INER-Z Unveils electric bike at Pakistan Auto Show 2020

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Islamabad, Feb 20, 2020, INER-Z Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan’s first electric vehicle research, design, and engineering company, is pleased to announce the launch of its maiden lineup of “Made in Pakistan” electric vehicles at the largest exhibition of automobiles in the country – Pakistan Auto Show 2020 (PAS-20).

The company showcased its electric motorbikes at the event while introducing an electric car and electric rikshaw to thousands of industry professionals, government officials, investors, and the general public. 

An initiative of the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers’ (PAAPAM), the auto show is being held on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February 2020, at the expo center in Lahore. The expo is representing over 3000 large, medium, and small industries from all over the country. 

INER-Z Automotive’s inaugural lineup of electric vehicles caters to the wide-ranging mobility needs of millions of Pakistanis. “We are very proud to launch Pakistan’s first indigenously designed and manufactured electric vehicles for the mass market,” said Co-founder and CEO INER-Z Automotive Murtaza Zaidi.

He continued, “through our vehicles, we are not only realizing our dream of giving every Pakistani an affordable and environmentally-friendly electric vehicle as a viable mobility alternative but also creating thousands of jobs by setting up the country’s first EV manufacturing plant and R&D center.”

“Our electric vehicles are designed for a mobility experience that is economical, free of maintenance woes and exhilarating,” stated co-founder and CTO INER-Z Automotive Haider Zaidi. He added, “we want to push the boundaries of innovation and engineering by creating automotive solutions that put Pakistan on the map of the global EV revolution.” 

INER-Z Automotive plans on starting production of its electric vehicles lineup in 2020. Interested customers can get their pre-orders for the electric bikes in Q3 of 2020. This electric bike will have 20 amperes of battery, 65 km range, 4.5 hours of charging time, and it will be locally produced. 

Aside from the electric bike, classic cars were also displayed at the event, see the pictures below:


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