Indus Motors all ready to introduce Prius Hybrid in Pakistan after July 2013

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THEY ARE COMING! The green battery powered cars are coming.

Babar S. Khan, Head of Corporate Planning at Indus Motors, said that they have completed extensive testing of Toyota Prius Hybrid in view of local conditions. He further added that the customers would now have the option to buy imported brand new hybrid vehicles in Pakistan backed by company’s full warranty.

On speaking about the price, he said that it would largely depend on the government’s duty structure for Hybrid cars. The previous government had slashed 25% duty on Hybrid cars and earlier this week, the new incoming government of PML-N had said that they might consider exempting hybrid cars from duty to control the energy crisis.

Indus Motors plans to introduce the Prius Hybrid in Pakistan during the third quarter of 2013 which begins on 1st July 2013. So we can expect them to introduce the car anytime later this year however, it might as well be delayed after looking at the plans for hybrid cars by the PML-N government as there would be a drastic fall in price if the duty is slashed.


Toyota Prius has been one of the best selling cars and has become an image amongst celebrities for showing care towards the planet.


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  1. Ahmad Saeed says

    That's going to be awesome! Great initiative by Government and Toyota will try its best to capitalize.

  2. Ahmed Omair says

    I hope it won't come with hefty and unrealistic price tag and still hold the standard airbags and ABS 😛

  3. Kamran Manzoor says

    Price idea?

  4. Ather Ahmad Nasir says

    airbags will be there, since it seems like it is going to be imported

  5. Talha Nasir says

    Failure/Success Depends solely on the Price!

  6. Agha Mohsin says

    very good if Indus motors successfully implemented hybrid vehicles system in Pakistan I am sure they will grab the industry.

  7. Burhan Ilyas says


  8. Waqar A Khan says

    Too good to be true, They should launch two models Hatchback, Sedan to cover two different price groups.Can't wait to see it's launch!

  9. Osama Saif says

    A good step by indus motors indedd.

  10. Ali Akhtar says

    Because Government now wants to romove some load on CNG sector…..
    Accurate but have to be done earlier….

  11. Akbar Mustehsan says

    If that's true. Then they should introduce the plug-in hybrid one too, which is also a good example of alternative fuel, rather then installing the CNG or LPG kit to save money.

    I'm sure it'll be priced between 2.6-2.8 Mill, if the govt exempts the duty from it.

  12. Tanweer Anjum Sethi says

    I think government should also control the prices. slashing duties should not mean excessive profit margins for toyota indus.

  13. Aly Raza Minhas says

    bhai bijli aati nai kahan plug-in karo gay

  14. Akbar Mustehsan says

    Who the fuck gives a shit about loadshading? It'll be reduced as far I know.

  15. Ahsan Shakeel says

    the fuel problem is in the middle class people.if someone can afford to buy a 2.6m rs car then he can easily afford the fuel too.and then reg, insurance the price will go to almost 3m and that is a bad investment.the price should be 1.5 1.8 max if they want to capture the market.

  16. Wasim Anwar says

    For your morons here, its hybrid meaning it charges electric motor while driving on fuel, once battery charge it can switch to electric motor, speed under 60 kmph and under long ques it can go on electric motor, given pakistans environment it can be good alternative in winter and sommer with minimal accessories used

  17. Khalil Rehman says

    بہت اچھی خبر ہے۔.
    کیا بوکنگ شروع کری گئی ہے؟ یا پہلے آئو، پہلے پائو کی اسٹریٹیجی چلے گی؟.

  18. Abdullah Zaman says

    Wool.. Good contribution toward energy crises, however it' should have range for buyers.

  19. Nidz Blue says

    Ahsan Shakeel , u r rght. max price range shld b from 1.00 (m) TO 1.5(m). n hope so as currenly Hybrid is rangng 1.7 m to onward n wth full duty off it shld b as said above othrwise for those who cn afford upto 2m or 3m thy can easly affrd fuel.

  20. Muhammad Omer says

    The way I see, Change has its benefits, The way car market Prices are Shooting High, it does not matter what price Toyota Sells. It not only would be a transfer of technology, consumer would be blessed by higher fuel economy, The battery Life is Great on these Motors, additional option to plug it in to provide float charge to the batteries when the car is not in much use, Tops it ALL….

    Thumbs Up to the New Government for doing some thing positive. Petrol prices would go down eventually; if Toyota manages to Attain Large Market volume.

  21. Usan Azee says

    please tell more .Usman

  22. Usan Azee says

    i heard but im not sure

  23. Zain Bawaney says

    you r right, but plug in play is not be success in pakistan because if electric available or not also the fluctuation of voltage,

  24. Zain Bawaney says

    Ahsan Shakeel

    mostly people who use cng is 800, 1000 and 1300cc and the 0 meter prius new model from 1800 cc and the old one 1500 cc
    this is not workable to buy 25 lac ki car for just fuel and for cng usage?

  25. Zain Bawaney says

    toyota japan must make prius for paki people like they made for dewan lancer on 2003. but again only 1 version for paki people instead of 5 version they have, otherwise this is not worthit.

  26. Faiz Aslam says

    Should have a full-specced Prius with all the goodies and a low-end Prius with the Hybrid functions too 🙂

    In that way, a middle-earning person can't complain about CNG if the Prius cost between 15-17 Lacs 🙂
    A Prius hatch-back… dream come true <3.

  27. Qasim Khan says

    This news was already aforesaid in 2012 for introducing hybrid cars in 2013. They said they will introduce two hybrid cars one is known now and what will be the second or some other company giving surprise lets see what we have this year. Duties are very much expected to be getting more low for imported hybrid cars in coming budget and also sadly 5% increase in local cars and beside that many new taxes are to be introduced over all in the economy. I have heard that andrioid phones will also be taxed (funny act indeed) I hope market have a change if japan (pakistani) exporters don't play with prices. Rest Pakistan ka Allah he hafiz 🙂

  28. Usan Azee says


  29. Shahbaz Hussain says

    well all new generation cars have built in Airbags, ABS and new controlling systems that dont existed until 2010. If its a 2012 or onwards model you will have them as mandatory. Now the question is how far they go with the such ornaments… like 6 additional airbags on top of 2 mandatory, New generation ABS on top of standard mandatory ABS… so that counts. Plus how far you can go with the other car accessories like navigational systems (that you can offer additionally) and so many other things. Check the Prius Build Your Own section on toyoto prius website.

  30. Shahbaz Hussain says

    I am damn sure, if duty is 100% off they gonna start with a price Tag of 32 Lac for version one with one of their package. And if its going to be fully loaded then it can go as high as 40 Lac. Thats what You get straight from US Dollar to PKR rate.

  31. Shahbaz Hussain says

    Well that is where Government has to show their rit…

  32. Shahbaz Hussain says


  33. Mian Hamza says

    Yes , They are not able to assemble these revolutionary rides but XLI 😛
    Indus Motor will sign a direct route import with Toyota Aichi, Japan . Cheers 🙂

  34. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal says

    Yes the incoming government has the history of exempting cars & the rich and imposing tax on sale of bicycle. If not wrong it was budget 1993 present by usrcharge aziz (Sartaj Aziz) so knwon because of the reason that he was master of imposing surcharge on taxes as an extra tax liability. It was the same government which slashed custom dutry on cars by 50%. Bravo!

  35. Anonymous says

    That will be dramatic change in the automobile world, as Toyota Prius Hybrid is being observed to be the most selling car in England and other parts of the world. Also, if the company starts its manufacturing locally, it will surely beat the Corolla…

  36. Hammad Farooqi says

    lolx! Economy For Those Who Don't Need It? 😀

  37. Usan Azee says

    munnay teri ma darya par karai gi . gandu , lun leni k .. from tito .

  38. Usan Azee says

    munnay teri ma ki phuddi chodi. from tito.

  39. Ubaid Naeem says

    @zaid naeem

  40. Shaikh Abdur Rehman says

    A good step by indus motors indedd.

  41. Iftikhar Yousaf says

    this news is like a cold breeze.

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