Inter-city registration transfer for vehicles banned in Punjab

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This had gone unnoticed by most of the media since but Pakistan Observer reports that inter-city registration transfer is banned in Punjab.

To add to the horrors of vehicle ownership/registration transfer process, The Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab has banned transfer of automobile registration from one city to other. All the concerning branches across Punjab have been notified.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act; automobile is transferable property and citizens could register it in the nearest motor registration authority. Now though, citizens will have to face a lot problems due to ban on the transfer of registration from one city to other as, for example; both the seller and buyer of a car bearing Lahore number will have to be physically present at the Lahore Motor Branch at the time of transfer of registration.

We’ve chosen to live in stone age in the time of computers and technology.

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  1. Farhan Saleem says

    kuch nai ho ga..sirf Agents ka Rate barh jae ga.

  2. Nabeel Naeem says

    this is quite old story did not worked well so old method is still working.

  3. Adeel Asghar says

    old is gold…

  4. Abbas Khan says

    jiye bhutto.
    corruption 21st century ki, baqi sab kuch British Raj time ka.

  5. Haroon Tahir says

    A dedicated prayer for all the corrupt leaders of our Nation.
    "May they rot in hell, and Allah have mercy on us! Amen"

  6. Mir Saab says

    new drama, khanay peenay ke naye bahanay.

  7. Bilal Mughal says

    Dear All, its true but I would like to bring one thing in your kind notice that in foreign countries its must for buyer and seller to be present at the time of transfer in front of authorities, it is good enuff thing to stop selling the vehicles to any suspicious people, or in open transfer letter, cases are reported and in result every thing is amended.

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