The Hyundai Santro Goes on Sale Again!

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As we reported a few months ago, the Hyundai Santro is back on sale for a limited amount of time. Dewan Motors had a few hundred knocked-down kits (CKDs) lying around and they’ve assembled a limited number of fresh vehicles that are now up for sale. If you’ve been missing the Santro, now’s your chance to get your hands on one!

With the industry offering a very limited number of choices to the Pakistani public, anything that remotely hints toward the prospect of seeing different cars on the road is good news. If these newly assembled Santros and Shehzores are well received by the public, who knows Dewan Motors might bring something new to the Pakistani market. Looking at the company’s history in Pakistan, they’ve never disappointed in terms of value for money. It’s just a matter of perception now. Here’s to hoping that the Pakistani buyer breaks free from the monopoly of the Big 3 and that we see dozens of new models on Pakistani roads one day.

The following image is an ad from today’s newspapers.

Hyundai Santro & Shehzore Available For a Limited Amount of Time

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  1. Saa Khan says

    No after sale service for Santro, Parts used all old nothing new.

  2. Arif Khan Mahsud says

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  3. Saad Ghazanfar says

    What's the price for new santro

  4. Imran Aziz says

    Are they produce Santro in future or will stop its production

  5. Babu Rao says

    santro Pakistan assembled??

  6. M. Hameed Ahmed Sumbal says

    I have authentic news(from a local car assembler employee) that Dewan is in the process of assembling a Renault.

  7. Foqaan Shaikh says

    Everything like old one… Nothing change, nothing new. It will be so hard to dominate again as there are other better brands operating in Pakistan and the Japaneses cars have hundread's of variations. NO from my side!

  8. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I think they are gonna introduce Renault duster.

  9. Muhammad Harib says

    who tell you?, they provide complete each n every thing n two year warranty, i recently bought a santro

  10. Muhammad Harib says

    yes old once also pak assembled

  11. Muhammad Harib says

    club 959K exce 1059K add transportation charges n own too

  12. Arqam Ilyas Khan says

    my father works in Dewan Group…… Dewan is in the process to sign a contract with the french automobile giant Renault then Dewan will assembile Renault in pakistan as they have been doing for hyundai.

  13. Salman Tahir says

    Thats fantastic…

  14. Ahsan Ali says

    Competition starts

  15. Junaid Rafiq says

    Although Santro is far better than other small cars in the market but a month ago, I went to a showroom in Rawalpindi and checked for its price, its too much expensive i.e. ranges from 10,60,000/- to 11,80,000/-

  16. Saboor Ali says

    never heard anything like this?????????

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