Indian Maruti Suzuki Carry will be decades apart from Pakistani Carry

Suzuki Carry used to be called Carry in Pakistan until Pak Suzuki decided the vehicle needs a change to suit more to local tastes, so what did they do? Changed the design? Nopes. Changed the engine? Nopes. Changed the interior? Nopes. Changed the name? Yes. What?!

The most useless thing a commercial vehicle can benefit from. They did just that, they changed the name to Ravi and yet it is called Carry by almost everyone, whenever someone wants to move something big they say,” Yaar, Carry mangwalo”.

However, in our neighboring country called ‘India’, things are a bit different. In business schools here, I’ve seen quite often professors sharing the case study on Tata Ace with their students because Tata Ace replaced the desi jugaars type rikshaws and Qingqis called three-wheelers from the rural areas and brought everyone to use Tata Ace. Do read the case study by Harvard Business Review on Tata Ace, it is a fascinating read if you’re interested how you find a demand for a vehicle and how you market it.

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Nevertheless, Maruti Suzuki has now decided that it also wants a part of that market of LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), and codenamed the Y9T for now, is the Carry with which Maruti Suzuki will compete with Tata Ace.

It will be based on the 2013 Suzuki Carry, it is basically a Carry which is elaborately redesigned suit Indian tastes and ergonomics while a complete new 800cc engine made by Suzuki is being installed in the vehicle which will also have a CNG option.

The name of the vehicle is yet to be finalized but it will be something local when it is finally launched next year.

Anyways, here’s Pak Suzuki’s Ravi (Carry) which is exactly the same as the first Carry apart from new spectacles.

ravi_rear front

And here’s the 2013 Suzuki Carry on which the Y9T will be based from the Tokyo Auto Show:



Suzuki-Carry-rear-three-quarters-at-Tokyo-Motor-Show-1024x682 Suzuki-Carry-dashboard-at-Tokyo-Motor-Show-1024x682 Suzuki-Carry-side-at-Tokyo-Motor-Show-1024x682

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