Import duty on cars expected to be reduced by 50 percent

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According to news agency (NNI) the ministry of finance has completed the new policy about importing cars for a coming monetary year, as they are courageous to break up the monopoly of particular automotive companies in Pakistan.

the new automotive policy is expected soon and a reduction of 10 to 50 percent import duty on cars is suggested according to various sources, which further added that the more cut down on hybrid cars import duty is also under considerations.

Whereas; in coming budget the new auto policy would be, the 600CC to 1800CC cars import duty will be decreased up to 10 to 50 percent. On the other side, the new tariff will be introduced for 600CC and 650CC small cars. This is suggestive as well to keep ban on 3 years old cars imports. The new documentation of automotive policy is finally ready for its approval by the cabinet, Sources told.

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  1. Sheldon Cooper says

    600 to 650 cc? Which common imports belong to this category?

  2. Muhammad Ovais says

    WIll this measure help reduce the prices of current stocks held by showroom owners ?

    In other words, will the effects of the change in this policy be seen in the market with reduced cost on cars already imported prior to this change ?

  3. Barkan Saeed says

    Dream on.. 🙂

  4. Shaf Younus says

    Not Really..! there'll will only be a significant reduction in prices if the duty is reduced 25%

  5. Bilal Ahmed says

    In Your Dreams 😉

  6. Tashfeen Khan says

    Lol.. u mean to tell me a hybrid honda same price as new cultus lol.

  7. Imran Aziz says

    plz tell me its fake :p

  8. Bilal Ahmed says

    Not fake, just a political stunt, or may be a law to import 1 or 2 shipments of someone's son

  9. Adeel Irshad Baig says

    keep dreaming

  10. Athar Siddiqui says

    It will be benefit of common people, since Import of used or new cars banned in Pakistan and it only overseas Pakistanis can bring the cars under Gift scheme or
    Personal Baggage and Governmnet may charge
    Nominal fix import duty by Foreign Exchange which help to boost foreign reserve.

  11. Arif Khan Mahsud says

    Import your favorite car straight from the auction at your price
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    MyWheels Import

  12. Muhammad Ijaz says

    I agree with Mr. Bilal, this is just a political stunt. I had very bad experience for buying a 1500cc car through Amnesty scheme, registration process still not resumed. In Pakistan Law's are made to oblige their own interests, not the common man.

  13. Asdbsdk Iwlefk says


  14. Sana Malik says

    registeration of emensty scheme is now open in punjab

  15. Sohail Ashraf says

    I think this is good move

  16. Nasir Janjua says

    No limit in dreams : )

  17. Nouman Khalid says

    For all those who are saying that this will not happen; if it happens will you commit suicide?

  18. Haris Ibrahim says

    nouman bhai, what do you mean by sucide? Wouldn't it be beneficial for us.

  19. Haris Ibrahim says

    what else you need if custom duty mitigate..

  20. DrAsim Saeed says

    even if its a dream ,,, good though,,, if no dreams no shape,,, so hope for the best 🙂

  21. Nayyar Iqbal says

    the registration of amnesty scheme cars is open is Federal as well.

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