Chery QQ to be Relaunched with a NEW NAME in Pakistan

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Pakistan is all set to welcome a number of new cars in next year or so, and as per reports  Chery QQ is making a comeback in the local market with a new name. United Motors Pakistan is bringing this car back for the local consumers. As per reports, the new name of the car is ‘United Alpha’ with 1000cc engine.

The car was quite popular in Pakistan in late 2000s and early 2010s. However, the car fizzled out from the local market.

Launch Date: 

According to United Motors, the new hatchback will be launched on January 2, 2021. 

, Chery will be the third car is small cars section, after United Bravo and Prince Pearl. However, it is pertinent to mention that current generation of Chery has three variants i.e., 800cc, 1000cc, and 1100cc.

History of Chery QQ:

The hatchback was launched by Pakistan Chery Automobiles (PVT) Limited, which late called Karakoram Motors. This company was the sole distributor of small car in Pakistan and established by Chery Automobiles Co. of China. Chery Automobiles was China’s state-owned company and once one of the biggest manufacturers in the country. The company sells its cars across the world including Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, and South Africa.

Features and Specs of Chery QQ:

The Chinese company launched the first model of Chery in 2003. In Pakistan the car was compared with Suzuki Mehran. As mentioned earlier, it was 800cc car, producing 51hp and mated with 4-speed manual transmission. The hatchback has 13-inch wheel.

It had air conditioning  along with power windows, power steering and power locks. Chery QQ also had fog lamps and matching mirrors too.

On safety front, with seat belts for all the passengers on board, Chery QQ also had airbags. Safety was surely not compromised in QQ and this was proved by providing ABS feature as well.

In comparison, it was much better than its main competitor Suzuki Mehran.

Reason Behind Failure:

According to some analysts, the domination of Big3 in the local industry and propaganda against Chery QQ was one of the major reasons of its failure. Meanwhile, some believe that non-availability of spare parts and low resale value were the reasons behind its failure.

Current Generation of Chery QQ:

Currently, the second generation of Chery QQ, launched in 2015, is in the international market. The company has introduced quite noticeable changes in the exterior. Meanwhile, the interior has also been upgraded.

As mentioned earlier, the current generation comes in 800cc, 1000cc and 1100cc. However, the 1100cc comes in both manual and automatic transmissions. Rest of the models have 5-speed manual transmission.

According to the reports, the car has 14-inch wheel size.

For safety, the company has installed dual airbags, ABS, side collision protection and crumple steering column in the car. Coming to the interior, the car has very comfortable seating space and posture. Moreover, the gulf-type romantic dashboard design reveals a fluent and stylish feeling. According to their own favor, the owners of QQ3 can change their dashboard into colors of illusion, crystal and pearl, etc., fully displaying fashion and dazzle.


The Chery QQ will surely be an exciting addition in the local market, after Pearl and Bravo. If the company provides the international standards, features and specs, it surely be a huge success. However, the price, availability of parts and price of these parts will play a huge role in the success of this car in Pakistan. So, fingers crossed for a new small car in the country.

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