Hyundai Nishat Motor launches Ioniq Hybrid Car in Pakistan

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Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited has launched yet another car for its customers in Pakistan, and that is much-awaited Ioniq. The vehicle is hybrid and is priced at PKR 6.4 million. Note that the booking of the car is opened and you can book it right away with paying 50% of the total price in advance; however, the delivery time of the vehicle will be given to the customer at the time of booking.

As per the details, there is only one variant of the car introduced in the local market. Ioniq delivers a powerful performance with less fuel consumption and lower emissions due to its electric motor. The newly launched vehicle is directly imported from Korea– meaning it’s a CBU and is covered by the industry’s most comprehensive warranties which is four years and/or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

The car is equipped with a 1.6L engine mated to a 6-speed DCT transmission that churns out 105 ps, and its electric motor makes an additional 32 KW, simply put, the vehicle produces 147 hp in total. Ioniq is a front-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with parking sensors and a rearview camera.

See specs and features below:

  • 7 SRS Airbags (Driver+Passenger, Front Thorax/Pelvis, Curtain, Knee (Driver)
  • Disc Brakes (Front and Rear)
  • Back View Camera
  • Parking Sensors
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • 5″ Touch Screen Infotainment System with MP3/BT/CD/AUX/USB
  • Electrically Adjustable Outside Mirrors
  • Auto. Headlight Control
  • Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel
  • Front Personal Lamp (Cabin)
  • Automatic Air Conditioning with Climate Control
  • Keyless Entry
  • Wireless Phone Charger

Style Specification

  • Front Radiator Grill (Glossy Black Paint)
  • LED Day Time Running Lights
  • Projection Headlamps
  • Spoiler with High Mount Stop Lamp
  • LED Rear Combination Lamp
  • Outside Door Handles in Chrome finishing

It is imperative to mention here that the company has previously introduced two of its vehicles in Pakistan, namely, Sante Fe and Grand Starex, this is the third vehicle to be introduced by the company. Tell us what you guys think in the comments section below.

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  1. Zee says

    6.5 million?! Hahahaha…

  2. omer says

    no one will buy at this price tag. its too much for a sedan. As people in our country are yet not that conscious about carbon foot prints.

  3. omer says

    In our ountry people who can afford this price does not care about petrol or carbon emmissions. They may buy it as Show off, other wise Kia and Hyuandai are themselves preparing their graves.

  4. Fareed saeed says

    Well done and congratulations,,,6.4 million ,,not even 6.4 percent pakistanis can afford this car .Tabdeeli mubarik

  5. Nabeel Azmat says

    Good move. Price is pretty much the same as what you will pay in Europe for a brand new one,warranty should be 5 years 100,000 miles

    Overall a much better and safer car in comparison with what we pay for new cars assembled in pak.

  6. Nabeel Azmat says

    U want it for price of a mehran ?

  7. Nabeel Azmat says

    We pay nearly 70 million pkr for a new corolla in uk. Which is double the price of what we pay in pak. But if you sit in both you can imagine we are in a different time era, tabdeeli Mubarak to you, coming closer to rest of the world

  8. Can't Talk, WhatsApp Only says

    DoA for sure

  9. Khan Sahib says

    Good Move! Lols …. no one will buy at this price. And well done on comparing the cost of ownership with a region whose buying power is like 30 times more than Pakistan.

    People will simply import a Prius (a much better alternative) from Japan in 4.5 million.

  10. Khan Sahib says

    At this price it will be an utter failure. The hybrid market segment should think that in one’s lifetime an average car owner will not spent more than 100,000 on fuel. Justifying 2.5 million in price difference for hybrid would be difficult in that sense.

  11. Nabeel Azmat says

    Prius which is usually an insurance write off there, how much a brand new prius will cost in pakistan. U n ur lols, get serious man.if you cant afford it doesnt mean others cant as well,let it be competion n these monoplies to finish,need to grow up our kid !

  12. Afaq says

    What paid blogger or.something? 70 million for corolla in uk? Stop bullshitting not everyone is a fool. In uk a brand new corolla costs less than 15,000 pounds.

  13. Nabeel Azmat says

    Find me a dealer with 15k for new one

  14. Nabeel Azmat says

    New corolla hybrid 2019 i paid 26500 last month ,convert it to pkr

  15. Nabeel Azmat says

    Ioniq is 23000 approx

  16. Nabeel Azmat says

    I am not a paid blogger,i just want every brand to be available in pakistan,upto cunsumers wether ther willing to buy or not,let the market be competitive

  17. Nabeel Azmat says

    Some one is bullshitting and a fool here as well,is it u afaq ?

  18. Nabeel Azmat says

    I agree with you here

  19. magnifly says

    Nabeel Azmat Sahib,, cool down,, i think your math is not right bro.. 26500 pounds is around 5 million PKR. not 70 million 😀

  20. Nabeel Azmat says

    Wa about taxes by govt of pakistan , u arent paying any duties on impòrting ? I know my maths ,so if i bring my new corolla from uk to pakistan will it cost me 5 million ,i dont think so,pick up you calculator

  21. magnifly says

    ok so you are saying that there is 65 million worth of taxes and duties of a corolla? there is no shame admitting you were wrong. and if i have to pay duties and taxes same as import, than why would i buy the same car from Pakistan ? you are not making sense and on top of that you keep on arguing with other people’s opinion.

  22. Nabeel Azmat says

    When have i said there is 65 million of taxes

  23. Nabeel Azmat says

    I never said taxes are 65 million, ” it was just an example that if I buy a new corolla and import it myself it’s going to cost me this much” I am really sorry ,I can be wrong .
    People in Pakistan will pay 45 million for a written off ,reparied or a used ,old ,2nd hand Prius
    So why not pay 65 for a brand new,unused, Hyundai or anything else ?
    I am not against or with anybody I just want everything to be available in pakistan and quality and standards same as rest of world,as far as pricing is concerned,we all know we buy iron for price of gold in pak,so let time n market decide its success

  24. magnifly says

    see what you did again. the price is 6.5 not 65 . this is where you are mixing numbers wrong. 65 million means 6.5 crore in PKR, where as 6.5 million equals 65 lakhs. I hope this helps.

  25. Nabeel Azmat says

    Sorry my fingers are too big for this tiny mobile pad,here i will put some dots for you ……………………… are these enough or you want more

  26. magnifly says

    wow… :D.. of course ,, apka kawa safiad ha 😀 😀 😀

  27. Nabeel Azmat says

    Thanks piss off now

  28. Irfan says

    Well, it is going to be a total flop. Hyundai, don’t waste yout time and energy. No one is gonna pay more than 25 lacs for this.

  29. Khizer says

    The car is twice the price as compared to the price in America
    Yet another failure

  30. Irfan siddiqui says

    They are doing stupid things by launching cars like this which are very expensive and have very less demand. Instead they should launch a local 1000cc i10 or Santro that they sell in India.

  31. says

    nothing attractive or special in this price range, RIP pakistan auto industry,

  32. Muhammad Jabir says

    Dears, Don’t panic. Yes, this price is really made a car out of market. When the Toyota priuos in market with price range 3~5 million. Hyundai should launch Tucson at this time with the same price and take the competitive advantage.

  33. Muhammad Jabir says

    You shocked me at first!!!!

  34. AJ says

    Who ever is advising BOD’s of KIA and Hyundai for manufacturing of these overpriced cars should be shot in the head. When you hire morons as CEO’s who are trying to bringing in cars against established players without any market research. Someone would be a C****A to buy cars from these manufacturers whose own team members are driving competitor vehicles (like security chief of KIA driving a fortuner) and these new comers have priced the cars over the existing players where they should have launched a similar car for atleast 100000-200000 less even to get a consideration.

  35. AR says

    Yet another addition to the cars by Hyundai which will remain in the show room!

    Well this is another Hyundai vehicle that you are not allowed to sit in and experience the interior at the show room. It will be locked just like Santa Fe which is always locked and a guy will be cleaning it from time to time when there are finger prints on it. Initially, they even did not allow to touch the exterior. Now the question why these are locked??? Because Hyundai knows that NO ONE will buy it in PK (due to price) so no point in ruining a demo unit!!!!

  36. Adnan says

    Well! Good initiative taken by hyundai. But who will buy such costly sedan cat thats God knows. Hyundai should target the middle class if they want to be live in pak markeet.

  37. Imran Khalid says

    I don’t understand business strategy of Hundai and KIA. In the world Hundai and KIA giving challenge to Toytoa and Honda and Nisaan by cheap price and better features. In Pakistan businessmen feel that people of Pakistan are stupid and they can make big margins. If Hundai and KIA continue the this policy , they will fail like earlier. Pakistani businessmen should learn the business strategies – Cost or volume or luxury.

  38. Ishaq Dollar says

    Ye tou Pakistani awam ke saath LOL ho gaya. 😀

    Mian Mansha dono hathon se Hyundai ke naam pe Pakistani awam ko loot raha hai.

  39. Muhammad Hamid says

    Addition of another flopped car in Pakistan. They should know about the sales statistics of Prius offered by Toyota Indus Motor. Zero!

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