Is Honda Civic 2016 too wide for the Pakistani Streets?

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A few days back, I was driving my Suzuki Alto (2003) on a service lane and I saw a new Civic (10th Generation) coming from the opposite direction. As it approached, I realized it was too wide for the street and I had to move my car down to the unpaved side of the service road. Lucky for me I didn’t hit its side mirror, else I would have had to give my Alto in exchange for a Civic Side mirror. When I got home, my curiosity led me to research on the width, length and height of the 10th generation civic. I then compared it to the 9th generation Honda Civic.



From the table above, the 10th generation Civic 2016 is only 45mm wider than 9th generation Civic, which is too less. Then why did I feel it was too wide I wondered? I then decided to compare 10th generation Civic with other cars, and I picked Toyota Corolla (11th generation) and Honda City (5th generation).




10th generation Civic is an inch (1 inch) wider than a Toyota corolla, and 4.2 inches wider than a Honda City. This means that 10th generation Civic is actually a wide car. The average width of a service lane is approximately 144-180 inches.

What I’ve concluded is that the 10th generation Civic is not too wide for the roads in Pakistan. I guess in my circumstances the driver was too cautious with his new car. Besides, the body shape and design makes this car look ultra-wide.

What’s your observation on the width of 10th generation Civic? Did you also feel the same?

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  1. Guest says

    Perceived width and real width are different. Driver of the car and oncoming drivers perceive the width differently.

    It is true that modern cars are difficult to maneuver because the seating position is higher, the dashboard is disproportionately higher, the bonnet is slanted, the blind spots are bigger.

  2. Rao says

    Talking just for the sake of talking. Whats the point of writing all this down and then get it published too on a public forum.

  3. Walie says

    What the F is wrong with you people? Seriously you guys need to stop trying to shame the 10th Gen Civic and concentrate more on your own product line.

  4. Guest again says

    Because it is in the Opinions category. It is the writers opinion that based on his personal experience on coming across a Civic X what he felt.

    In the end he asks for others’ opinions.

    That’s the point.

  5. Mohammad Saad says

    Bro its an opinion.. i didnt see any negative comment about Civic or honda in it. The writer just explained his view and asked for your opinion on the topic. Angrezi samjo yaar.

  6. Rao says

    Still….a useless thing to get people’s opinion on :-p

  7. Cashiph says

    Good comparison, while the civic 10th generation owners should drive carefully by saving others and themselves.

  8. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    The size doesn’t have any major difference compared to 11th gen corolla but yes in my opinion, 10th gen corolla is ideal size for where I drive.

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