India just found India on Mars

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India accomplished this great feat of sending a Mars Orbiter called ‘MOM’ and it has finally taken and sent back some pictures and Indians are swooning over those pictures because one of the pictures resembles to be in the shape of India on the continent.

We know how the people of our continent like to engage themselves in finding stuff in clouds, moon, tomatoes and just about everything else, while it is quite easy for clouds to imitate those shapes however, UPI reports that the shape resembles the sub-continent is a surface discoloration.

We do however congratulate them on successfully reaching there and communicating a great portrait of Mars back to India, the Mangalyaan Probe took the picture and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) showed the picture on Sept. 29 which shows Mars as a red globe in space, with the planet’s southern ice cap clearly visible, while a huge dust storm blankets part of the northern region as ISRO Officials tweeted with the picture; “Something’s brewing here!”

And Indians have been swooning on finding India on Mars.


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  1. Geekpk says

    Wow so relevant to automotive industry.

  2. aliqadri says

    bullshit … Let’s see how they send half of their population to mars …

  3. jazzman says

    common, do want to spew venom always, ERADICATE POLIO.

  4. angrybird says

    wht abt paki half population, should be sent to blackholes remaining half should be nuked for terrorism

  5. jazzman says

    no no no no let all the pakistanis live and also let them watch our progress as well. dont think his immature comments as offensive, think it as “they cant match us but can definitely feel jealous” kind of a thing. also when the whole world lauds us for our efforts, dont you think we need pakistanis with their hatred to keep us focused on our goals. just chillax, barking dogs seldom bites.

  6. aliqadri says

    Good idea, let’s implement it on EndIA first …

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