Is 2017 Toyota Corolla Facelift Going to Make an Appearance in Pakistan?

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When the new Civic 2016 was launched, it was quite a surprise for the worldwide auto community. The new car was nothing like what Honda had offered before. And Toyota being the direct competitor of Honda, felt the shock as well. Toyota Corolla is the top seller, and there isn’t much that can dethrone the car anytime soon. Whether you look at this from an international market aspect or just Pakistani domestic market, Corolla rules the compact car segment. So much so, Corolla played a significant part in bringing Toyota up as the top car maker.

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Toyota launched the 11th generation Toyota Corolla only a couple of years ago. But as soon the news of the 10th generation Honda Civic started to catch traction, Toyota was quick to launch a preview of the facelift of its already pretty popular 11th gen Corolla. The facelift images were leaked in March and later the car was put up for display both in Turkey and Russia.

         2017-Toyota-Corolla-facelift-5  2017-Toyota-Corolla-facelift-4  2017-Toyota-Corolla-facelift-1

2017 Toyota Corolla Release2016 Toyota Corolla GLi FeatureThe facelift looks related to the current design of 11th gen Toyota Corolla but is far different than its predecessors. The new car also is designed on Toyota’s new ‘keen look’ design philosophy. Toyota redesigned the front end but slimming down the headlights a bit more and introduced a new bumper. The headlights now go as far back as the mid of the front fenders. The bottom end of the bumper is quite sporty looking, but the story ends in the back abruptly. The rear end of the car is pretty much the same except a new pair of LED tail lamps. Talking about the dashboard layout appears similar to what we have in the current ongoing Corolla sedan. One can find 11th gen Toyota Corolla 2015 between Rs. 18 to 24 lacs depending on variant.



But now the question is, what Toyota Indus Motor will do about it. Let’s be honest, no matter how many new 2016 Civic cars Honda Atlas sells in Pakistan, they aren’t exactly going to take Corolla’s top spot. Toyota is miles ahead in terms of brute sales power. We are fine with a decades old Mehran and still buy it. I seriously doubt anyone is going to bat an eye if Indus decides to ignore the facelift and continue making the current Corolla until the 12th gen Toyota Corolla is launched. Honda Atlas didn’t bother with the new 6th gen City and is still selling the 5th gen shape. But that didn’t dent City sales a bit. So why would it hurt a giant like Toyota and its Corolla that is already immensely popular?

Honda City
Sixth Generation Honda City

But if for some reason, Indus Motors does decide to bring the facelift, they will gain some serious brownie points. But that’s all. I doubt they will have any more success than what they have now. This shape of Toyota Corolla has been on sale since July 2014. And it still takes them 3-5 months (depending on variant and city) to deliver a brand new Corolla to a new customer. A facelift is only going to increase the waiting period.

2017 Toyota Corolla Facelift Toyota Corolla Facelift exterior changes


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  1. shitAutoPolicy says

    toyota will be forced to introduce the facelift model , this is what happens in a free market , competition forces you to evolve , unfortunately mai big 3 ki mafia hai aur unki monopoly but civic aur corolla ka thora competition hai which will force toyota to act

  2. Atif says

    The new facelift, if at all they introduce, might favour Indus a little but will surely screw Atlas more. Btw, it must already have started hurting Atlas after their utterly dismal performance with launch of Civic X.

  3. Nazish says

    When new shape of corolla 2017 will be availible in pakistan…..plz reply

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Facelift or not, Corolla will still have a shitty driving pleasure :p

  5. Chacha Ramzan says

    Aageya Lalamusa Ka Paindo…
    Please Reply…
    Article Parha Hota To Ye Sawal Poochney Ki Zaroorat Na Parti..

  6. Khuram Shahzad says

    kindly explain SHITTY PLeasure. If a car feels comfy on Bumps and un even road, is it considered as shitty or if a car handles great on motorway but a pebble or bump hitts ur spine like any thing is a shitty drive??? (both in Civic & City)

  7. Khuram Shahzad says

    Bro simply stating!

    If u are going to own a single car for daily day driving as well as all rounder then go for Corolla any of the varients available as per choice and capacity.
    But for enthusiasts and those who want a sole car of there own among other 1 , 2 , 0r 3 cars in garage to solely enjoy the ride in terms of handling, sportiness and stability then civic or even 1.5 aspire city is the best bet.

  8. Khuram Shahzad says

    It all depends on the personal circumstances, application, financial position.

    we just go into useless debates on Toyotas & Hondas. but smajhnay ki baat ye hai kay aap ki application means running pattern kya hai.

    By the way i am die Hard Enthusiast of Honda and kept them dedicatedly since last 22 years but this time forced to say that for keeping a sole single car as an allrounder for fun and Drive Corolla CVT-i Grande.

    and if u r planning for having your 2nd or 3rd car replaced by civic then its viable to experience sporty feel and nice handling package as an enthusiast.

  9. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Yar aap CVT-i Altis Grande rakhte hou hamaray jese XLi GLi walon ka dard kya samjhogey 🙁
    GLi jitne ki parti hai usme Premio ya Civic le banda (13 model tak) they are way way better than these variants! Altis shuru se hi achi hai but still I prefer Premio

  10. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    and City Aspire 1.5 as you said. A friend of mine owns 2 Citys and 1 GLI and as per his experience he said you’ll never want to drive the Corolla if you have these in your house. He’s right. I’ve had the same experience and I thoroughly enjoy driving a Civic and I’ll take the Reborn over Corolla any given day. AND I’ll take the Premio over both any given day! 😛

  11. Khuram Shahzad says


    Imported ones have no comparision with local corolla or even Honda. buck up man look there are millions of people who even can’t have the capacity of buying a car, so having an Xli or Gli is still gift from God that we must be thankful for.
    You should be happy that your GLI or XLi is comfy like a Grande and more comfortable than a new civic or city.
    Hum nay kon sa award ley lena hai drag racing kar kay. aur hum kahan drag race kar saktay hein.

    stay blessed

  12. Khuram Shahzad says

    Think why the ratio of corolla vs civic is more all over the world. There are people all over the globe some of which are more knowledgeable than us. what is the reason behind.

    When some one buys a sports car, he only takes it to race track for enjoying it once in a while.
    so civics are like that, only to be used for selective usage.

    Again i will say application:

    like me, If you belong to a rural area and you have to travel once or twice a month and have the budget of buying/keeping only one car then Civic / City having low ground clearance and hard suspension is not a viable choice.
    I have experienced it civic 09 Oriel PT and still experiencing it with City that i would have to be opted for Toyota whether imported one or local..

  13. Guest says

    Instead of focusing on “shape”, and introducing more variety which would be a pain to repair 2 decades down the road, they should focus on improving the quality, fit and finish and features of the existing car. Can offer new colours etc.

    Otherwise you can see what recently happened to Atlas in the pursuit of “shape”.

  14. Badar Shehzad says

    The reason why Corolla has the Top Spot is because of timely updates, while Honda has dropped the ball in recent years, especially with the Honda City, Toyota Indus has steadily been updating its Corolla line-up ever since its inception in the 90’s. This 11th Gen Corolla will be no different, and will see the same rollout pattern as the last few corollas, with GLi and other lower variants being introduced by July 2017 and Altis Variants arriving by the end of August 2017. 2017 is a good year for the local automotive industry with the introduction of the Celerio, the replacement of the Mehran (Alto Hopefully), the new City, and the facelifted Corolla all spread out over the next 12 months.

  15. Masroor Gilani says

    There are no signs of any facelift yet

  16. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    XLI and GLI comfy? no way bro at least not for me. and if an Altis Grande costs over 2.2m then I personally prefer Premio (2007 model onwards or even the older model) which is a far superior car. Period.

  17. Guist says

    Mehran, Bolan and Ravi also have top spot. What kinds of updates they are experiencing?

  18. Guest again says

    Love the way you translate گٗنجائش to capacity. Literal translation, not transliteration.
    Keep it up. The comments section is where the fun is.

  19. Badar Shehzad says

    They have the top spot because they have no competitors to steal the spot. Its not the top spot, its the only spot.

  20. X Auto says

    I am sure it’s not coming here anytime soon… maybe 2-3 years !

  21. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    they won’t improve quality when they have oligopoly in passenger car market and monopoly in their respective segments. stop improving shape? and stuck with the same cars like we are stuck with mehran since past 28 years?

  22. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    brother after a tiring day when I don’t even want to brake over speed breakers in hurry to reach home, even my suzuki khyber has less thuk thuk than honda city over bumps with speed. so for a drive once or twice on motorway or ring road city aspire is a better car but for a daily driver corolla leads by a lot of margin whether an xli or grande. just so I don’t sound mighty poor I have covered the same distance in 2016 updated grande after midterm exams of spring 2016 semester and in a city for past 3 semesters. and I preferred taking out khyber instead of riding in a city.

  23. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    hahahaha thats true! khyber unt gadi hai

  24. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    nah man it is a hell to keep it though I was thinking about doing a swap and making it my project car as it is not used, usually parked but rust issues are inclining me to sell it.

  25. mar222184 says

    When exactly is new honda city coming to pak??

  26. james says

    What is toyota corolla 2017 price in pakistan ?

  27. Tahir Shabeer says

    what is booking time and delivery date for Toyota corolla? and What is own money amount for Toyota Corolla XLi, GLi, Altis in Lahore?

  28. Hyder says

    Looks like a Tesla model 3 from front to me.

  29. Mehran Ilyas says

    i have booked 2017 altis in dec and have to wait till march at min

  30. Asad Azwar says

    @mehran_ilyas:disqus new design booking has started ?

  31. Nasser says

    June / July 2017. learnt from Toyota’s authorized dealer’s office.

  32. Abid Rafiq says

    1807000 for GLI manual, Auto 1882000 XLI = 1662000

  33. Xakir Bhatti says

    not at all….. there is no booking for facelift model..

  34. Shiraz Durrani says

    pakistanis are looted by toyota.

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