing vehicles with tampered mileage readings. To avoid falling victim to such fraud, it’s essential to know how to spot the signs of odometer tampering. In this guide, we will help you understand the telltale signs that indicate whether a car’s odometer reading is genuine or tampered with.

1. Examine the Steering Wheel


Start your inspection by looking at the steering wheel. A worn-out or excessively shiny vinyl surface can indicate that the car has been driven extensively. Sellers often use steering wheel covers to conceal wear and tear, so consider removing the cover to check for erosion marks.

2. Inspect the Gear Knob


If the steering wheel is covered, take a look at the gear knob. Similar to the steering wheel, the vinyl surface of the gear knob can show signs of erosion. A noticeable difference in shine between the upper and lower parts of the gear knob could suggest high mileage.

3. Check the Brake and Throttle Pedals


Examine the brake and throttle pedals for uneven wear. Even if these pedals are covered with protective materials, you may still find visible wear marks due to foot abrasion. If a car shows signs of excessive wear on these pedals despite a low odometer reading, it’s a clear indicator of mileage tampering.

4. Conduct a Compression Test


If the car owner allows it, run a compression test. While this test doesn’t directly relate to odometer tampering, it can reveal the condition of the engine. A compression test helps assess the remaining life of engine components, and significant disparities between the test results and the odometer reading could signal tampering.

You can read more about the compression test here!

5. Missing Screws near the Dashboard


Tampering with the odometer often involves unbolting the dashboard. When the dashboard is reassembled after tampering, it may leave imperfections, such as missing screws. Check the dashboard area for any signs of tampering, including missing screws.

6. Observe the Speedometer Needle


A shaking or vibrating speedometer needle when accelerating might indicate tampering. This occurs because the meter panel was previously unbolted for tampering purposes. While not all cases of odometer tampering lead to a shaking needle, it’s worth considering as a potential sign.

Additional Considerations
Apart from the mentioned points, pay attention to door panels, seats, handbrakes, and the sound of opening and closing doors. These factors can provide insights into the overall condition and mileage of the car.

It’s important to note that external condition alone may not be a reliable indicator of a vehicle’s true mileage. Many odometer fraud cases involve Japanese vehicles, often accompanied by fabricated auction sheets. In such cases, the external condition may not match the actual mileage. Additionally, the type of roads the vehicle was driven on can impact its external appearance.Odometer fraud is a serious issue, but with careful inspection and consideration of the signs mentioned above, you can better protect yourself when buying a used car. While Pakistan may lack a system for regularly recording and verifying a car’s mileage, being informed and vigilant as a buyer can help you avoid falling prey to odometer tampering.

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  1. § }{ says

    Is that 95 percent based on research, personal anecdotes or intuition? In case if anything other than research, kindly declare it to be your opinion/guess however intelligent it may be.

    A forum like Pakwheels making such claims in its content needs to be thoroughly verifiable, there is an increasing number of readers like me who rely and trust what comes from this site. Kindly uphold our trust by keeping facts and opinions separate!

  2. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i’ve heard that digital meters show 0 or dash before the reversed mileage to indicate if an digit has been removed like a 130750 reversed to 85650 would read as -85650 or 085650

  3. ciyber says

    well said.

  4. Guest says

    People committed enough also change pedals and steering wheel, gear knob and driving seat.

    No way to tell. And many people would not reverse the meter, they just remove the cable from the gearbox so the meter does not get any input. Happens all the time when company/government vehicles have to be taken on a long trip.

  5. ch says

    This article is as useless as our president Mamnon hussain 😛

  6. syed says

    Just point no. 4 is valid. Rest by all these things we can not judge odo meter is reversed or not.

    People can also disconnect the cable, therefore it will not work.

  7. Dr. Zaidan Idrees says

    What a useless article on an important and relevant topic. I hope someones who actually has the required knowledge will write another one.

  8. Dr. Zaidan Idrees says

    Haha. Agree

  9. KarenScheetz says

    I bought a car with 2300miles.The sticker for the next oil change was 12 2016 mileage was 7612 I bought the car in October. The trip mileage on A &B were 3400 and 3300I think I they lied to me. What do you think

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