Tension Increases: As local auto manufacturers tackle heads with Govt. on the new auto policy

Its official, the Pakistani automotive syndicate is not willing to let go. Two main players [Suzuki & Toyota] of the syndicate troika have struck back at the Government’s automobile policy. Surprisingly, the event took place today at the Sindh High Court where Pak Suzuki and Toyota Indus got a ‘Stay Order’ from the Honourable High Court to halt the bill at its preliminary stages of its implementation, both automobiles giants have stated that they are not inclined towards offering such technologically improved vehicles on such a short notice.

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As it is common knowledge, that in Pakistan we only have three major automobile manufactures Suzuki, Honda & Toyota. Where, Pak Suzuki has always set its targets on amalgamating its monopoly in the small car market while the heavy car market has always been divided between Honda & Toyota.

The new automobiles policy was aimed to cater the lack of security features in the new cars by installing immobilizers to control the frequency of car thefts. Moreover, the policy also targeted the timely delivery of the products to the customers.

As it can be guessed anything that sounds this good to be true has to face some serious repercussions. And as obvious by their actions, the automobile status quo declined to comply with this policy, on the basis of lack of time allocated to comply with this policy. It was mainly stated that the engines will have to be adjusted for the immobilizers to be added and that at least 6-12 months are required to do this job. According to officials involved in spearheading this policy’s implementation it was revealed that Toyota Indus was to implement immobilizers in its XLi variants, Honda in its City variants & Suzuki in its Mehran & Cultus variants.

Abdul Hanan

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  • Govt should immediately open used car imports and allow import of seven year old vehicles also. Then see how quickly they fall in line.

  • Skt_Z4

    & Hence again the Law of Pakistan is Rightfully used by the poor Big-3.

    Poor & innocent Cry Babies, how they can provide us the security features & improve their quality when they’re operating in Pakistan for only, just 2-3 DECADES!! Such a short time they got!!! I feel Pity for these Money Hungary Cry Babies!!!

  • Adnan

    Absolutely, when they’ll observe the closure days, only then they will be able to realize what is their actual worth

  • ehs

    This is not a justified action by the automakers. Immobilizer is not some out of this world technology it can be easily introduced. Similarly Airbags as well. Enough is enough, the two main assemblers Paksuzuki and Toyota and their stance on not introducing security features is completely unacceptable.

    On Pakwheels, nowadays a lot of people are only criticizing the new Civic while not looking at the fact that it is Paksuzuki which is the worst performer (and the market leader in sales).

    This stay order must be immediately canceled and market must be opened to new entrants instead of used cars. Give further incentives to new assemblers and force timely model replacements and safety features. This monopoly (especially of Paksuzuki in small cars) must be broken !

  • Ali

    agreed .

  • Munib

    The thieves have colluded

  • Munib

    Well said

  • Guest

    Paksuzuki’s worst performance is not “news”.
    But Atlas started performing worst and actually took the crown of worst build quality from Paksuzuki, that was definitely news. People go to see a Suzuki, they expect Suzuki quality, they go to see a Honda they expect Honda quality, if they see Suzuki quality in an amount equal to Honda money, hue and cry is expected.

  • Tahir Usman


  • Umair Aman

    i think its time we open markets to other companies in pakistan.enough is enough.the older model of toyota 2009 (i think) has been responsible for a lot of deaths due to brake failure.these manufacturers should be sued for it.

  • Umair Aman

    toyota is directly responsible for a lot of deaths in 2009 model corolas (i think) due to brake failures.

  • Umair Aman

    perfect solution.

  • AbdulB1

    Napak suzuki

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    I don’t get it, Toyota couldn’t introduce a feature available in 7 out of 9 variants of corolla into the one left out? they should rather discontinue xli.