IMC Pakistan cancels more than 1000 booked cars

Toyota Corolla 2017

Delivery time of car in the country is a significant issue; people tend to wait for weeks even for months to get their hands on their car. So to curb this menace one of the leading auto manufacturers in the country Toyota Pakistan has taken a stern action in this regard. The company has issued a public notice which states that the company has canceled over 1300 car booking orders.

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According to the details the company examined the pending Provisional Booking Orders (PBO) and verified the PBO information, customer’s identification, and other details, and after that, found disparity by some potential investors as they were aiming to resale the car after buying from them.

The main purpose of this unprecedented move by Toyota Pakistan is to improve the booking process and to lessen the time of delivery of its vehicles to its customers. Moreover, in my opinion, the move is indeed promising as it will also curtail the menace of ON money being asked by many sellers in the local market.

This move by Toyota Pakistan will also encourage other automakers to do the same. The company has not only canceled the orders but is also refunding the amount paid by the customers. It has prepared a very long list of cancellation, one can view it and if booking number is present in the list one can easily claim the amount paid.

It is pertinent to mention here that the company has also announced that; if there is an error in the judgment contact as fast as you can to avoid any inconvenience and to keep the order intact and be delivered on time.

In the public notice, IMC stressed only to its customers only to order vehicles from authorized 3S Toyota dealerships.

We have contacted Toyota Pakistan officials in this regard and as soon as they reply we will update you on this matter. Until then stay tuned.


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