School buses will be yellow in Karachi from next week

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Earlier this year, a fatal accident in Nawabshah, which claimed 21 lives including 18 children shocked the nation, set the transport authority into action to regulate and implement new policies to keep our children safe and away from harms way.

Sindh Transport Department has now made it mandatory for school buses to be painted yellow and large ‘School Bus’ sign embossed on them. The yellow color will help in making the school buses stand out in traffic and for other drivers to differentiate between school and mini buses. Each van will also have attendant to facilitate the students.

In addition to the new bright color, school vans and buses should now also have emergency exits, fire extinguishers and a complaint book in addition to the formal requirements of vehicle fitness certificate, registration documents, route permit, insurance papers and driving license.

While talking to Express Tribune, Yar Muhammad Mirjat, from the Sindh Transport Department said that it is our duty to secure our children and the responsibility of school management to support us and police to keep a check on the new policy.

The new policy is waiting for an official notification which is expected soon, after which, by next week, all school buses must abide by the new policy including, that the school buses will only use one type of fuel and no LPG cylinder should be fitted in the buses.

Moreover, school which have in excess of 500 children, will have to switch to bigger buses.

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