Should you inflate your tyre with nitrogen?

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There is always an ongoing debate regarding which air should be added in the tires, either nitrogen or oxygen? In this article, we’ll be talking about the nitrogen air in tires, particularly. Using pure nitrogen air instead of oxygen in tires has many compelling reasons such as nitrogen provides more stability and exhibit less pressure change when there is a change in temperature. Therefore, we have made the list of the following reasons, which will help you in making your mind regarding nitrogen air in your tires.

How is your tyre inflated?

The first question which definitely pops up in your mind is regarding the inflation of tires. It is worthy to mention here that normally, mostly tires are inflated with ordinary air, which contains about 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and the remaining 1% other gases.

Better stability and handling

Yes, using nitrogen gas in your car’s tires does make a difference. Firstly, the pressure inside the tire will remain more stable for a longer period of time, and this will be because of the property of nitrogen gas that it’ll avoid migrating through the rubber tire. This happens due to the fact that the larger gas molecules of nitrogen replace the small molecules of oxygen; thus, it reduces the rate of compressed gas through the walls of tires. 

This, in turn, also helps and benefits the passenger cars having more stabilized pressure even when the temperature outside changes. Using nitrogen gas is also beneficial as it will help in less water vapor in the tires of the car, which in turn will again reduce the change in pressure of the gas within the tire, thus helping in avoiding the corrosion of aluminum and steel rim. Because the corrosion of rim not only causes uneven wear and tear but also increase the fuel consumption and poor handling of the car.

Therefore, before opting for tires make sure to have a proper guide and knowledge during its purchase.

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