Indus Motors launches Prius for 4.5 Million rupees

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We first broke the news about Indus Motors launching the Toyota Prius by the end of 2013, and so it has. 3rd of December was the official launch date and it is being launched at PC Karachi.

Ever since the government’s relaxation on duties and taxes for Hybrid cars, all auto manufacturers are rushing towards introducing their own hybrid cars to compete with the grey market imports however, it seems that auto manufacturer will fail to battle the grey market due to the price at which Indus Motors have launched the Prius.

The Prius as listed on Indus Motors website is priced at 4.5 million rupees, which is 1.5-2.5 million rupees more than what the same model used imported Prius costs.

At the Pakwheels’ classified results for the same model imported Prius, the price begins with 2.2 million rupees, which is more than 50% less of the price of new Prius from Indus Motors.

The Prius launched by Indus Motors comes equipped with a 1.8 liter engine and a hybrid motor. Other specs include; Push Start and  Dual A/C amongst other which can be read here.

The 1.8 engine is 2ZR-FXE, whose different variant comes in the 1.8 Corolla.


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  1. Abdul Basit says

    what…..? are they crazy…why someone put 45 lac for car where imported are around 25 lac with same thing …

  2. Omair Shahid says

    very expensive it's almost 45 lakhs which is alot for a car like this

  3. AsadUllah Asad Ullah says

    nice work

  4. Talha Imran Sheikh says

    Crazy People…!

  5. Jahangir Haider says

    seen this one on MA Jinnah road few days ago

  6. Shahryar Manzoor says

    very epensive

  7. Sufyan Ahmed says

    truly shameful stuff by toyota pakistan. jiss ne inki prius leni hai wo japan se 2 na mungwa lee. hukmarano ki tarah yeh loog b awam ko pagal kerne nikal paray hain

  8. Aijaz Khan says

    Toooo much asking for a Ching-Chi Rikshaw…….

  9. وجاہت علی says

    the big question is whoz gonna buy this?? when thy an buy same car with alot of specs in 2.9 or 3 million

  10. CH Zain Naveed Yousaf says

    Hell man. Very 29 you can get a solar panaromic leather.screen meter display heated seats radar etc alot more lmfaooo

  11. M Asim Zahoor says

    Not almost i think its exactly 45Lakhs :/

  12. Ali Sher says

    y would i save money if i can afford 45lac car its a joke to pakistani people shame on indus motors

  13. Syeda Farhat says

    You so right look's like pakistan is only for rich people there is no value of human being are we muslim or not

  14. Arsalan Zahid says

    Ghatya car hai

  15. Fahad Rao says

    Err.. am I being punked?

  16. Qasim Naqvi says

    bonafide gay car of the century….

  17. Nauman Qureshi says


  18. Saqib Raza says

    I think Indus plan is not to sell it, but to ban its import in used car category

  19. Saulat Saleem says

    A car which is ugly and not powerful is for 4500000 rupees……in US even Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited Edition is cheaper than this………….

  20. M. Ali Aslam says

    45 lac to save fuel? Makes sense if i have to drive from khi to isb and back daily.

  21. Ahmed Usman says

    a very bad move at a very bad time by indus,you can easily get a C 250 or even used E 200 in that price range but i beleive pakistanis are too dull, they will evetually fall for this too

  22. Fahd Ajmal says

    is that even a car? 😛

  23. Fahad Khalid Qureshi says

    Or a brand new. Series for 48

  24. Fahad Khalid Qureshi says

    3 series 1.6

  25. Najeeb Ullah says

    One Can Buy Honda CRZ and Honda Civic in 4.5M Rs…

  26. Hasaan Ahad says

    im jst waiting for shell to put em up as comany cars "cough cough"

  27. Sohaib Anwaar says

    did u fell for this?

  28. Ahmad F Khan says

    Bbbwwwuahahaha. Ahem ahem.ill Buy a new civic fr 25 n use 2 million for fuel n enjoy the resale also.

  29. Muhammad Saad says

    very unethical business practice by indus motors

  30. Ali Mujtaba says

    Gratias Mr.Sharif! This colossal relief of yours to the inflation-hit elite class is indeed a praiseworthy act.

  31. Mirza Sheharyar Baig says

    Agree Ali Sher, really a joke but I agree there are people who can afford it. And it will become more of a status symbol than a fuel saving car….:(

  32. Mohammad Farooq Malik says

    These Cars are for Rich people. Nothing for Ordinary people here

  33. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    ial get the Japanese Sports version for 2.9 million instead 😉

  34. Zulfqar Faraz says

    this is bullshit, the one who can spend 4.5m on car i dont think he needs to save fuel or he is touchy about saving fuel,

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