Is Hyundai A Hope For Pakistan?

Hyundai emerged in Pakistan in the very early 2000’s with the Santro. The 1.0l hatchback quickly became popular due to its unique and spacious design. Being one of the very few first cars with fuel injection, the Santro was surely an attraction in that era.

Later on, the Santro received its first facelift in 2003. The car was reduced to a smaller size with minimal compromise in the cabin space. The Santro was then sold all the way up till 2009 and apparently, it gave a tough time to the other local hatchbacks throughout its 10 year tenure. Meanwhile, Hyundai launched the Terracan SUV which couldn’t gain popularity at all because it was surely ugly. Another product of the Hyundai range was the Hyundai Shehzore pickup truck which was and still is reigning in the midsized truck ranges and is very popular among goods and construction companies.

2 out of 3 is not a bad score in the local industry. We’ve seen cars here such as the Proton which disappeared altogether just because of their short sightedness, but the company we’re talking about here; Hyundai, has had a good history in the local market, so why did they discontinue the Santro in 2009 and now they’ve launched it again recently? Moreover, they didn’t come up with something new. They’re offering the entirely same Santro as it was in 2003. Who should we blame now? The Hyundai Motor Corporation in the South Korea or the Dewan Farooque Group in Pakistan, which is responsible of producing and distributing the Hyundai vehicles here? Maybe it was written in the agreement that Dewan has to make and sell the Santro for the entire eternity but that is just a possibility, chances are that this wasn’t the plan and the Dewan Farooque are not interested in giving us anything else from the exclusive lineup of Hyundai’s vehicles.

Coming towards the vehicle lineup, Hyundai produces over 28 unique vehicles including cars and SUV’s throughout the world and IMO, each of them is lovely!

Hyundai Cars

Starting from the compact i10 which is one of the most popular cars in India and going up to the full-sized luxury sedans such as Sonata, Genesis and Centennial, Hyundai’s vehicle lineup is amazing. Where the i10 would return you high mpg, the Centennial would amaze you with its presence and a massive 5.0 V8. Hyundai has so much more to offer than just these. All the cars they make are unique in design and performance.

We are aware of the fact that the 3 Automotive sharks here in Pakistan won’t do anything for the petrol heads rather than giving us low quality cars at ridiculously high prices. All we can hope then is other companies to come here and offer the best and viable cars that suit the our market. I’d personally love to buy the Sonata which starts from $21,000 or the Genesis that starts from $26,000. The price tags are huge but on the other hand, the compact i10 starts from $8,000 roughly which is a pretty good price for a car that has so much more to offer than a Rs. 1.0 million Cultus. In between this price bracket, all the other compact hatch’s and mid-sized sedans fall which can compete with every single car of our local market.

This research leads us to a few results. One of them, surprisingly is that Hyundai alone produces 3 times more cars than our 3 major companies combined in Pakistan.

The pattern of our industry and consumer behavior is that the majority of people want cheap things with the most features. That means getting the most out of the minimum budget. Now, this demand of the public is surely fulfilled by the mobile industry after the introduction of cheap Chinese assembled phones such as QMobile, AMB etc but this is not a way out for the automobile industry. Chinese cars might be cheap but running a car on road is an entirely different story. Availability of spare parts, low running costs, reliability are the main factors which develop the image of a certain car and the Chinese vehicles would never get the fame.

What can happen then is, the companies like Hyundai, which already have a place in the market, can introduce low cost cars here and let the public be aware of their capabilities. I’m sure that someone wise would buy a Hyundai i10 rather than the Suzuki Cultus even if the i10 costs a bit more. At least you’ll get what you pay for. Unlike my Suzuki Swift whose integrated audio system doesn’t work any longer, even though my car has hardly done 4k on the ODO and I paid Rs. 1.3 million for it.

It is not necessary that Hyundai brings in the Sonata or the Genesis here but the low end cars would surely be a hit, given that they’re brought here with complete customer care centers and economical factors are prioritized.

In the end, I’d like you people to take a look at the beauties Hyundai produces worldwide and express your feelings and reviews about Hyundai in the comments.

Hyundai AccentHyundai Centennial Hyundai Genesis Hyundai i10 Hyundai SantaFe Hyundai Sonata

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Fahad Mehmood

Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast and a photographer by profession. He's been an active PakWheels member since the beginning. When he's not writing about cars, he's shooting people and things with his camera. He hopes to go viral one day.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Mr. Fahad,
    Instead of complaining here
    ” At least you’ll get what you pay for. Unlike my Suzuki Swift whose
    integrated audio system doesn’t work any longer, even though my car has
    hardly done 4k on the ODO and I paid Rs. 1.3 million for it.”
    Try to get it replaced or repaired in Warranty or launch a complain at
    As what i witnessed in my case they do look into the matter and acts promptly.

  • Ahtasham Ahmad

    Its really a Luxury Car compare to Honda Accord as well Toyota Camry!

  • Fahad Mehmood

    Thank you. I’ll be doing that for sure.

    My intention of posting that issue over here is because I want the readers to know that despite spending over a million rupees, you get poor quality vehicles which are full of troubles.


  • yasirhaleem

    i10 starts from $8,000 .. Wow please take my money.

  • Fahad

    We all know but question is who bring the new model of hyundai….News in air about hyundai that they shut the plant soon…by re-launching santro they only collecting their money back which they invest…my opinion is same if they launch any new car they easily gain market again

  • Usman Khawaja

    SO why Hyundai is not showing exhibiting its vehicles in exhibitions..??

  • Toheed

    I had purchased a Hyundai TUCSON, 2 months back in UAE. This is a good SUV, giving me 11km/L with 2.00 engine. cabin is very comfortable and having all feature needed for the safe drive. i have paid AED73000 for 4×4 tucson. Believe me it is as good as German cars with bold look and attractive features.

  • awais

    KIA and Hyundai are one of the best selling cars here in US. People have started trusting Koreans. Because the quality far exceeds their american rivals and also because of the aggressive marketing. Their discounts and free maintenance services is winning people over.

  • fihi_bofo

    Santro launched again? when? Was this a secret launch? And why is Dewan-Motors website not working?

  • M. Usman

    Dear Mr. Ahmed,
    First of all everyone has his own tongue and has every right to use it independently. So please don’t try to discourage anyone. Furthermore I don’t think Mr. Fahad was complaining to you or any of us. Beacuse no one can help him. Could you hep him??? He was sharing his experience with locally assembled low quality car, which most of us have experienced too. What is the benefit of spending 1.3 million and taking your
    new car to mechanic who will tear apart everything???
    This is a reality that these three local auto assemblers are robbers. Compare price, quality, features and
    services of same brands in other countries where cost of manufacturing is more
    than Pakistan. But still they are sold at low or same price but with good
    quality, more services and features.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Usman,

    It`s not about discouraging or whatever. It`s about knowing your rights, if you have one thing under warranty and you can get it replaced then why not?
    Instead of complaining, which will make no difference at all. I myself am a Swift user, and the satisfaction level is damn high plus it has not disappointed me yet.
    All i have to do is take good care of periodic maintenance via 3S dealership instead of your so called mechanic who will tear apart everything.
    So no heart feelings Bro and as you said, First of all everyone has his own tongue and has every right to use it independently. Cheers!
    And take it on a lighter note 🙂


    Hyundai Sonata an amazing luxurious car that I have been driving for 1.5 years, I felt no difference with Accord and Camry, It has more Good looks and features than other luxurious cars at a low cost.

  • Faizan Khalid

    they are too beautiful and innovative for us :p 😀

  • Adnan Khan

    ………..N O…………

  • Nabeel Siddiqui

    Hyundai sonata is the best selling sedan in KSA. More then its cheif competitor honda accord and toyota camery.
    Hyundai should properly launch its cars but before that they should regain their confidence by building there after sales centers to properly make their cars public.
    At least they don’t have quality issues.
    And similarly Kia motors should also launch their cars.
    Hyundai and Kia in Korea are just like GMC and Chevrolet in USA

  • WiZeIce

    Some good points with regards to Hyundai being a good option for Pakistan if available but your homework lacked in that Dewan motors front. The group recently released a few batches of Santro with similar specs as previously because… they had the kits lying around for the said years from previously. Its not that they are stifling the competition knowingly but because they had shut down initially due to financial constraints. The fault was not with poor profit margins with the Santro or the automotive unit as such but because the Dewan group has interests in a wide range of businesses and lets just say not all were profitable and payments were to be made or costs cut. Unfortunately things were mismanaged so to say and the axe came down on the cars unit. In my knowledge they just went through the available CKD kits and there isn`t any fresh or new batch expected any time soon, this was a one off push to clear the inventory. We can only wish for now that Pakistan is to be offered better alternatives in lower and middle tier automobiles. :/

  • WiZeIce

    Tucson of now and 10 years back are incomparable for sure. At least cosmetically. A 2.0 engine in a 7 seater is under powered for anything other than daily commuting on flat roads IMO.

  • Toheed

    Current Tucson is 5 seater, which i purchased here in UAE. She is doing great with 2.0 engine, a 2.4 also available with increase of AED2500. but as i mentioned she is quiet okay for me even with 2.0 engine as we don’t have much hilly areas here in UAE. i went at the highest mountain here in UAE without any problem and even without putting 4×4, she did well during this trip.

  • Max Central

    I think govt of Pakistan should be held responsible for not letting these companies to do business here. Do you remember Mercedes wanted to open its assembly unit here in Sialkot in 1990 but due to some problem with the govt (probably revenue sharing issue) they left Pakistan and opted India stead. I think govt is behind every new car model launched here. These companies sign agreements with the govt of sharing revenue against not letting other parties to come to Pakistan like Hyundai, Kia etc. Companies then recover these bribes and agreement cost from general public by increasing their car prices. Thats why every new car model launched at high price. In 1990 new civic cost 800,000 while it was 100% imported.Now its selling at 2.1 mio even though its 80% locally manufactured. Companies are not paying anything extra to their employees so their cost of manufacturing is not too high but reduced, then whatelse is missing in its cost? Its obviously govt share.

  • Fahad Mehmood

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I trust my local mechanic more than I can trust the *Authorized 3S Dealership* mechanics because the so called 3S guys were the ones who once asked me to replace the evaporator of the AC system where the problem actually was just a leaked AC compressor seal.

    FYI, the evaporator is placed inside the dashboard, which means dismantling the whole dash in many hours.

    Imagine you get your dashboard dismantled, and then you get to know that the evaporator is perfectly fine and the 3S dealership was just ripping you?

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Sarm

    I wish Suzuki company should close in Pakistan. All doors will be open once Suzuki closed!!!!!

    They are one who’s payimg a big amount to our govt for stop all cheaps cars in Pakistan.

    CNG riksha is much better then Mehran and Cultus cars!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prado

    I can concur,.. I had a 2.4L KIA Sportage YE 2011, used for 2 years clocked 72,000KM in Dubai on it is and nothing went wrong with it… I didnt even need to change the brake pads!

    Frankly I rather save up and buy an imported vehicle than a locally made crap, any day any time. In long run you save money and a headache.

  • rkk

    problem is also the mentality of the public. They buy third class cars such as the swift for 12 lacs which should be sold for 6 lacs. People in pakistan like to be fooled i guess. Then they say we have no other option. Well give the companies a hard time by not buying their crap please.

  • Usman Haneef

    I have lived in the UK and UAE, Its really insane how much price we pay for cars in Pakistan as compared to other nations.Let it be the same car or the equivalent, The pricing is insane. To top it, We pay much more for same car in Pakistan and with less luxuries in it.Airbag is not even a luxury anymore,its a necessity.We do not get it in many of the vehicles in Pakistan and still pay more.the govt. Does not have any proper car policy.No rules and regulations(If any,they are not compatible to intl. standards). Why would any car company comes and invest there time and brand in Pakistan?Motor industry has been sabotaged by govt and some industry magnates who do not want any competition.Smaller countries than Pakistan are flooded with different car brands.People use and buy them according to their choice.They have options.we have monologists who can turn the market which ever way they want.If market wants refurbished,used cars from japan,They will make it a trend.We just have to follow.Its a pity.I can only hope to see Car companies coming in Pakistan and investing their brand.

  • Mushahid Akhtar

    Same goes for KIA, Daewoo, Nissan, Mitsubishi.

  • Hafeez

    Dear Admin,

    Please start a proper campaign on social media against robbery by car manufacturers and the government. The dilemma of high-price & cheap-quality cars may little be addressed. A consistent campaign against this robbery may trigger some positive hopes and actions.

  • nasir yousaf

    Mera KSA mn hyundai cars k parts ka business hai or hyundai 2nd most popular company hai KSA mn.
    I wish k hyundai k new models pakistan mn lunch hun tu humari jan suzuki or Toyota jesi company say choot sakti hai jo bhut ziada price mn hum inthai low level ki cars day rehay hain.

  • Hafizullah Khan

    my father used to drive a Hyundai Excel back when we were living in UAE and it was a wonderful car. Really looking forward to Hyundai coming to Pakistan. I just wish they are here for the long run and offer good after sales services.